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Roane County Chancery Book:18241845

The following genealogical gleanings were abstracted by the late Willis Hutcherson and Marilyn McCluen and appeared in the old Roane County Historical Society newsletter in the 1970s.

Roane County Historical Newsletter, Vol. 4, Issue 8, Nov 1973, page 53

The court of Chancery was organized in 1824. The following paragraph
explains about the court.

"Be it remembered that on the 6th of December being the first
Monday of said month in the year of Our Lord 1824. The day
appointed by an act of the General Assembly of the State of
Tennessee Entitled 'An act to amend the Judiciary System of this
State' passed the 21st day of Oct. 1824, for the Organization of a
Court of Chancery to be held at Kingston in the County of Roane,
for the Counties of Knox, Anderson, Morgan Roane, Rhea,
Hamilton, Campbell, McMinn, Monroe and Blount. The Honorable
John CATRON one of Judges of the Supreme Courts & Courts of
Chancery for the State of Tennessee appeared and having Taken
his seat on the Bench on (sic) the Court house in Kingston in the
County of Roane. The Sheriff of Roane made proclamation that the
said Chancery Court was open and ready to proceed to business.

"And the Court adjourned until tomorrow morning at nine Oclock."

The Court met the next day and Thomas N. CLARK, Jr. was
appointed Clerk and Master. On his bond, signing with him, were
Thomas N. CLARK, Sr. (his father), James McCAMPBELL (his
brother-in-law), Henry LIGGETT and William B. CLARK (his brother).
The bond was for $10,000.

After taking the oath, Thomas N. CLARK, Jr. was ordered by the
Court to "Proceed immediately to Knoxville and receive from the
Clerk of the Supreme Court for the Second Judicial Circuit all the
papers and records now in his possession which are required to be
transmitted to this Court and return with them as soon as practible."

The first case was styled James WYLEY for himself as agent for
Darcus WYLEY, widow, James her son for Jane McCALL, Martha
MILLER and Harris M. WYLEY and as guardian for Elizabeth,
Lucinda and four others minor children of Robert WYLEY deceased
and James HALL and his wife Margaret versus Baldwin HARLE and
Isabella his wife David TAYLOR and Isaac TAYLOR, Carruth and
Martha his wife, Montgomery and Isabell his wife. From this case the
following genealogical facts are disclosed: James WYLEY living in
Mecklenberg Co., N. C. in 1771 and long before, had a large estate in
lands, slaves and other property, both in Mecklenberg County and
on New River in what was then Botetourt Co., VA. On 31 Dec 1771
he made his will and died about a week thereafter. He left Martha his
widow and eight children living, the eldest John was then about 21
years old, the youngest Harris McKinley was about 2 years old. The
unborn child at that time died while a sucking infant. The sons, John
and Thomas died within about a year after their father's death. The
son, Robert, some time thereafter settled in Greene County in what
is now the State of Tennessee and married the said Darcus. Robert
died "10 or 12 years ago." Jane shortly after the death of her father
married while a minor to Francis McCALL who died "a few years
ago" in West Tennessee. Jane is still living in the Mississippi State.
Martha, a daughter, while a minor married Henry MILLER and moved
to Tennessee and in August last in 1819 Henry died and Martha
resides in Roane County. Harris McKinley WYLEY is living in
Alabama. About one or two years after the death of James WYLEY
his widow Martha, intermarried with a certain David MILLER who
thereby became co-executor of the will of James WYLEY. David and
Martha lived about two years in Mecklenberg then removed into
Botetourt Co., VA from whence they moved to Washington County
in what is now Tennessee about the years 1780 or 1781, where they
resided until about the years 1795 or 1796 when they removed to
Blount County, Tennessee where they lived until their deaths.
Martha died about 14 years ago and David in March 1819. David and
Martha had three children, Andrew MILLER who died without issue,
Elizabeth who married Thomas TAYLOR and both are now dead
and have left a number of children and a daughter Isabell who
married Baldwin HARLE of Jefferson County, Tennessee who
became administrator of David MILLER'S estate.

The will of James WYLEY is recored naming executors as his wife
Martha, son John and "My brother Robert ROBINSON and Robert
HARRIS, Senr." The case was begun in the Supreme Court at
Knoxville in 1819 and continued in the Chancey through the June
term 1825. pp. 1-22

Volume 4, Issue 9, Dec 1973, page 58

The second case is titled Christopher HANES and Jacob HARMON
vs. John W. HOUSELY, William TALBOT and Parry TALBOT. They
were Jefferson Co., TN people. Very little family information is
brought out in this case. John W. Housely had resided on land of
HANES on Mossy Creek and was in the business of boating down
the river. He had a family. John WHITE was called son-in law of
Christopher HANES and later a John WHITE'S heirs were
mentioned but not by name. This suit was started in 1820 and was
concluded in 1825. June term 1825. pp. 23-51

George CARMICHAEL bought land on Second Creek in Knox Co.,
TN 18 Sep 1805. By 1815 he had removed to the country that is
Alabama and afterwards died. He had a brother Pumeroy
CARMICHAEL who resided in Knox Co., TN. George left a widow
Hannah and children John, Robert, Isabella, Pumeroy, David,
Hannah, Ann, James and Rachel. Rachel had married Andrew YOST
and lived in Knox County. All were minors except John and Rachel.
George had a brother Daniel living at Huntsville, Ala. in 1816. It
appears that Pumeroy CARMICHAEL, brother of George had a wife
called Nancy. Robert the son died after his father. June term 1825.
pp 55-65

