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Ambrose Cemetery
Submitted by Charlene Hook

Inscriptions copied November 4, 1970, by Raymond and Charlene Hook of Tulsa, Oklahoma,
and Jacob R. Bailey of Kingston, Tenn.

WILLIAM BAILEY and his wife LYDIA BARNARD are both buried in this cemetery, although the markers for them are now missing. Also missing is the marker for at least one of their sons. (This information supplied by JACOB R. BAILEY, who stated he had attended at least one funeral at this cemetery and that the stones of WILLIAM and LYDIA still in the cemetery at that time.) JAKE, as we called him, was born 29 Oct. 1898, so could conceivably have remembered attending a funeral, or funerals, at this cemetery and remember that the stones of WILLIAM and LYDIA were intact. WILLIAM BAILEY served in the War of 1812. He died 19 June 1862 in Roane County. He was the son of CARR BAILEY, and, based upon the BAILEY-BRITTON GENEALOGY published in 1962 by T. H. BAILEY, his ancestry goes to immigrant STEPHEN BAILEY of Westmoreland Co., Va. Mr. T. H. BAILEY told me in correspondence that WILLIAM BAILEY and his wife, LYDIA BARNARD were the parents of 12 children, three of whom emigrated to Greene Co., Mo. Those three were:

MESHACK STACY BAILEY, b. 24 Nov. 1823, probably in Hawkins Co., Tn. He married first, 25 Oct. 1854, HULDA BOULDIN, by whom he had six children. I do not know the names of HULDA's parents, but she was born 11 November 1836 at Yanceyville, Caswell Co., N.C. His second wife, whom he married 30 Oct 1870 at Marshfield, Webster Co., Mo. was MARTHA EMERINE ROBERTS, by whom he had four children. She was the daughter of early SW Missouri Baptist Minister, BRAXTON McCORD ROBERTS, generally known and referred to as McCORD ROBERTS, and his wife, DOROTHY ROGERS. MESHACK BAILEY died 30 Oct. 1891, and according to my records is buried in the Henderson Cemetery, Rogersville, Greene Co., Mo., however, wife #2 is buried at Timberridge Cemetery in Webster Co., Mo. I am sure my notation about his burial being at Henderson Cemetery came from a family member, so may be incorrect.

WILLIAM and LYDIA'S daughter MANERVA A.(RMSTRONG??)BAILEY married JOSEPH LAFAYETTE SMITH on 27 Nov. 1854 in Roane Co., Tn. They also came to SW Missouri, settling in Greene Co. This couple were the great grandparents of CHARLENE HOOK. JOSEPH SMITH was born 1831 in Grainger Co., Tn., the son of MOSES SMITH and JANE FIELDEN. We are trying to determine more of JOSEPH'S ancestry.

The third child of WILLIAM and LYDIA to come to Missouri was SARAH L. BAILEY, b. ca. 1819, who married 8 Aug. 1842 in Roane Co., Tn. to ABINGTON H. LESLIE. They came to Greene Co., Mo. in the Spring of 1847.


Birth Date

Death Date



10 Dec 1828

04 Jul 1908


31 Mar 1841

(no date)

Metal funeral home marker: d. 28 June, 1924 - Aged 83 Yrs., 3 Mos., 24 Days


(no date)

(no date)

Co. C, 4 Tenn. Vols., Mex. War. Note: This is Columbus BAILEY, son of William BAILEY & Lydia BARNARD

CORMANY, Huldah E.

15 Aug 1857

26 Aug 1883

wife of Frank; Aged 26 Yrs and 11 Days

DURHAM, Annie Laura

23 Oct 1908

21 Jul 1909

dau. of Victor & L.C.


07 Nov 1852

(no date)

DURHAM, Chester

06 Aug 1893

05 Jul 1894

Child of J.S. & C.A.

DURHAM, Cordie C.

07 Sep 1860

02 Jan 1916

Aged 35 Yrs., 3 Mos., 25 Days

DURHAM, Infant

29 Jul 1877

29 Jul 1877


06 Dec 1845

11 Apr 1914

DURHAM, Pauline

03 May 1915

15 Jun 1915

dau. of Victor & L.C.

DURHAM, Victor

30 Jul 1878

(no date)

HARMON, Israel

11 Oct 1825

08 Oct 1906

HARMON, Melvina

02 Feb 1826

26 Jun 1916

Wife of Israel; Melvina, a/k/a/ Vina, was the daughter of William BAILEY & Lydia BARNARD


18 Aug 1875

12 Jan 1905


07 Oct 1832

04 Mar 1875

This John F. WILLIAMS may be the husband of EMELINE BAILEY, daughter of WILLIAM BAILEY and LYDIA BARNARD, as they had a daughter EMELINE who married a JOHN WILLIAMS--but we do not know his middle initial).


01 Dec 1936

Aged 67 Yrs, O Mos., 13 Days - Kyker & Sons, Inc., funeral home marker. This may be a son of JOHN WILLIAMS and his wife EMELINE, daughter of WILLIAM BAILEY and LYDIA BARNARD

WYRICK, Bonnie May

16 Apr 1892

09 May 1902


27 Mar 1857

13 May 1914


13 Feb 1856

(no date)