The building to be of Brick that are nine inches in length, four and a half in breath, and two and a half thick, located in the public Square near where the present Court house is.

The dimensions of the building is fifty six by seventy feet.  The foundation to be sunk at least Eighteen inches below the surface, and more if necessary for a safe and firm foundation, which is to be made of good sound well burnt brick to the height of two and a half feet above the surface of the ground, three brick thick; above which foundation the walls of the building are to be Erected Thirty five feet high, with a cornice running down on the same five feet wide extending around the entire building, making the height of the walls including foundation and cornice Thirty nine feet.  All the outside walls, and the walls enclosing the vestibule are to be laid with good Stock brick of a uniform color.  The walls of hate first story to be two and a half brick thick, and of the second story two brick thick, and laid down in the style hereafter to be designated by the Commissioners.  The building to be divided by one main partition wall two brick thick, running through the same twenty three feet from the front end.

The front of the building is to have an open hall or vestibule in the Center 20 feet wide so as to form upon the right and left offices forming 18 feet of wall in front on Rither side of the vestibule.

The front of the building is to be divided into three stories, the other and designed for Court room into two stories.

The stories in the front end of the building are to be constructed as follows.  the first story ten feet from the floor to the joists.  The second story 9 feet from floor to joists, and the 3rd story to consume the remaIndexr of the space left.

The basement floor of the vestibule to the paved of good hand made burnt brick, and to be ascended by stone steps well hewn out the entire width of the vestibule.  The steps to have eight inches rise and 12 inches tred, the filling up to lay the brick pavement floor of the vestibule is to be regarded as part of the brick work.

There are to be two chimneys, one on each side of the front end of the building, containing three fire places each, so as to have a fire place in each Office with separate flues extending to the top of the chimneys.

The other portion of the building designed for Court room is to be divided as before stated into two stories, the first story to be 15 ft. in the clear.  The second story to consume the balance of the space left.  There are to be two chimneys in the court rooms each containing two fireplaces, one below and one above, with one additional flue in each chimney for the insertion of stove pipes to be used in the lower court room.  There is also to be a suitable hole left for a stove pipe to run into the flue of two chimneys in the lower court rooms, these holes, however are to be temporarily closed up in finishing the room.  All the chimneys to be six feet from out to out, and the top of the fireplaces to be supported by strong iron bars one inch thick & two inches broad.  And the lower hearths all built up solid from the ground.

Two parallel foundation walls 1 1/2 brick thick and to be run across the Court room for the support of the lower floor of good hard brick.

There are to be 3 doors opening into the Court-room below, one from the vestibule in front and one on each side, all to be six by 12 feet with transom light over each to reduce them to their proper height.  The lower offices are to be entered from the vestibule & are likewise to have doors communicating with the Court-room.

Two flights of plain stair ways are to be run in the vestibule leading to the upper offices & upper Court-room three and a half feet wide, to be well bantered in a neat & substantial manner.  The roof the vestibule to be supported by two wood fluted columns 2 1/2 ft in diameter at the base, extending the entire height of the vestibule diminishing at the capital according to the rules of architecture, to be constructed of good heart pine of poplar staves clear of sap or knots and set on cast iron or marble.

The front of the vestibule to be finished with suitable cornice not to obstruct the columns with iron railings of the most approved patterns, across the two upper stories in the front of the vestibule, the floor of which is to be laid with best heart pine plank - tongued & grooved & put together with white lead & oil so as to make it water proof, with an inclination sufficient to throw off the water, and the floor of the vestibule sealed over head with good heart pine plank.  There is to be a door leading out of the vestibule into each office & into the Court-room above.

There are to be 12 windows in the front end of the building two in each office & containing 12 lights each, 10 by 16 inches.

There to be four windows on each side of the building in the lower story containing 24 lights each 12 by 16 inches.  There are to be two windows in the end of the lower stories of the same dimensions.  There are to be a corresponding amount of windows in number & size in the second floor of the portico corresponding with the door below.  The 2nd & 3rd floors of the Courtrooms are to be supported with four solid wood columns 16 inches in diameter, extending from base to roof & placed on firm brick pillows on which columns two solid girders 12 by 14 inches Extending across Each of the Court rooms, are to rest or be supported.

The room immediately above the main Court Room is to be divided by a stud partition so as to cut off 20 feet which is again to be subdivided with a stud partition so as to form two rooms.  The one 15 by 20 feet and the other 20 by 30 ft with suitable door communicating with the large room and with each other.  The timber for the sleepers & joists of the first floor of the main Court room and first floor of the vestibule are to be 2 1/2 by 14 inches & placed not more than 24 inches from center to center.

The 3rd tier of joice over the upper story of the Court room to be 2 1/2 by 12 inches & the joice in the offices & upper floors of the vestibule 2 1/2 by 10 inches & placed not more than two feet from center to center.

