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"Sixty-Second Annual Session of the Hiwassee Baptist Association, Begun and
Held with Ten Mile Church, Meigs County, Tenn. September 26th and 27th, 1884."Obituary.

"Elder Martin SH ARP, son of Meredith and Elizabeth S HARP, was born November 1, 1823, in Grainger county, Tennessee. In his second year his parents removed to Roane county, while society was in its rough, confused state, and the people were without present opportunities and advantages. It will not be thought singular if, midst such surroundings, one of the young SHARP'S temperament was found in the lead of the funloving, rowdying, drinking and frolicking, though honest, pioneer boys; it is certain that such was the fact; but in 1842, under the ministry of Elder Geo. LUTTR ELL, God called him by grace, and revealed in him his son Jesus Christ. This change was too patent to all to pass unnoticed, as it was manifest in all of his conduct and conversation. In September 1842, he joined the Baptist church of Christ, in session the third Saturday, at Pleasant Grove meeting house, and was baptized by Elder L.B. JOHN SON. Brother SH ARP soon developed rare gifts, singing, public prayer and exhortation; so that he was soon recognized by the Church as a rising leader in Israel, having at once reached the front in usefulness and in the confidence of the brotherhood which maintained and increased to the end of forty years of Church membership. He was properly called a sweet singer in Israel, and in his earnest exhortations, like our bold eagle, careened in the midst of the tempest, and in impassioned native eloquence rent the veil covering the sinner's heart, then pointing him to the cross of Christ as the only refuge of the soul burdened by sin. He was chosen Clerk of the Church, which service he performed acceptably for about ten years. He was lincensed to preach about 1856. He removed to Meigs county in 1865, and united with the Baptist Church at Pisgah, and by it was called to ordination, and came under imposition of the hands of a presbytery composed of Elders A.D. MORRIS ON and J.B. McCAL LON. He was soon called to the pastorate of Pisgah Church. In 1869 he returned to Paint Rock Valley, and was chosen pastor of his mother Church, which he filled acceptably to the Church and creditaby to himself, except and interval of two years, to the end of his life. He was chosen Clerk of the Association in 1876, which was continued till his death: which sad event transpired on Friday, June 6, 1884, 10 o'clock, P.M. The final illness was short, but attended with great sufferings. The chain is broken, the link is not lost--only out of our reach for the present. He "rests from his labors, by which he obtained a good report of them without." In his doctrine he proclaimed salvation by grace, giving all of the glory to God. A Baptist in the strict sense, yet charity for all. He is gone, to Grainger no nobler son was born; to Roane, no more patriotic son was given; Paint Rock never had a more devoted member; the Association, no more acceptable minister. A considerate husband, an indulgent and exemplary father. Brethen, be ye also ready, the summons will soon come.

Hiwassee Baptist Association Minutes, Sep. 1894.
In Memoriam. Elder Ezekiel S. BAILEY. Departed this life at his late residence, Roane County, Tenn., 30 minutes after midnight, Sunday morning, November 23d, 1890. Brother BAILEY was a son of William and Lydia BAILEY, and was born in Hawkins County, Tenn., December 29th, 1819. Came with his father to Roane County, Tenn., and settled near Kingston in 1832. Made profession of religion about 1840. United in marriage to Elizabeth EWING January 2d, 1845. Was baptized into fellowship of Shiloh Church, of Roane County, by Elder W.E. POPE, fourth Sunday in June, 1857. The issue of the above marriage was nine children, one of whom preceded his father to the home of the good. Seven of the eight living children, with a large circle of relatives, were present when death ended his pains, which cast a mantle of gloom and sorrow over the community; robbed the church of all that God gave to it in the person of Bro. BAILEY, except the fruits of his labor and his godly example, and clothed his family in the liabilities of remediless grief. The curtain has dropped; but we have the pleasure of comtemplation a long and useful life; a participant in most of the stirring events and enterprises of Roane County. Although Bro. BAILEY made a profession of religion in 1840, he did not become a member of the church for several years because of a lack evidence he expected to obtain. Yet the change in his conversation and manner of life was so marked as to elicit many expressions of pleasure and confidence. In 1856 to 1858 a memorable revival of religion spread it influence all over the south side of Tennessee River in Roane County and Meigs County. Those who professed to have experienced the new birth, could tell redemption's story and sing its songs; in this grand victory of the cross, Bro. BAILEY'S evidences reached the sublime height of full assurance, from which they never lowered till death. In 1860 he was ordained a deacon because of his well developed qualifications. On the fourth Saturday in November, 1860, he was ordained to the full work of the ministry. When called to the pastorate of the church he displayed a vigilance which commanded him to the church as a trusted sentinel; a safe leader, and a gentle under shepher or overseer. He was chosen moderator of Hiwassee Baptist Association quite a number of sessions, eliciting the approval of the entire body. A good man in every sense that word implies; visiting the sick, and with his presence came substantial relief for their bodies, with counsel rich in wisdow, pointing to the Lamb of God; sympathy for the erring; having a generous heart with an open hand, his beneticences-were felt all around; a kind neighbor, a considerate husband and affectionate father; an unwavering friend, never having betrayed any one's confidence. His last days were attended with intense pain; his mind was clear till near the end his last utterances were exclamations of victory as if visions of glory were in view; his last words, thrice spoken. "I am happy." His funeral services were held in Shiloh Meeting House, Monday, at 10:30 a. m., November 24th, conducted by his life-long friend, intimate brother and fellow laborer, Elder J.B. McCALLON. An unusually large concourse of people were in attendance. His remains were interred in the Shiloh Cemetery, almost under the shadow of the church to which he belonged so long; that he served so faithfully; which he loved so well; for which his tears often fell; for whom his prayers ascended. The Lord gave him, the Lord took him, "Blessed be the name of the Lord."

