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The Bible was in the possession of John Brock, Solway, Tennessee and a copy of the Bible is in the Scarbrough Family File in the Roane County Heritage Commission Vertical Files.

The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, translated out of the Original Greek; and with the former translations diligently compared and revised, By the Special Command of King James I. of England. Philadelphia; printed and published by M. Carey, No. 121, Chesnut Street. 1813.


Jonathan SCARBROUGH born July the 20th 1795

Elizabeth NUNELY born May the 11th 1794

Mahaley Anis born November the 9th 1815

Perlesy An SCARBROUGH born January the 15th at nine o'clock at night in the year 1818.

Epicurean SCARBROUGH born February 25th in the Year of our Lord 1820

Aeneas William born May the 15th in the Year of our Lord 1822

Preastley King born the 19th of December 1825

Urana Prudence SCARBROUGH born July 17th in the Year of our Lord at 12 o'clock 1827

John M.G. SCARBROUGH born May 2nd 1830

Lucretia M. SCARBROUGH born 13th July in 1832

Sefrony G. SCARBROUGH July 4th 1838 Born on the Day of Indexpendence of the U. States of America

Emeline SCARBROUGH born July 6, 1840

Neley Susana SCARBROUGH born May 10th in the Year of our Lord 1845

Jonathan Lupton SCARBROUGH Born May 21st 1848

Calidonia and California SCARBROUGH Twins Born October 26 in the Year of our Lord 1852

Agnes V. SCARBROUGH Born October 31st 1855

Anna S. SCARBROUGH Born the last day of March in 1859 and died the 28th of year 1885 (month is illegible)

Martha F. Daughter of John R. and Susanna HUGHES and granddaughter of J.L. and Frances SCARBROUGH Born May the 5th 1863

Frances E. SCARBROUGH was borned October the 25 1818 and died June the 24" 1901

Safroney Calaforny SCARBROUGH was born September the 12th day at 8 o'clock in morning 1868

Alvis Iri SCARBROUGH was Borned Aug the 10th day 1874 and died Oct the 6 day 1874

Lewis BROCK was broned May the 24 1849.

Aner Clark SCARBROUGH born 20 September 1821


Jonathan SCARBROUGH and Elizabeth NUNELY married February the 12th 1815

J.L. SCARBROUGH and Frances DAVIS Married August 25th 1844

Rev. John R. HUGHES and Susana SCARBROUGH Married November the 12th 1861

J.L. SCARBROUGH and Elizabeth McWANE Married January the 14th 1866

Lafayatt PARKER and Caldonia SCARBROUGH was married the 23rd of October 1867

David H. GIBSON and Calafornia SCARBROUGH was married December the 3rd 1867

Lewis BROCK and Anna SCARBROUGH was married January the 2 1876 Sonday eavning.


Elizabeth SCARBROUGH Died April th 9th 1844 Aged 49 years and Eleven month and two days.

Prucence SHANNON Died September the 18th in the Year of our Lord 1806

William SCARBROUGH died the 24th of February in the Year of our Lord 1814

William SCARBROUGH Sen. died June the 17th in the Year of our Lord 1830 aged 77 years he was a member of the Methodist Church 40 years he lived the life of a Riteous and died this death beloved by all that new him.

Emily SCARBROUGH Died July 2nd 1847 aged 93

John M-g-M-T- SCARBROUGHT Departed this life on Monday the 8th of August in the year of our Lord 1837

Elizabeth SCARBROUGH Died April 9th 1844 aged 48 years

Robert SCARBROUGH of Mo Died 1845

E. William SCARBROUGH Died in the year of 1863 pore Enos

Perlecy A. STEVENS or more propper P.A. MARCAM Died in 1864

Johnathan SCARBROUGH Died, December 22nd 1867, Age 72.

P.A. MARCUM died 1865

Robert SCARBROUGH Died February the 7th in the Year of our Lord 1822

John SCARBROUGH died August the 17th 1830

Jonathan L. SCARBROUGH died December the 22nd 1867 Aged 72 years and 4 months and two days. He was a member of the Methodist Church for many years he was a useful man to his country and beloved by all who know him he died in the full triumph of faith in the Saviour he was buried on top of the Pine Ridge according to his own request. Text for Jonathan L. SCARBROUGH funeral preached by John FORRISTER and Richard HUDSON Jobe the nine XIX chapter 23 24 25 26 verses.

Caldonia PARKER died June the 15 1881 said she was not afraid to dy she died in the full triump of faith in the savior.

Jonathan Lupton SCARBROUGH Died the 28th day of April 1895 and was buried in the Oliver Springs Cemetery. tixt for funeral Rom 12 chap 1 verse

Listed separately in the Bible:

John M. DAVIS died Nov 13 1851

H.R. DAVIS died Aug 1859

Anna STAPLES died beloved by all that knew her Dec 1865