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From the family files of Alya Dean Irwin.

 James H. MOON was born the 22nd of Aug. 1818

Eliza H. MOON was born Oct. 13th 1821

Mary E. MOON was born Sept. 2nd 1844

Jonas J. MOON was born Jan. 19th 1846

Lydia C. MOON was born Sept. 24th 1847

Nancy J. MOON was born Oct. 6th 1849

Effie H. MOON was born Aug. 14th 1852

Sallie M. MOON was born July 5th 1854

Charles P. MOON was born Aug. 21st 1856

Eliza T. MOON was born May 20th 1858

James T. MOON was born Aug. 5th 1860

William N. MOON was born July 7th 1862

Martha L. MOON was born April 16th 1864

In a different handwriting was the following "one of these girls had a twin sister not listed."

James H. MOON was married to Sallie A. FRANCISCO Aug. 19th 1840

James H. MOON was married to Eliza M. JOHNSON Nov. 9th 1843

Mary E. MOON was married to John C. MADDUX Sept. 6th 1866

James T. MOON was married to Cornelia J. POWELL Aug. 16th 1882

William N. MOON was married to Theodosia DAVIS Feb 6th 1881

Mary C. MOON was married William J. PEARSON Nov. 18th 1885.