Hiwassee Baptist Association Minutes, Sep. 1895.

In Memoriam. Elder James JOHNSON. Was born in Rhea county, Tennessee, on May 27, 1818. Under the [torn] __tion of his devotedly pious father and mother he never used a profane oath, even through life. And this was the more remarkable because he grew up in the crude and wild condition of the country before civilization had made much progress. But littler literary training could be had. Two or three months, at most, in the old field schools of that period for a few years was an advanced education. In this condition of affairs Bro. JOHNSON reached his thirteenth year when he became consious of his lost condition. For a little more than a year he gave but little thought to any other subject. When he had reached his fourteenth year the light shone into his dark mind and it pleased God, who called him by His grace, to reveal in him His Son, Jesus Christ. Immediately he conferred not with flesh and blood, but joined the church at Old Bethel. He was shown his sinful and helpless condition and pointed to Christ under the ministry of Elder Daniel BRIGGS, who was one of the pioneer and able ministers of that or any other time. Bro. JOHNSON'S changed life bore unimpeachable testimony to a regenerated nature, which was a characteristic of the man through life, and presented him as a christian of the highest type, a hero of the faith, and a faithful minister of the gospel. In 1840 he was united in marriage to Miss Mary Jane THOMPSON, of the neighborhood in which he was raised. To them were born three sons and two daughters, who survive their father. Three others died in infancy. This marriage was, in all respects, a happy one till about 1854, when his wife died. He bore his affliction without murmuring, in that sweet submission that said, "Thy will be done." In 1864 he was united in marriage to Miss Amy CLACK, his surviving but grief-smitten widow. Again Bro. JOHNSON was fortunate in his choice of a partner, as he found a helpmeet Indexed in every department of their life's labor--they in full enjoyed each other's confidence and unsullied affection to the end. In 1867 he was licensed to preach. His ministerial zeal, which appeared to be according to knowledge, led him to the strong entrenchment of confidence in him by his brethen in all of the churches, as well as by an exacting public. He soon developed in the pulpit the correct expositor of "The principles of the doctrine of Christ," the wise counsellor, the eloquent exhorter, the judicious disclipinarian, and faithful pastor. In 1868 he was ordained to the full work of the ministry by prayer and imposition of hands of the presbytery composed of Elders J.B. McCALLON, A. NEWPORT and R.T. HOWARD. He sometimes reach sublime heights when exhorting sinners to repentence. He went among them with Christ crucified, Jesus and the resurrection his only them, "the broken spirit, the broken and contrite heart" the only human sacrifice allowed upon God's altar, then "testify both to the Jews and also to the Greeks, repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ;" lowly and still lower humility the only way to reach the throne of grace; obedience to the ordinances and teachings of the gospel the evidences of a regenerated nature. He was the most of his ministerial life pastor of four churches, which were fairly successful, never having any confusion among them, but "endeavoring to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace. He was a living practical embodiment of the principles which he taught. A devotedly tender husband; a gentle father, thus securing obedience from his children; a kind neighbor with an open ear and hand to hear the cry and to relieve the wants of the needy poor, and with songs and prayers and consoling promises ever ready to enter the homes of the sorrowing, the sick and the dying; an impartial magistrate; a faithful friend, and all that enters into the makeup of a good man. For several years he was afflicted, but uncomplainly bore it. His last sickness was attended with great suffering. But in it all his theme was religion, and as long as his mind was clear his confidence was unshaken in the love and ability of his Savior. He died March 29, 1895, aged 76 years, 10 months and 2 days. The high esteem in which he was held was manifested by the immense concourse of people in attendance at his funeral services conducted by his life-long friend and fellow laborer, Elder J.B. McCALLON. His remains were laid to rest in the Newport cemetery. The assemblage was largely composed of the aged from Rhea, Cumberland, Roane and Meigs counties.