John GODDARD of Knox Co., TN and a certain Jonathan PICKLE
(from where not given) descended the rivers Holston and
Tennessee to what is now the state of Alabama with a quantity of
Indian corn. PICKLE had previously been in that country. June Term
1825. pp 72-78. [Jonathan PICKLE was probably from Roane

John HILDEBRAND entered for a reservation 1818 in right of his
children by a Cherokee woman and was still living on it (1825). The
reservation was at and below Coudaga Creek on the Hiwassee
River. He was employed by the United States as a miller to attend
the public mill and resided on the 63 acres fraction of the land. He
had been living on the land before he claimed it as a reservation.
June term 1825. pp 79-91

James RICHMOND and John NOEL of Anderson County, TN were
relatives. John NOEL died in the latter part of 1822 leaving his
widow Elizabeth and children Martha Elenor, Talitha Ann, Quin
Morton, Elizabeth King and Caroline Matilda NOEL. June Term 1825.
pp 104-108

Benjamin CLARK late from N. C. bought land on Beaver Creek in
Knox County, TN in 1818 from John CLARK who was not related to
Benjamin. Another John CLARK was son of Benjamin, who named
his family as himself and wife, one grandson 10 or 11 years old, one
granddaugher 6 years old and three grown daughters. Benjamin
was 55 to 58 years old. Thomas BALDWIN lived with them in
December 1819 and lived there until the next December. Caleb
WHITE expected money from the estate of Aquilla LOW deceased.
William and Matthew CLARK were witnesses to some of the papers
of the suit, relationship not given. John CLARK, no relation to
Benjamin, had son Hugh. June term 1825. pp 109-133

Asa MAY and Ezekiel SPRIGGS of McMinn County, TN were
brothers-in-law. Their father-in-law was named McCOY who had
died some time before. Young McCOY a minor was an heir. June
term 1825. pp. 134-136

Archibald RHEA of Knox Co., TN was brother-in-law of a Mr.
VERTNER. June Term 1825. pp 137-148

Margaret ROBERTSON and Nelson ROBERTSON were legatees of
William ROBERTSON who died shortly after 1816. In 1809 or 1810 in
January, Col. William ROBERTSON lived in Powell's Valley near to
Cumberland Gap. A man by the name of TITTLE who had started to
remove to West Tennessee, died on the way in Bledsoe County. TN.
William ROBERTSON bought land in Alabama and prepared to
move there. The last time Richard LUALLEN of Anderson County,
TN saw him was at the house of William McCAMEY in Anderson
County. Dec term 1825 pp 153-165

John WALKER, living in McMinn County, TN Nov 1819, made a trip
to Washington, D.C. that year. June term 1825. pp 65-71

Volume 5, issue 1, Jan 1974 page 4

John MILLER deceased in Knox Co., TN 1820, Hugh BEATTY
administrator. In the spring of 1815 John MILLER and William
MORROW, who still lived in Knox County, were in partnership to
supply the troops, had contract with POPE and WALKER at
Huntsville, Ala. William MORROW had a son named Maybin. Dec
term 1825. pp 160-166

In 1802 John SUTHERLAND bought 200 acres in Pittsylvania
County, VA form Pleasant HARDWICK, both of VA. Quinn MORTON
was son-in-law of SUTHERLAND. In the fall of 1804 John
SUTHERLAND moved to Tennessee [apparently Anderson County].
Dec term 1825. pp 167-173

In 1821 a certain William HOWELL lived in Jefferson County, Tenn.
He had at least two sons of age. He had a nephew named William
HOWELL. His bond made is signed by William HOWELL and
witnessed by Asa Howell. June term 1826. pp 200-208

Ezekiel WILHITE of Morgan County. by virtue of a certificate No. 470
made entries for two pieces of land, one for 12 acres and the other
for 8 acres, in Roane County, now in Morgan County, 3 Mar 1815.
June term 1826. pp 215-223

John McINTOSH, now a resident of the Cherokee Nation of Indians,
1820 sold land in McMinn County, on the east fork of Mouse Creek,
a reservation granted to McINTOSH by the Treaty between the U. S.
and the Cherokee Nation 27 Feb 1819, commonly called Calhoun's
Treaty. A certain James McDANIEL, now also a resident of the
Cherokee Nation and a certian Samuel PARKS of Monroe County,
Tenn are sons-in-law or other near relations of said McINTOSH.
William GARDENHIRE of McMinn County, TN was sueing them
about the land. June term 1826. pp 224-237

Thomas BUTLER was a citizen of Anderson County, TN 1814. He
sold a negro slave named Sam to Brittain CROSS who claimed
BUTLER told him that he was about to go into the army and that he
wished to sell the slave for raising money to equip himself. Reuben
WILLIAMS was son-in-law of Thomas BUTLER. Brittain CROSS died
some time in Nov 1825 leaving his wife, Polly his sole executor. Dec
term 1826. pp 250-257

After Oct 1815 Jesse POWERS of Anderson County, TN said he was
old and feeble. He was formerly of Lee County, VA. Dec term 1826.
pp 258-275

