Steinwehr Bible

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W.P.A. Records. The Bible was in the possession of Mrs. J.D. Avery in the 1930s.

(note:) Oscar Benne Carl Von STEINWEHR was a Military leader of the German High Imperial
Army. He left Germany at the height of the Revolution in 1848 and settled in Roane county
at Kingston, Tennessee. He later moved to Rockwood and engaged in the Hardware business
till his death.


Oscar Benne Carl Von STEINWEHR born August 22, 1823 at wesel on the River Rhine
Charles F. STEINWEHR born July 30, 1860 at Kingston, Tennessee
Mary C. STEINWEHR born Apr. 7, 1863 at Kingston, Tennessee
Lissie M. STEINWEHR born July 31, 1865 at Kingston, Tennessee
Oscar (Infant) born and died Oct. 1867 at Kingston, Tennessee
Alice H. STEINWEHR born Sept. 2, 1869 at Kingston, Tennessee
Annie C. STEINWEHR born Nov. 22, 1872 at Kingston, Tennessee


Oscar Benne Carl Von STEINWEHR died December 1, 1900 at Rockwood, Tennessee
Chas. F. STEINWEHR died May 13, 1923 at Los Angeles, Cal.
Mary C. STEINWEHR died December 5, 1935 at Rockwood, Tennessee.


Oscar Benne Carl Von Steinwehr married Wilhelmina C. SIENKNECHT, daughter of Dr.
Frederick & Katherine Heik SIENKNECHT of Preets, Germany.
Charles F. STEINWEHR married Grace REX at Harriman, Tennessee.
Lissie M. STEINWEHR married V.M. BRINDLEY Dec. 26, 1889 at Collinsville, Ala.
Alice H. STEINWEHR married John Dixie Avery at Rockwood, Tennessee, Sept. 26, 1893.
Annie STEINWEHR married J. Harem WILSON of Bristol, Tennessee.