Hiwassee Baptist Association Minutes, Sep. 1896.
Elder Allen D. MORRISON, son of John and Mary MORRISON was born Febuary 19th 1818. In the then existing condition of moral, literary and political affairs of the country he had but little opportunity to acquire an education in the proper sense, but his early training was to use the axe, the mattock, the hoe and the plow. He was united in marriage to Miss Nancy SELLERS, daughter of Eld. Micah SELLERS, Aug 28th 1838. To them were born four sons and one daughter. In 1851 He claimed to have been saved by Grace, and lived under the teaching of the scriptures, as his guiding star as interpreted by the Holy spirit. Soon after his change he joined the Church of Christ at Shilo, being one of the finest singers of the times he seemed to be a necessary acquisition to the church as a leader in church music and other devotions. In 1865 he had made advances in the ministry as a licentiate to the extent that the chuch set him apart for ordination to the full work of the ministry by a presbytery, call for that purpose, composed of elders M.H. SELLERS, Asa NEWPORT and J.B. McCALLON by whom, after prayer and impositiod of hands, he was declared to be a minister of the gospel clothed with full power to administer all of the ordinances of the church under its direction. His ministry continued through nearly thirty years. His preaching partook of the doctrinal ine of thought mixed with the practical, although he had an excellent personal experience it was not in the main interwoven largely as an element in his pulpit ministrations. During his ministry he was pastor of several of the finest churches in our Association. Ten of fifteen years before his decease his wife preceded him to the grave. Not long after that sad event his health began to fail and feeling the necessity of companionship he was again married to Miss Elizabeth HACKLER, March 21st, 1886. Who still a lonely widow mourns her loss. His last years were spent by him in weakness, not so much of suffering as the breaking up of vitality. He passed away, no unexpectedly, as if in the peaceful slumbers of an infant, on the 17th of Mary, 1896, a little more that seventy eight years of age. His funeral services were held at Macedonia, near Union X Roads, Roane county, Tennessee. The church at Macedonia appointed a committee to prepare resolutions expressive of the high steem in which he was held by the church and by the citizens of the community, and recorded in the church book.

Hiwassee Baptist Association Minutes, Sep. 1898.
Called for report of the committee on obituaries. We beg leave to report that this memorial to departed worth is new to the churches, hence the reports form the churches are imperfect as to dates etc.; but we feel that it ought to be continued. Death has entered the homes of brethren and sisters and taken from labor on earth to rest in heaven. . . . Pisgah has lost Sister Jemimah MASSENGALE, no dates given. Concord:--Death removed from us Sister Miram KENNEDY, at the age of 84 years, having been in full fellowship nearly 36 years. Hinds' Valley:--Mouns the loss of Bro. Jos. HINDS, a deacon two years and a member 37 years, he died April 29, 1898, aged 69 years; also Sister Mary GARRISON, a deaconess, a member nearly 3 years, aged nearly 22 years. Shilo has lost Bro. R.G. HAGGARD, a member of the church a little more that 48 years, he died in this 85th year. Fellowship finds the seats of Bro. Arthur PRITCHETT, aged about 25 years, and his wife, Sister Mary A. PRITCHETT, aged 20 years, vacant. Mt. Zion is bereft of the Godly example of Sister Amanda VITATOE, aged 28 years, a valued member 12 years. Pleasant Hill gives one death in her statistics without name of date. The Church at Maple Grve has been visited by death which robbed them of the beloved brethen, T.B. REED, aged about 85 years, a member about 18 years; Thos. FERGUSON, aged about 23 years, a valued member about 4 years; John WALDEN, aged 37 years, a member of the church about 3 years at his death. The Church at Paint Rock has been visited, and with her sister churches mourns her death, in the person of Sister Louisa Jane PRICE, nearly 72 years old, a member of the Church 47 years at the time of her death; also Bro. Thos. H. FRITTS, M.D., aged nearly 33 years, a member of the Church about 15 years. We cannot forbear recording here that Brother FRITTS was a prominent physician; but yielded to consumption, which has never yet been baffled by the skill of physicians, notby their remedial measures.