Jesse THOMPSON of Rhea Co., TN 1826. Ephriam DUNLAP was
granted by the State of N.C. in 1789 600 acres in what now Rhea
County, on the north side of the Tennessee River and on the west
fork of Whites Creek near its head. 1810 Henry DUNLAP and others,
heirs of said DUNLAP, sold the land to John THOMPSON who later
sold it Jesse who was his son. [Among the loose papers of Roane
County is a deposition of Sarah DUNLAP, age 73 in 1819, taken in
Blount County, TN in which she says her husband William DUNLAP
deceased was a brother to Ephraim DUNLAP, a lawyer in
Tennessee, who had lost one leg. She gave her children by William
DUNLAP as Henry, Deborah (m. John ENDSLEY prior to 1800), John
Sarah and Ephraim. Jesse THOMPSON was present as a "said
defendant." Rhea County Deed Book B, p 150 recored the sale of
620 acres of land in Rhea on the west fork of Whites Creek, granted
18 May 1789, Grant No. 808, to Ephraim DUNLAP, from the heirs of
Ephraim DUNLAP named Henry DUNLAP, John ENDSLEY, John
DUNLAP, Sary DUNLAP and Ephraim DUNLAP "of the State of
North Carolina and Lincoln County and of the State of Tennessee
and Blount County" to John THOMPSON of Rhea County, dated 6
Apr 1810. Rhea County Deed Book F, p 50 lists as heirs of Ephraim
Dunlap of Tennessee as Catherine DUNLAP and Deborah DUNLAP,
daughters of John DUNLAP deceased of the Borrough of Bellefonte
in the County of Center and State of Pennsylvania and Elizabeth
JOHNSON daughter of Deborah JOHNSON formerly Deborah
DUNLAP late of said county and state, dated 11 Sep 1832.] June
term 1827. pp 276-283, loose papers of Roane County and Rhea
County deed books.

Volume 5 issue 2, February 1974, page 13

James COODY a native of the Cherokee Nation of Indians but now a
resident of the county of Roane. COODY took a life reservation of
640 acres in Roane County on the south side of the Tennessee
River opposite the first island above the mouth of Clinch River in
1819. William HARTLEY'S family consisted of himself, a wife and
three children. Two of his children were Peggy and Polly in 1824.
William SPENCE lived on the round island in the Tennessee River in
1821 but lived on Pond Creek (south of the Tennessee River) in
1825. June Term 1827. pp 284-301

Richard Luallen was a citizen of Anderson County 18 Feb 1801.
William HOGSHEAD also was a citizen of that county having shortly
before removed from Virginia. LUALLEN had a sister named
Barbery. This is a dispute over the overlapping of deeds. June term
1827. pp 301-324

Mark HARDIN and Bird DEATHERAGE, Sr. lived south of the
Tennessee River in Roane County 1826. DEATHERAGE was a
minister of the Gospel. Alexander ENGLISH was of Greene County,
TN. Three neighbors in Roane County were Joseph McADAMS,
Archilous P. FARMER and Benjamin MURPHY. December term 1827.
pp 325-332

The next 46 pages have very little of a genealogical nature.

3 Aug 1826, Mallichi HOWELL lived in Roane County and wished to
purchase some land on which to live. John GIVENS resided in
Roane County near HOWELL in Aug 1824 but since lives in the
Western District, Madison County, Tenn. Howell purchased 160
acres from GIVENS. Thomas and Henry IVY of Grainger County, TN
owed HOWELL. John was called GIBBONS and not GIVENS later in
the record. HOWELL had a son and son-in-law but not named.
December term 1827. pp 378-385

George WALKER died near Knoxville in September 1822 leaving his
wife, Betsey and the following children: Mary Isabella WALKER at
that time not quite eight years old, Amanda Malvina WALKER, Terisa
Berry WALKER and William Baxter WALKER, all younger than the
first named. Another child was born about four months after the
death of George. Mary Isabella died 16 Jan 1827 and Terisa Berry on
17 Mar 1827. Money was due George in Virginia. John WEAR,
Matthew WALKER and James ANDERSON were executors of the
will of George WALKER. June term 1828. pp 394-401

Landon WEESE and Larkin FORESTER, both citizens of Roane
County 1827, entered for the same piece of land. Larkin
FORRESTER had a brother James FORRESTER. Landon WEESE
had a brother, John WEESE and brother-in-law, William McNATT.
(Sarah WEESE m. William McNATT in Roane County, license issued
3 Jan 1825.) June term 1828. pp 402-409

Nelson WRIGHT of Blount County, Tenn. 1824. Robert McTEER sold
land 114 acres in Blount to William SHERRILL 1821. SHERRILL was
engaged in trading and driving horses. James and Ignatious
WILSON, brothers, were merchants in Blount County 1821. John
WILKINSON was a lawyer there. A short time afterwards. William
SHERRILL left the county with a drove of horses for North Carolina
and had never returned. Ignatious WILSON died in Jun 1823 leaving
as heirs, three minor children, James, Mary and Richard I. WILSON.
A trust deed made by William SHERRILL and Robert McTEER to the
WILSONS was witnessed by Tarnes CONNOR, Uriah SHERRILL,
John NORWOOD and Zekiah BARNARD, dated 30 Jan 1821. James
HENRY and Jesse KERR were also mentioned. Thomas WILSON
was witness to William SHERRILL'S note. 1825, Nelson WRIGHT
was said to have gone to Georgetown in South Carolina, where
William SHERRILL resided. In 1827 the sherriff of Monroe County
said Robert McTEER was not a resident of this state. June Term
1828. pp 410-437

