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George PRESTON (?-1808)

HOUSE, 6th General Assembly, 1805-07; representing Roane, Anderson, and Knox Counties; Senate, 7th General Assembly, 1st Sess., Sept. 24 - Dec. 4, 1807; representing counties of Roane, Anderson, Bledsoe, Rhea, and part of Campbell; died before 2nd Sess. of 7th Assembly and vacancy thus created was filled by William BROWN. Nothing found to establish date and place of subject's birth, names of his parents or extent of schooling. Married in Botetourt County, Va., in June, 1787, to Jean LOONEY, daughter of Joseph and Jean (BROWN) LOONEY; eight children--Joseph, James M., Moses, Jesse, Jane, Mildred, Polly, and George. Described as early settler and jurist in portion of Knox County included, 1801, in Roane County. Commissioned capt. in Knox County regiment, Tennessee Militia, Sept. 29, 1800; commissioned 2nd maj., same for organization of town of Kingston, to fall within Roane County; named justice of the peace at organization of Roane County. Died in 1808, at undetermined date before Jan. 20; place of burial not found.

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From: Biographical Directory, Tennessee General Assembly, 1796-1969, Roane County, Tennessee State Library and Archives.