Hiwassee Baptist Association Minutes, Sep. 1900.

Report of Committee on Obituaries. We, your committee, beg leave to report the following deaths. The church at Shilo mourns the loss of Sister Jane MANIS, who departed this life April 22, 1900, aged 68 years, 6 months and 19 days. A worthy member of the church 54 years. A member of Shilo church a little over two years.
The church at Paint Rock mourns the departure of Sister Nancy BALDWIN, born in 1809, joined Paint Rock in 1833, lived a consecrated christian till her death in September 1900. Also, Sister Providence MANIS, born July 12, 1859, joined Paint Rock church June 1882, died December 30, 1899.
Concord mourns the loss of six of her members: Sister Mary H. BALL, born Oct. 13, 1841, joined the church October 1892, died Oct. 20, 1900, aged 58 years and 7 days. Sister Mahailie TILLEY, born March 7, 1855, joined the church at Concord in August 1878, died Feb. 28, 1900, aged 44 years, 11 months and 21 days. Sister Mary CARTER, born July 26, 1807, joined the church at Concord by letter in 1877, died July 6, 1900, aged 92 years 11 months and 10 days. Brother George HACKER, born July 23, 1845, joined the church at Concord Sept. 1893, died March 4, 1900, aged 54 years 7 months and 11 days. Brother G.B. HACKLER, born 1876, joined the church Sept. 1893, died Aug. 1, 1900. Sister Samantha E. WATTENBARGER was born July 23, 1870, joined the church in Sept. 1881, died Aug. 29, 1900.
Hinds Valley church has lost one, Sister Cyrena A. NARRAMORE died June 19, 1900, aged 74 years, 8 months and 12 days.
Fellowship church has lost a highly esteemed member in the person of Sister Elizabeth ELLISON, born Feb. 6, 1841, died May 18, 1900, aged 59 years. She was a member of Fellowship church 24 years, and was an ornament to the church. "Esteeming the reproach of Christ as being greater riches that the treasures of earth." Having "lived the life of the righteous, her last end was like his." She is missed at home and in the church, Her grandest triumph.
Macedonia church mourns the loss of Sister Nancy PICKLE, died Aug. 4, 1900. aged 78-1/3 years; a consistent member of the church at Macedonia 38 years. Also Bro. Edward WILLIAMS who lived a consistent christian 30 years, serving the church as clerk a number of years. Having reached the ripe old aged of four score, 80 years and having lived in nearly the same neighborhood, he died without enemies.

Hiwassee Baptist Association Minutes, Sep. 1901.

Report of Committee on Obituaries.
The Church at Mt. Zion mourns the loss of Sister V.A. LADFORD, wife of Elder J.M. LEDORD. Born October 3rd, 1841. Professed hope in Christ in November, 1858, and was baptised the December following. Her life was a living demonstration of the triump and power of Grace to sustain the children of God through trials and temptation even unto death. She passed peacefully away December 9th, 1900, aged about 59 years. Also our beloved Sister Susan SMITH, wife of Bro. G.W. SMITH, after having passed the various stages of life and fulfilled all of life's duties so promptly that she could be properly called a model of Christian faithfulness. At home, in the community, and in the church her light shone brightly. She passed peacefully from labor to rest March 6th, 1901, aged about 64 years. Thirty four of these years were devoted to Christian duties.
The church at Fellowship mourns the departure of our deeply beloved Sister Harriet CURTAIN (formerly BAKER), born June 22nd, 1826. Married to Isaac CURTAIN more that forty-five years before her death. He preceeded her to the grave many years, leaving the care and the family a charge to her. Professed hope in Christ Jesus nearly 40 years before her death. Her duties as wife, mother, and member of the church were so well performed that all said "Well done, Faithful Sister." Fellowship church also mourns the loss of another precious Sister, in the person of Annie PICKLE, daughter of J.E. and Susanah PICKLE. Born July 9th, 1880, baptisted Oct. 1894, died Nov. 9, 1900. Six years, a member of the church. Gentle Sister our parting was blended with joy and sorrow. We trust to join thee in the home to which death has no access.
The church at Concord sends a death roll of two valuable members, Sister Nancy A. FORD, who died January 3rd, 1901, aged 25 years, 3 months and 15 days. Her membership having continued nearly 16 years, but ended in a triumphant death. Also Sister Effie M. HUMPHREY, who was born April 19th, 1880. Joined the church at Concord seven and half years before her death, which occured March 19th, 1901, aged nearly twenty-one years.
Shilo church is bereft in dead in the loss of their beloved Sister, Elizabeth BAILEY, who joined that church the 4th Saturday in May, 1857, and died June 22nd, 1901. And added to their loss was the departure from afflictions to joy unspeakable and full of glory her own beloved sister, Sarah DURHAM, whose membership began the Fourth Saturday in November, 1849, and continued till death, which removed her from the work and labor of love to reward and rest in Heaven. Sleep on sweet sisters, the earth may tremble beneath the tread of hostile hosts, but in your beds in the ground there will not be any distrbance till the last trumpet sounds and opens the graves of the dead.