PARMLEY all lived in Roane County in the Hiwassee District, south
of the Tennessee River prior to 1 Jan 1826. June Term 1828. pp

Volume 5, Issue 3, March 1974, page 19

WILL OF TOQUA or TOKA, commonly called TOKA WILL, was one of
the Cherokee Indians belonging to their nation until 14 June 1819
when he became a citizen of the United States of America . . . head
of an Indians family, took a reservation under the treaties between
the United States and the Cherokee Nation dated 8 Jan 1817 and 27
Feb 1819. TOKA WILL is now an old man. He had resided with his
family for more than 30 years in a town called Toqua. It contained
the remains of the mother of his children and some of them also and
there he had afterwards lived with his second wife until he had
almost raised two families, while the bones of his ancestors were
deposited and lay in the surrounding country. Dec Term 1828 pp

There was litigation in the Chancery Court held at Kingston on the
estate of William KING of Abington, Washington County, VA who
died 13 Oct 1818 because he was a partner in a merchantile firm
with W.D. NELSON and William J. SMITH in Kingston. This firm
owned lots 8, 9, 10, 81 and 82 in Kingston. William KING'S will is
recorded in the Chancery record. It is dated 3 Mar 1806. He names
his wife, Mary; his father, Thomas KING; William KING, son of his
brother, James KING "on condition that William will mary a daughter
of William TRIGG"; neice, Rachel, wife of William TRIGG lately
Rachel FINDLAY; sister Elizabeth, wife of John MITCHELL. He
mentions his business of saltworks and merchandizing. He
mentions Conally FINDLAY, nieces Elizabeth FINDLAY and
Elizabeth MITCHELL "being called for my grandmother with whom I
was brought up," other nephews and nieces that are the children of
his brother, James KING; sisters Nancy and Elizabeth; half brother,
Samuel and half sister Hannah and the Abingdon Academy.
Executors were William TRIGG of Abington and James KING of
Nashville, Tennessee.

In this suit started 28 July 1827, the heirs of William KING are named
as William KING, Thomas J. KING and Rachel Mary Elizabeth
McCALL formerly KING, wife of Alexander McCALL, who are the
children of his brother JAMES KING, who died about a year after
William died; Sarah, wife of Thomas CLAIBORNE, William TRIGG,
David TRIGG, Conally TRIGG and Lilburn TRIGG represented by
their guardian Peter J. BRANCH, residents of Davidson County,
Tenn. William TRIGG died 4 Aug. 1813. John McCAMPBELL of Knox
County, Tenn. was attorney for a suit in Tennessee and died leaving
his wife Nancy and children, Thomas, Andrew and Mary Louisa,
minors. Dec Term 1828. pp 451-472

Heirs of Sampson DAVID. dec'd of Campbell County, Tenn. were
George DAVID of Georgia, Lewis DAVID, David CHANDOIN and his
wife Mary, formerly Mary DAVID, Isaac DAVID, Caleb M. DAVID of
Campbell County and George DAVID, William David, Sampson
DAVID of full age and Seth DAVID, Orpha DAVID, Sophia DAVID,
Felix K. DAVID and Timothy R. DAVID, minors whose guardian was
Caleb M. DAVID, children and heirs at law of James DAVID, dec'd all
citizens of Davidson County, Tenn. heirs at law and next of kin to
Sampson DAVID, dec'd of Campbell County, being brothers and
sisters and their legal representatives. Sampson David died in May
1826 leaving his wife, Martha, who died 27 May 1827. John
BRIDGMAN, her brother of Bledsoe County, Tenn. was appointed
her administrator. Sampson DAVID'S will, dated 26 April 1826 is
recorded in which he names grandchildren of his mother, Mary
DAVID, but not by name. William BRIDGMAN, Mrs. FORTNER, Mr.
THOMAS and another Sampson DAVID requested that John
BRIDGMAN come and administer on Martha DAVID'S estate by a
letter written 1 Jun 1827. Dec Term 1828. pp 473-488

Sept 1826, Thomas WHITE, Allen D. GENTRY, John HUDSPATH and
deputy William UPTON lived in Monroe County. CHEROKEE BOLD
HUNTER had a reservation on which he lived, died and is buried.
Matthew NELSON was Treasurer of East Tennessee. June Term
1829 pp 488-491.

James C. MITCHELL of McMinn County, Tenn. and John RICE of
Marion County, Tenn. formed a merchantile partnership to be
carried on in the town of Washington, Rhea County, Tenn. in 1817
or 1818 which was disolved 1 Mar 1820. Both moved to Washington
in Rhea County and the litigation was over the debts of the firm.
June Term 1829 pp 502-514.

Volume 5 Issue 4, April 1974

George MANIFOLD lived in Roane County 10 May 1824. In 1821
Jonathan MOORE was employed by Gideon MORGAN of Roane
County and Alexander FERGUSON of Marion County, Tenn. to erect
a bridge across Sequachee River in Marion County. Moore had
some time since moved to Alabama. Gerorge MANIFOLD was to
complete the bridge. Dec Term 1829 pp 515-524.