The roof of the building to be hipped so as to show a comb in the center of 1/3 of the whole length of the building, to be framed of substantial poplar timbers supported by purloins & substantial studding.

The two outer doors and all the windows of the building are to have sills of sawed stone of proper size & shape, and the frames of the doors & windows are to be of the best of Black walnut timber.  The window frames in the lower story of the Court room are to box frames & the lower sash hung with weights & pulleys.  All the windows in the whole building are to have venetian blinds for shutters.  The slats all to be morticed in and put together with White lead & oil, and hung on best Parliment hinges -- with springs and ketches to fasten them - both when open and shut.  The window sash all to be of best of heart pine and one & a half inches thick when finished.

The door shutters of the Court room are to be paneled shutters made of Black walnut 2 inches thick, polished & varnished.  And all other doors are to have paneled shutters 1 1/2 inches thick and painted walnut or mahogany color.

The floors all to be of good pine plank 1 1/2 inches thick tongue and grooved & not more than seven inches broad.  The floors in the vestibule are to be put together with white lead & oil so as to make the same water proof.

The inside casing of all the doors & windows are to be plain & solid faced with single architrave & molding 6 inches wide.

Each of the fireplaces to be finished with a heavy & substantial chimney piece to correspond with the inside of the building.  All the doors to be hung with the best Order of butt hinges sufficiently large & strong.

All the large doors opening into the Court room to be hung with 3 hinges each.  And all the doors to have the best quality of Knob Locks, corresponding in size & strength with the size an weight of the doors.

And all the out side double doors to be supplied with two strong bolts, one above & one below.

All the rooms in the entire building are to be finished off with two coats smooth brown plaster.

All the Brick to be of the best quality of brick, and laid with good close mortar joints & put up in good workmanlike manner.  And outside walls neatly penciled down.

There is to be a two story portico on the south side of the building 36 ft long & 10 feet wide supported by four columns of same size & finish of those supporting the vestibule, with Pilasters to correspond.  The foundation of the Portico to be of good hard Brick, one & a half brick thick, and sunk 18 inches below the surface.  The base of the columns to be supported as those in the vestibule, and the foundation to be raised so as to allow but one step of 8 inches into the door.

The ground floor to be paved with Brick & sealed over head, and in every other respect finished so as to correspond as near as practicable with the finish of the vestibule, and to be ascended by stone steps all round.  There are also to be good stone steps to enter the Court room on the opposite side the entire width of the door corresponding in size with the others.

The entire building is to be securely covered with tin of the best quality & in a workmanlike manner.  And also the Portico is to be similar to that on the main building so as to entirely conceal the roof of the same.

The entire building to be well guttered with tin and spouting sufficiently large to carry off all the water.  The spouts to run down within 4 ft of the ground & turn out 8 inches from the wall at the bottom.

All the wood work that requires painting about the entire building is to be painted with three good coats of white lead & oil, Except the doors & window blinds, the doors as before stated, and the window blinds green.

There will be also a Dome Erected on the main building in the center of the roof 24 ft high from the Comb of the main building to the top of the Dome.  The Dome to be covered with tin & a cornice running around the same corresponding with the cornice on the main building, but smaller to be in proportion to the same the body of the Cupola to be 13 feet 4 inches in diameter with a square base of 16 ft and from 3 to 4 feet high and weather boarded & also furnished with 4 or 8 blinds of a suitable size and also to be painted to correspond with the painting on the main building and timbers in the Cupola to be of good pine or poplar clear of sap to be put up in a neat strong & substantial manner.  4 of the blinds to be hung with good hinges & bolts to fasten them.  The mortar for the building is to be made of sand and lime of Equal proportions if required by the Commissioners.  All the outside walls are to be laid with stock Brick and also the outside of the walls of the vestibule.

Should the Commissioners alter or change any of the work, about the building so as to increase the expense of the same, the price of such extra work is to be paid for at a proportionate price for the cost of the similar work int he main building, and should they make any alteration or change which lessens the cost of the building there is to be a deduction from the price for erecting the main building in proportion to the cost of the same.

The Commissioner will execute the bonds of the county in three Equal amounts payable in one, two & three years from the date of the contract, with interest from the date in any current Bank notes specie paying Bank.  The payments of the last Bond will be withheld until the Court house is finished and received by the Commissioner.

The Commissioners retain the privilege of having the Court Rooms filled up, and the Offices finished as soon as the other work has progressed far enough to admit of it.

The outside foundation walls of the entire building is to be grouted.  The entire building to be completed and the rubbish cleaned off the yard in Eighteen months from the date of the contract.

Kingston 21st March 1853
Commissioners: L.W. JORDAN, Henry LIGGETT, Henry J. WELCKER.
Builders: August O. FISHER, John D. LOWERY.
Attest: N.A. PATTERSON, Henry LIGGETT, Jr.