Hiwassee Baptist Association Minutes, Sep. 1902.

Obituaries and List of the Dead.
Dear Brethren: We must report another seat vacant in the church at Hind's Valley. Since the last annual meeting the messender of death has visited our little church and taken our beloved brother, P.C. CULVEYHOUSE to his final reward. Brother CULVEYHOUSE was born in February, 1826, and died February 11, 1902. He was a member of the Baptist church for about 50 years. He was a consistant member, a devoted Christian, and punctual in attendance at his church meetings. The stroke falls heavily upon our little Church, but we feel that our loss is his eternal gain. Read and approved by the church 2nd Saturday in September 1902. S.A. WALLER, Moderator, Lillie GARRISON, Clerk.
The Baptist church of Macedonia mourns the departure of beloved brother George WALLER. Born in 1846, prfessed faith in Christ and joined the Baptist church at Macedonia the third Sunday in November, 1888. He served as clerk of the church for -- years. Died August 22nd, 1902. The church has lost one of her bright lights, the wife a kind husband, the children an affectionate father, the community a good neighbor, but their loss is his eternal gain, his last words having been, "My way is clear." This done by order of the church.
Our sister church at Concord reports the losses by death as follows, and we feel that they are losses Indexed to us, when we record that since our last session our beloved brother, Jacob M. EWING, a deacon, departed this life February 22, 1902; he was born November 10, 1833, aged 68 years, 3 months and 12 days, a member of the church about 45 years, a deacon 30 years. Brother Kimble EDGEMAN, also a deacon, departed this life the 8th day of September, 1902, born October 7, 1833, aged 68 years, 11 months and one day, and sister Margaret MATTHEWS, born December 22, 1854, aged 47 years, 3 months and 14 days. And while we have suffered a great loss in the decease of these brethen and sister, we rejoice to feel without any doubts that they are at rest at their home on high. Brothers EDGEMAN and EWING were deacons Indexed, filling their high calling so faithfully that they purchased to themselves a good degree and great boldness in the faith. They rest from their labors and their works will still follow them. Brother EDGEMAN filled the office of deacon 33 years and a member of Concord church 45 years.
Fellowship church reports another seat vacant. Since our last annual meeting the angel of death has entered our little church and has taken our beloved Brother, F.S. BRADY, to his final reward. Brother BRADY was born February 15, 1857, and died February 17, 1902, aged 45 year and two days, He was a member of Old Friendship church 8 years and 5 months.
Our sister church is sad that it is their lot to chronicle the death of two beloved sisters. Sister Debbie BUTLER who joined by letter November 11, 1899, was born August 3, 1871, died January 28, 1902, was a member of the church about 15 years. Hers was a life of kindness and Christian love. Also sister Sarah Jane WYRICK, who joined by experience second Saturday in December, 1896, died September 2nd, 1902.
Our sister church at Mt. Zion reports one death in their church since our last annual session. Brother Charlie JEFFCOAT died February 23, 1902. Joined Mt. Zion church October 4th, 1900, by experience and baptism.
Our sister church at Pisgah reports one death, but no name given.
Our sister church at Ten Mile mourns the loss of one member, our dearly beloved, Hester KING, died May 15, 1902, aged 45 years. Baptised Nov. 3rd, 1873.
Our sister church at Paint Rock brings a record of four deaths in their church since our last annual meeting, but no names were given.