Hugh FRANCIS resided in Roane County 1814-1818. William
McCLELLAND was a merchant in Kingston but moved out of
Tennessee and was thought to be residing in Louisiana. John
EBLEN died in 1828 leaving his sons, William and John his
executors. Dec Term 1829 pp 534-540.

18 Feb 1828. Conrod SHERATZ, a German of Knox County, bought
of Matthias FIRESTONE, also a German of Knox County in Nov.
1819 but now of McMinn County, Tenn. SHERATZ moved to the land
13 Nov 1819. In 1823 he had a large family. He sold the land to Jacob
MILLER in 1824. FIRESTONE had a grown son. Dec Term 1829 pp

In 1823 David VAUGHN died in Roane County without wife or
children. He had brothers, Archelous VAUGHN, William VAUGHN,
Jesse VAUGHN and sister, Nancy FARMER, a widow. Edward
McCAIN was a citizen of Roane County. David R. BREAZEALE and
Hugh WOODY were security on a note for McCAIN to purchase land
in the Hiwassee District from Archelous VAUGHN, administer of
David. The claim was that McCAIN did not pay the note. May Term
1830. pp 547-553.

William McDANIEL of Roane County 1826. In 1818 he purchased a
tract of land from Abner UNDERWOOD then of Roane. Abner
Underwood had purchased the land from his brother, John
UNDERWOOD. About 1818 Abner moved to Alabama and died there
before 1824. Simeon GEREN of Madison County, Ala. stated that
Abner sojourned in the Cherokee Nation (in Alabama?). William
McDANIEL was brother-in-law to Abner UNDERWOOD. He stated
that Abner lived in Jackson County, Ala. when he died leaving a
wife, Polly, and her two children, Maria Louisa and Emeline
UNDERWOOD, minors. May Term 1830. pp 554-564

In Nov. 1820, Uriah ALLISON of Roane County bought at the
Hiwassee Land sale, eight tracts of land in the Hiwassee District.
The acres given are 381, 13, 60, 160, 106, 120, 116 and (blank). A
certain RILEY LOONEY, a Cherokee Indian, claimed most of the land
for a reservation under the treaties made by the U.S. with the
Cherokees in 1817 and 1819 commonly called Jackson's and
Calhoun's Treaties. Uriah ALLISON swore to his statements 14 Sep
1826. In the decree, dated June 1829, the death of Uriah ALLISON
being suggested the cause was abated. May Term 1830. pp 564-568.

North Carolina granted on 20 July 1796 to Stockley DONELSON
19000 acres of land. 12 Aug 1797 DONELSON conveyed the land to
James GLASGOW in trust for Elizabeth DONELSON his wife.
DONELSON died in the Fall of 1805. Elizabeth, the widow,
intermarried with a certain John ANDERSON in 1808 or 1809. In
1815 the land was sold by GLASGOW and John and Elizabeth
ANDERSON to one John McIVER and since then John ANDERSON
has died. John McIVER sold to James G. MARTIN and MARTIN sold
in 1824, 200 acres to John THOMPSON of Rhea County, Tenn.
which was located on the north side of Piney River on Vans Spring
Branch. In 1825 John THOMPSON sold it to Orlando BRADLEY.
Richard G. WATERHOUSE of Rhea County was claiming the whole
of the 19000 acres under deeds said by him to be made from
DONELSON to Josiah DANFORTH of Blount County, Tenn.
(Litigation went on for years over the 19000 acres which took in
most if not all of Rhea County, formed 1807 from Roane County.)
Nov. Term 1830. pp 569-586.

Volume 5 Issue 5, May 1974

1829 - William HUNTER formerly of Greene Co., Tenn. but now a
resident of Cole Co., MO. In 1804 he purchased 1000 acres of land in
the big bend of the Tennessee (River) now in the State of Alabama,
from Samuel and John JOHNSTON who claimed the right to sell.
Samuel JOHNSTON resided in Blount County, Tenn. HUNTER
believes Zachariah COX, Mathias MAHER(?) and John JOHNSTON
are dead. Now Samuel JOHNSTON resided in Monroe Co., Tenn.
HUNTER swore to his statement 30 Mar 1829. The recorded deed
gives HUNTER as being of Barrow Co., KY, COX of Montgomery
Co., GA in 1804. John JOHNSTON was father of Samuel and was
agent for Zachariah COX and resided in KY. He had known William
HUNTER's father. William HUNTER had a brother-in-law residing in
McMinn Co. James TRIMBLE was dead in 1829. Col. John SMITH T.
of Missouri in mentioned 1829. Nov. Term 1830. pp 586-597.

In 1815 Thomas BOUNDS was appointed the proprietor of the
Cumberland Turnpike Road by the General Assembly of Tennessee.
BOUNDS was permitted and did erect two toll gates, one on the east
end to Robert BURK, Jr. of Bledsoe Co., Tenn. BURK sold to John
BROWN of Roane County a half interest and the charter was
extended to them for ten years. 1826 Brown went to the Legislature
at Nashville and procured a charter for 35 years. ROSS, LINCOLN
and GORDON were building a road in competition with the
cumberland road. May term 1831. pp 598-611.

