Builder and Suppliers for The Old Courthouse

Builder; suppliers: Materials and labor were supplied by local businessmen and craftsmen.
Many of these like GUENTHER had left the German and Swiss communities of Morgan
County for the more promising opportunities of the nearby rivertown.

Joseph BYRD supplied the foundation rock. WELLS and CARY supplied the lightning rods. Oscar STEINWEHR, tinner, all tin work. G. EBBEN, carpenter and cabinet maker, made the interior furnishings and finishings, as well as supplying 3333 ft. of plank. Henry
LIGGETT merchant, supplied the courtroom stove and leveled the courthouse grounds. F.
YOUNG and I.H. (J.H.) ZINN were paid $1000.00 for a stone and iron fence around the
courthouse (Jan. 1857), extinct. ZINN, a marble cutter and listed in Mitchel's 1860
Directory as architect, carpenter, and brickmason, also carved the original bases for the
columns on the southern portico and in the vestibule.

Prepared by: Joseph L. Herndon, Team Historian, Historic American Building Survey,
September, 1974