C.C. Durham Family Bible

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This copy comes from the John M. Barnard Collection.  There is not a copy of the cover page and it is not known from whom John M. Barnard got this copy.

C.C. DURHAM & Mary A. DEATHERAGE Was married April the 23, 1863
C.C. DURHAM Was born Septber the 27, 1840
Mary A. DURHAM Was Born March 29, 1840
Roaney HIX Was born March the 25, 1857(?)
C.C. DURHAM & Rosaney HIX Was Married October the 2, 1881
Sam. EDGMON & Carrie DURHAM Was married September the 4, 1884
Rebecy DURHAM & Edker(?) CALHOUN Was married March the 29, 1891
Sariah C. DURHAM Was born January the 14, 1864
Rebecky A. DURHAM Was born July the 29, 1865
Wm. H. DURHAM Was Born April the 27, 1867
Josefeen Isabel Was Born July the 26, 1872
Thomas M. Was Born August the 5, 1874
Frinklen R. DURHAM Was born August the 9, 1878
Mary A. DURHAM Departed this life April the 4, 1880
Josefeen Isibel DURHAM departed this life December the 20, 1892
W.H. DURHAM departed this life December the 9, 1895
C.C. DURHAM Died September 21th, 1911