James C. Wells Bible

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This is a transcriptio0n of the records in a Bible which was found in a trunk in the possession of James BREAZEALE, the son of James Alexander BREAZEALE, who was the son of Mary Kate WELLS BREAZEALE, who was the daughter of James Alexander WELLS, who was the son of Mary WELLS BROWN, who was the daughter of James C. and Eliza Jane HESTER WELLS.

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James C. WELLS born Oct. 22, 1822
Eliza Jane WELLS was born Dec. 5, 1829
Nancy A. WELLS born Jan. 11, 1847
Sarah G. WELLS born March 16, 1850
Wm. F. WELLS born July the 3, 1853
Susan H. WELLS born March 12, 1856
Benj. F. WELLS born October 27, 1858
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Eliza Jane WELLS was born Oct. 26, 1861
Adelia S. WELLS was born Feb. 13, 1865
Mary A. WELLS was born January 11, 1847
J.A. WELLS Born June the 14th 1873
Eliza J. BROWN was Born July 12, 1877
W.J. BROWN Born Jan. the 14th 1879
J.B. BREAZEALE was born May 24, 1923
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James C. WELLS and Eliza Jane HESTER were married Feb. 2, 1842
Sarah W. WELLS was born April 14, 1873
Mary Ann WELLS was Born Jan. the 19th 1824
Fred Gilbert CROW was Born August the 2, 1897
Delil Hester CROW was Born December the 19th 1898
Mary Cate WELLS Born July the 10th 1898
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Eliza Jane WELLS was died October 26, 1866
Mary A. BROWN died June 15, 1881
Sarah W. WELLS died June 27, 1873
James C. WELLS Died October 27, 1886
Susan Hester FARMER died April the 12 1903
Eliza CROW Died Feb. 15, 1912 age 36
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J.B. BREAZEALE was born Thursday, May 24, 1923
Edgar Burton BREAZEALE was born September 24, 1895
Mary Kate WELLS was born July 10, 1898
Margaret E. WELLS was born August 23, 1877
J.A. WELLS was Born June 14, 1873
J.A. WELLS Died Nov. 29, 1938