Alexander STEWART obtained a grant from the State of Tennessee
for land in the south end of Roane County in 1813. He lived on it for
twenty years where he died leaving his widow Nancy and the
following heirs: John, Sally, Mary, Elenor STEWART, Thomas
CALDWELL and wife Catherine formerly Catherine STEWART and
David STEWART. Abner UNDERWOOD claimed title by a grant from
N.C. to Stokley DONELSON and James Woods LACKEY, dated 1
Jan 1795. Abner UNDERWOOD moved from Roane County and
settled in the upper end of Alabama for a short time then moved
down the Tennessee River where he died in Jackson County, about
1821 or 1822 leaving widow Mary and two minor children, Maria
Louisa and Sarah Emeline. Mary the widow afterwards married John
AUSTIN and lived in Jackson Co., Ala. William E. KING of Jackson
Co., brother-in-law of Abner UNDERWOOD also claims right through
Abner to the land of Nancy STEWART. Eli MARS lived on some of
the land. Abner UNDERWOOD was brother of John UNDERWOOD
who also claimed title. May Term 1831. pp 612-637.

Samuel McCONNELL of McMinn Co., Tenn. in Nov. 1820 at the sale
of the Hiwassee lands, in Knoxville, purchased 72 acres in behalf of
a company composed of Jones GRIFFIN, William ARMSTRONG,
William YOUNG, Woody JACKSON, Conway GARLINGTON and
himself. This land was within the bounds of 640 acres claimed by
John HILDERBRAND as a reservation by treaties of 1817 and 1819
between the U.S. and the Cherokee Nation of Indians. He also
purchased from John McGHEE and Charles McCLUNG who had
bought at the land sale all the residue almost of the HILDERBRAND
reservation. May term 1831. pp 638-647 [It is difficult to see why land
granted to Indians as revervations would be sold at the land sale in
Knoxville unless rights of the Indians were regarded lightly.]

Jane BLAIR complains and Wiley BLAIR complains by his next
friend he being under 21, all of Roane County. In 1820, Charles
McCLUNG bought at the sale of the land in Hiwassee District, at
Knoxville, 31 1/2, 159 1/2, and 80 acres which he assigned to James
BLAIR in the same year and BLAIR received grants from the State of
Tennessee. James BLAIR took possession in 1821 and died on the
land 6 Nov 1826. He left a will wherein Jane BLAIR was given an
interest for a limited time and the land itself to Wiley BLAIR. A certain
Indian called PATH KILLER claimed the land as part of a life estate
reservation by him taken under treaties of 1817 and 1819 between
the U.S. and Cherokee Nation. William GARDENHIRE claimed an
interest in PATH KILLER'S reservation. PATH KILLER moved to the
body of the Cherokee Nation of Indians east of Mississippi. Pleasant
M. MILLER was PATH KILLER'S attorney. May Term 1832. pp

Volume 5 Issue 7 Oct 1974

About Oct. 1815, James GALBRAITH died in Rhea Co., Tenn. His
heirs were his widow, Jane and three children, Mary Jane, John and
Isabellana. The last mentioned died since her father without issue.
The widow, Jane, Joseph GALBRAITH and Patrick MARTIN were
appointed as administrators by the county court of Rhea Co. In
1816, Jane, the widow, died and Patrick MARTIN was her
administrator. 1818, Patrick MARTIN of Rhea Co. and Joseph
GALBRAITH were appointed their guardians by the court of Rhea
Co. 1825, William GALBRAITH was appointed by the court of Knox.
Co. 1827, Joseph GALBRAITH, their former guardian, died in
McMinn Co. William GALBRAITH became his administrator. 1830,
Mary Jane and John GALBRAITH, as well as their guardian, William
GALBRAITH, lived in Knox County. Thomas GALBRAITH is
mentioned. May Term 1832. pp 658-665.

Heirs of Henry MILLER, dec'd were: James H. MILLER, Henry
DAVIS, husbnad of a daughter, Benjamin F. BREAZEALE and
Martha his wife, Thomas PRITCHETT and Polly his wife, James
BREAZEALE and Margaret his wife, John MILLER, Henry MILLER,
Jr., Andrew MILLER, William D. MILLER. Joseph HANKINS husband
of a daughter, Dobson MILLER and Martha MILLER, the widow. Dec
term 1832. pp 692-724.

[Note: Henry DAVIS m. Elizabeth MILLER and Joseph HANKINS md
Isabell MILLER. Proof in the deed books and court minutes.]

William C. KINGTON and Rhody his wife, David SUMMERS and
Charlotte his wife of Morgan Co., Tenn., Matthew WILLIAMS and
Judy (or July) his wife of Rhea Co., Tenn., Isaac ENGLAND and
Rebecca his wife of McCoupin Co., Ill. were heirs of Martin RECTOR,
dec'd formerly of Morgan County, Tenn. Martin RECTOR had son,
David M. and a daughter, Polly, both minors. Martin died 11 Mar 1832
leaving besides his children, a widow named Sarah. Richard
OLIVER was administrator of his estate. Dec. term 1833. pp. 725-729.

End of book 1824-1833

Chancery Book 18331841

Volume 4 Issue 1,
January 1973

The Chancery Court held at Kingston during this time was for the
Eastern Division and of the district composed of the couties of
Rhea, Hamilton, Roane and Morgan.

