Thomas Jefferson Johnson
& Harriet Green Johnson Bible

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Transcription of the Bible in the files of Alya Dean Irwin. On this sheet of paper is the following: "Above Bible Records contributed, 1958, by Mamie Lee JOHNSON GREGORY (Mrs. Luther C.) who owned the home farm and family cemetery of Thomas Jefferson and Harriet G. JOHNSON (Highway 58 near Ten Mile, Tn.) Mamie Lee JOHNSON was the daughter of Mariah Elizabeth SHARP (1850-1935) and Richard Henry JOHNSON (1840-1888). Mamie was the granddaughter of Thomas Jefferson and Harriet Green JOHNSON).


Thomas J. JOHNSON was born June 25, 1808

Harriet G. JOHNSON was born August 24, 1817

Mary JOHNSON was born July 2, 1837

Richard Henry JOHNSON was born April 3rd, 1840

James Thomas JOHNSON was born July 18, 1842

Mary A. REDMAN was born August 12, 1845

Sarah G. HARDIN was born March 3rd, 1804

Jacob BUTLER born August 6, 1801

Lucinda BUTLER born July 18, 1846

Harriet Elizabeth JOHNSON was born Sept 21, 1866

Thomas G. JOHNSON was born August 8, 1868

Mariah Elizabeth JOHNSON was b. July 11, 1850

Marchie Ethel JOHNSON was born Mar. 1, 1852

Mary Lee JOHNSON was born Novl. 5, 1887

Thomas F. JOHNSON was born Sept. 18, 1886


Thomas J. JOHNSON and Harriet JOHNSON was married Sept. 10, 1835

John BLAIR and Mary JOHNSON was married Jan. the 5th 1832

John H. JOHNSON and Nancy C. ALEXANDER was married March 30th 1836

Jacob M. BUTLER and Harriet G. JOHNSON was married April 13 AD 1845

Jacob J. BUTLER & Matilda GIBSON was married Nov. 29th A.D. 1849

Jacob M. BUTLER & Sarah G. HARDIN was married on the 4th day Dec. A.D. 1823

James L. PICKLE and Mary E. BUTLER was married on Nov. 24 A.D. 1842

John ELDREGE and Martha M. BUTLER was married Jan. the 25th A.D. 1844

J.B. M. CALLON [McCALLON] and Sarah J. BUTLER on 28th Sept. 1848

James Thomas JOHNSON to Mary A. REDMAN on the 10th of Dec. 1865


George BUTLER died Oct. 2, 1842

Jacob M. BUTLER Died Mar. 13, 1850

Harriet G. BUTLER departed life July 10, 1879, Aged 61 years, 10 mo. 16 days

R.H. JOHNSON died July 6, 1888.