Hiwassee Baptist Association Minutes, Sep. 1908.
Mt. Pleasant Church. Brother Calvin G. GIBSON was born May 1, 1824, and was married to Rachel B. THOMPSON, March 20, 1849, who was born Oct. 12, 1831. Brother and Sister GIBSON professed hope in Christ and united with the church at Mount Pleasant, Grassy Cove, Tenn., in the year 1855, where they remained in good standing until their death, which occurred Feb. 20 1907, and April 2, 1907. Sister GIBSON preceded her husband 1 month and 18 days.
Old Fellowship Church. Since our last annual meeting the angel of death has visited our church and taken one of her fairest jewels. Sister Mattie SEDMAN, formerly McELWEE, was born Jan. 3, 1883, and died Sept. 14, 1908. She professed faith in Christ at Mt. Zion, Meigs county, Aug. 28, 1898, and in Oct. 1905, she joined Old Fellowship by letter. Sister SEDMAN'S short life has been one of blended virtues and of practical religion worthy the emulation of any Christian, and the high esteem in which she was held was manifested by the large concourse of people in attendance at her funeral services at our church, conducted by Rev. Wm. WHITE. By Church Clerk.
Concord Church. Bro. George W. BALL was born Oct. 20, 1844, joined the Baptist church at Concord 2nd Saturday in November, 1864, died March 26, 1908. He lived a devoted Christian and faithful member. He said all was well with him, and that he was ready to go if it was the Lord's will.
Ten Mile Church. The Baptist church at Ten Mile mourns the loss of Sister L.C. BOGGESS, born April 11, 1829, died April 7, 1908, age 79 years, 11 months and 16 days. Joined the Baptist church at Mouse Creek in the year 1870, joined the church at Ten Mile 3rd Saturday in October, 1872, by letter. She lived a devoted Christian life until her death. Our loss is her gain, she has gone from [torn] to her reward.
Fellowship Church. Bro. William DUCKWORTH was born April 11, 1833, and died July 16, 1908, professed a hope in Christ and joined the church at Fellowship 1st Saturday in October, 1881, and continued a member of our body until death, except a short time that he resided in Texas. He was granted a letter from this church and on it was received into the Baptist church in Texas, but came back to Meigs county and brought a letter from the above named church. Bro. DUCKWORTH loved his church and was very puntual in attendance at all services, greatly enjoying the privilege of meeting with the brethen. Bro. DUCKWORTH was a men that did no neglect to visit the sick and distressed in his community, and was very liberal to contribute to their needs so far as he was able. We miss him, but meekly bow to Him who does all things well.
Shilo Church. Dodson EASTER was born July 13, 1885(?), professed faith in Christ and joined the church at Shilo, Oct. 22, 1904. He was a noble young man of sterling Christian integrity, loved by all who knew him. Just before death claimed him he called all the members of his family to his bedside and bade them all farewell and requested them to meet him in Heaven. He died March 9, 1908. His funeral service was conducted by Elder J.K. SUDDATH and was laid to rest in Paint Rock cemetery to await the resurrection. We feel that in the death of Bro. EASTER the church has sustained a great loss, but death has again been conquered and another victory won. We cherish the memory of our departed brother, and let us live faithful that we may all meet in that beautiful home above where parting will be no more.
Sister Eliza J. BARNARD was born in Virginia, Sept. 12, 1818, died Jan. 21, 1908. Her ancestors came from Virginia and settled at Campbell's Station, in Knox county, Tenn., which was named for her grandfather. Her father, Robt. CAMPBELL, came to Roane county, Tenn., when Sister BARNARD was but a child. She was married to Col. Jno. A. BARNARD Nov. 20, 1838, who preceded her to the grave, lacking 10 days of 4 years. The result of this union was 11 children, 9 sons and 2 daughters, 7 of whom are still living. She joined the Baptist church at Shilo with her husband the 4th Saturday in August, 1842. She was a consistent member of the church more than 65 years. These years were characterized by a chaste walk and godly conversation so well manifested in daily life that she was recognized as a Christian by all who knew her.
Mt. Zion Church. Mt. Zion church mourns the lost of two brethen. Brother Crofford M. DINKINS was born July 18, 1870, professed faith in Christ and joined Mt. Zion church Sept. 1902, and remained a member until death July 19, 1908. He leaves a wife and 8 children.
Bro. George M. JAMES was born Sept. 8, 1887, professed hope in Christ and attached himself to Mt. Zion Nov. 1903, remaining a member till death August 3, 1908.