These records are sometimes very enlightening as to family history.
Usually they are not Indexed and one has to know from having seen
as indication that there was suit in Chancery Court and have a date
in order to find it. At present (1974) the Chancery Court records are
being laminated and bound with an every name Index. This
particular book is mislabeled as a rule docket and heretofore has
most likely been unused. The following bits of information are the
most obvoius genealogical data of value; doubtless other clues are
hidden within the covers of this book which one searching for clues
would be able to find by association of people, time and places.

The following abstracts were made during the Indexing of this

Stephen FORTSON and family arrived in Roane County from
Virginia in December 1822. He died prior to July 1824 leaving his
widow, Elizabeth and the following children: William, Stephen,
Patsey (wife of Samuel BROOKINS), Betsey (who later married
Davis FREEMAN), Adaline (who later marriaed George SYLAR), Mary
Ann and Charles FORTSON (who was a minor at the death) of his
father). All lived in Roane County except William who lived in
Alabama and Patsey with her husband lived in Davidson Co., Tenn.
pp 1-16.

Joseph HANKINS, father of James HANKINS, died previous to Oct
1822. Amos MARNEY and James HANKINS were executors of his
will. pp 23-36.

William G. BLAKE formerly of Roane County living in Lumpkin Co.,
GA, 16 Sep 1833. p. 19.

Daniel McKINEY of Roane County, Jan 1822 but in parts unknown in
June 1835. William CROWDER was his son-in-law. pp 27 & 31.

David MOORE, Sr. went to Alabama to see his son, David Moore, Jr.
soon after Feb 1828. Afterwards, David MOORE, Jr. came to Roane
County to sell some land. pp 27-35.

James P. HAYNES contracted to build onto a house at Post Oak
Springs for Thomas BROWN. BROWN related that HAYNES had a
brother Jonathan HAYNES whom he later referred to as JARRETT.
BROWN called him Mr. JARRETT several times in his answer in a
case in Chancery. Mr. JARRETT was leaving for the West on the 18
Feb. 1832. pp 35-44.

Nathaniel BOSWORTH owned a spinning factory on Sweetwater
creek, 1 miles below Philadelphia (in Monroe Co. on the edge of
Roane), land, houses and shops towit carpenter and blacksmith
shops and tools complete and a brick dwelling house and other
houses and factory and machinery, 23 May 1834. pp 45-47.

George MARTIN died in Roane County in Aug 1831 leaving heirs as
follows: widow Anny, James MARTIN, Elijah MARTIN, Polly MARTIN
now Polly BEDSALT a widow, George BLACKWELL and Alsey his
wife formerly Alsey MARTIN, Richard BLACKWELL and Tamer his
wife formerly Tamer MARTIN, Matilda MARTIN single, all of Roane
County, also Peggy MARTIN now deceased who left the following
children towit William MARTIN of Roane County, Green Berry
MARTIN of Wain Co., Ohio or of Indiana, Ann Marie LOW a minor of
Knox Co., TN and also George MARTIN heir of George MARTIN,
dec'd who resides in Smith Co., TN. June 1835. pp 48-53.

A suit between the heirs of Henry MILLER, dec'd names the case as
Benjamin F. BREAZEALE and James BREAZEALE vs John MILLER,
Henry MILLER, Andrew MILLER, William D. MILLER, Henry DAVIS
and wife Betsy, Thomas PRITCHETT and wife Polly, Dobson
MILLER and Isabella HANKINS formerly Isabella MILLER. James H.
MILLER had obtained a decree against all the above heirs and he
appears to also have been an heir. John and Andrew MILLER
resided in Mississippi and Henry DAVIS and wife Betsy lived in
Georgia. April term 1837. pp. 72-75.

Volume 4 Issue 2, Feb 1973

Joseph ROBINSON formerly of Roane County was a citizen of
Missouri in April 1837. p 81.

Samuel GEREN formerly of Roane County was a citizen of Alabama
in April 1837. p 82.

THOMAS PRIGMORE of McMinn County, Tenn. was brother of
Joseph PRIGMORE deceased, late of Greenville, in Butler County,
Ala. April 1837. p 89.

The heirs of one David ROSS, Sr. dec'd [place of death not given]
were Frederick A. ROSS of Hawkins Co., TN, Jacob MYERS and wife
Eliza of Sullivan Co., TN, John DUFFIELD and wife Amanda of VA
and David ROSS, Jr. [of what place not given] These people are
mentioned with many others in a suit in

Chancery over 19000 acres of land in Rhea County which went on
for many years. pp 101-102.

James BLAIR died in Roane County in 1826. His will is recorded in
this Chancery Book as well as in Estate Book B. He names wife
Jenny and children Allen, Hugh, Wiley, William, John, Isabella
PRATER and Patsey SCATES(?); friends James JOHNSTON and
son John BLAIR were names executors. He also named brother,
Hugh. Wiley was age 13 when his father died. pp 136-142.

George and William GARDENHIRE of Roane County moved into
"Hambleton" County about 3 years ago. 24 July 1837. p 137.

William ERVIN of Morgan County, TN died shortly before July 1831
leaving heirs, Thomas NASH and Rebecka his wife, citizens of
Indiana and Charles CROMWELL and Polly his wife of Morgan
County. p 144.

