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Established 1826.

Poplar Springs Primitive Baptist Church was organized on 24 Jun 1826, by Joshua FROST, Wright L. ROBERTS, and his wife, Elizabeth HORTON ROBERTS, William ANDREW and his wife, Mary RAYBURN ANDREW and others. A deed of conveyance was made to the Members of the Poplar Springs Primitive Baptist Church from Samuel ESKRIDGE on 7 Jul 1828, but was not recorded until 6 Jul 1831. The church is located about eight miles east of Kingston on Poplar Springs Road.

Unfortunately, the records of the church were burned twice. Books A, B, and C were burned when the home of the church clerk, L.L. THOMAS was destroyed by fire. Books D, and E were burned when the home of church clerk, Alfred FARMER was destroyed by fire in 1943. Therefore the early history is the church is lost. The following obituaries come from loose papers in a Bible in the possession of Robert L. Bailey.

Leukey Ann SMITH was born Aug. 20, 1826 and was married to Amos RAYBURN Feb. 7, 1842. She professed faith in Christ 1841. She was the mother of eight children five girls three boys. She died Nov. 16, 1915. age being 80 yr. 2 mo. 26 days.

Mrs. Elizabeth FINK was born in 1828 and died Nov. 1, 1902 at 7 o'clock P.M. 74 years of age. Quietly and peacefully she fell asleep in Jesus, her savior whom she trusted. From early womanhood she gave her heart to God and her oldest child does not remember the time when she ever doubted him. She was a hard working woman; her husband died some 33 years ago, leaving her with eight children and herself to care for. With her hands she wrought willingly, and gathered for her household, making friends wherever she went. She was of a jovial and kind disposition, looking in the bright side. If she came home at night with aches and pains from work, she would rest awhile and be ready for a laugh. None who knew her well could help but admire her. She lived a peaceful life, and her children grew up in respect around her. But as the years glided by her physical force abated, coming to the end as the Patriarch Job said chpter 5.25. Thou shalt come to thy grave in full age like as a shock of corn cometh in its season.

Lavinia MILLER Born Dec. 12, 1823. Professed faith in Christ 1836. Attached Herself to the Baptist Church 1837. She was a Faithful Member of that Body for 81 years. And departed this Life July 2, 1916. As long as she was able always taken a delight in attending her Church Meetings to hear with attention the Gospel of Christ.

John H. WRIGHT. Born Dec. the 3, 1841. Died Feb. 16, 1910. He was 69 years 2 months and 13 days. Married Miss Sidna WRIGHT that union was Born to that union 14 children 6 dead & eight living 5 sons & 3 daughters. His 2 marriage was to Miss Sallie ROBERTS to that union was born 3 children 2 boys & 1 girl.

Nancy Almer ANDREW Born June 17, 1891. Professed religion in Jan. 1902 and joined the Church at Poplar Spring on the 27 of Jan. 1902 and was Baptisted on the 20 of April 1902. Died - April 23, 1905. Age-- 13 years 10 months and 6 days.

Mary HAMILTON was born Oct. 11th 1840. Died Nov. 26, 1906. She was the mother of 9 boys and one girl. She professed Religion about 18 years of age, and Joined the Baptist church at Paw Paw Plains after wards Joined the Cumberland Pres. church of which she was a member at the time of her death. She was married to T.J. HAMILTON Dec. 4, 1861. Age 66 yrs. 1 month 15 days.

Marthey SOWARD was 39 years old the 13 of September 1908. Was married to W. SOWARD December the 8th 1898. Joined the Church at Poplar Springs ???? 13 years ago. Was the mother of 11 children 7 girls and 4 boys.

Thos. H. WRIGHT was born Jan. th 7, 1889. Died Oct. 25, 1923. 23 years 9 months 17 days.

Mary Ann Francis SOWARDS was 44 years & 6 months old. Was a professer from a child. Belonged to the church at New Midway three years then moved her membership to Hickory Creek where She remained until her death Feb. 5th 1912.

Samuel ANDREW born Oct. 28, 1854 married to Martha TUTTEROW Born to this union 3 boys (1 dead) & 2 girls. She died. Samuel ANDREW & Dora A. CHESTER was married Sept. 6--1888. Born to this union 6 girls (1 dead) & 3 boys. Professed faith in Christ Joined the Primitive Baptist Church at Poplar Springs 3rd Sat. in June 16---1894. Baptised 3rd Sun. in July 1894. Died Aug. 9--1911

Mary BREEDING was born in Lee Co. Vir. March 18, 1837. United in wedlock to John THOMAS Sept. 23, 1862 to there (sic) was born two children L.L. THOMAS and Mary Ellen THOMAS. Her husband died in [18]67 thus leaving her a widow with 2 children. Married to Moses CHESTER in [18]68 in Roane Co., Tenn. To there union were born 3 children all of whom are still living Sister CHESTER was converted in 1867 Nov. 17 was identified with the Methodist for many years. Joined the Primitive Baptist Church at Poplar Springs Oct. 1898. Was Baptised May the 3 Sun. 1898 8 years ago today. Sister was confined to her bed for about 5 years during which time she suffered untold pain but bore her affliction with that fortitude that belongs to the people of God untill Sat. May the 11 1907 when God in great mercy released her pain by calling her care worn spirit from the body of clay to its sweet resting place with him above. Sister CHESTER was buried in Poplar Springs Cem. Sunday May the 12, 1907. Peace be to her ashes till Jesus shall bid her arise to meet him in the air.