John EBLEN, son of John EBLEN, Sr., dec'd, lived in Texas in 1838.
p 154.

Isham YOUNG of Roane County, died in 1836 leaving his wife Nancy
and children: Martha wife of Amos MARNEY, Lucy wife of James
MOORE, Polly CUOSONG formerly Polly YOUNG, Edward, William,
Betsy wife of William UNDERWOOD, Nancy wife of Joseph J.
MONGER, Freemorton and Leanah YOUNG all of Roane County
except William and Edward. pp 157-163.

Hambright BLACK and Elizabeth MORGAN, widow of Gideon
MORGAN, Sr., married 7 Oct 1834 p. 169. BLACK had children when
they married. Amanda (Ashley) LOVE was a member of Elizabeth
MORGAN'S family and a beneficiary of her bounty before she and
BLACK were married. p 173.

Williamson MELTON of Morgan County had sons-in-law John
ROBERTS and Nelson ROBERTS. John was of this area but of
Missouri by 1838. Williamson MELTON was about to go to Georgia
Sept. 1838. pp 181-182.

James A. GALLAHER and Solomon MABERRY left this county
(Morgan) and went "westwardly" to parts unknown . . . perhaps to
Missouri before Sept. 1838. pp 181-182.

William T. LIVELY married Hannah B. GENTRY in Virginia in 1827,
mover to Morgan Co., TN 1830 and went to Newton Co., GA 1832
leaving his wife and family. Hannah was suing for a divorce in 1838.
p 186.

David G. SCROGGIN and William BREEDLOVE, brothers-in-law in
Alabama. SCROGGIN lived in Lawrence County; BREEDLOVE
moved to Tennessee shortly after 1826 or 1827; 1829 SCROGGIN
moved to Tennessee and was a citizen of Meigs Co. 1837,
BREEDLOVE of Monroe Co. same year. pp 188-195.

Henry SPONG moved from Hawkins County to Roane 1820 and had
moved on to WArren Co. by 1839. He was a mill wright by trade. pp
196 and 301.

James TRIMBLE of Knox County, Tenn. died about the year 1823.
pp. 206.

William F. REEVELEY wrote a letter from Monroe Co., TN 5 May 1835
and mentioned grandfather William TAYLOR at Philadelphia, Monroe
County. p 217.

William BROWN moved from Roane County to Perry County, Tenn.
soon after 1830. p 470 (270?).

Israel MORRIS was a citizen of Roane County in Dec. 1838 but had
left the county for parts unknown by June 1839. p 286.

Volume 4, No. 3, March 1973

March term 1839. Josiah JACKSON died in 1803 in Jefferson Co., TN
leaving widow Susannah and children viz. John, Hezekiah, William
F., Josiah, Abel, Betsy, Susannah, Patsy and Polly JACKSON.
Hezekiah has since died and Susannah JACKSON intermarried with
John WEST, Polly JACKSON with Nicholas WEST, Betsy JACKSON
with Allen S. BACON, Patsy with Benjamin ELDRIDGE. Susannah
JACKSON, the widow married John HARRISON and died in March
last. (Bill was filed in March 1838.) All the heirs lived in Roane
County except Josiah JACKSON lived in Monroe Co., TN and Abel
JACKSON in Georgia in 1838. pp 234-245.

Robert S. BRASHEARS married Esther, dau. of James DEARMOND.
James DEARMOND made his will 3 Mar 1831 and died in July 1831
naming besides "my children" his wife named Susannah, sons
John and Calhoun DEARMOND, son-in-law Robert BRASHEARS.
His youngest children were not of age. pp 255-259.

James GALLAHER died in Morgan County in Sept. 1834 leaving the
following heirs: by his first wife - William B., Sally (m. Collins
ROBERTS), Polly (m. Alexander GALBREATH), James A., Thomas
C., George, Nancy (m. Francis K. CENTER), Jane (m. Willis S.
CENTER), Lucinda (m. Howard Council about 1824), Betsey (m.
John OLIVER); by his second wife Jane who survived him, minor
children Emily, Abiah, Charles M.C. and David A. GALLAHER. March
1837, Collins ROBERTS and Sally lived in Anderson Co., TN as did
Alexander GALBRAITH and Polly; Francis K. CENTER and Nancy,
Willis S. CENTER and Jane lived in Roane County. James A.,
Thomas C. and George GALLAHER lived in Johnston Co., MO;
Howard COUNCIL and Lucinda lived in Georgia where he died
leaving in Mauray Co., GA children James H., George H., Benjamin
S. COUNCIL; John OLIVER and Betsey lived in Smith Co., TN where
she died leaving one daughter, Sally Ann Oliver now of age and
married to Jonathan BUTLER and living in Johnston Co., MO; John
OLIVER is still living and believed to be in Arkansas. Jane and her
minor children lived in Morgan Co. pp 263-277.

Dominco MANSFIELD, formerly of Roane County, died 3 Mar 1837 in
Marshall Co., Miss. Elizabeth D. MANSFIELD his wife had been his
wife since 1828. pp 281-282.

Martha HIGGINS, a widow of Roane County, died 1 May 1837 leaving
heirs: Nancy HIGGINS wife of John HINDS, James HIGGINS and Eli
HIGGINS all of Roane COunty; Philomon and Joseph HIGGINS of
Lincoln Co., TN; John HIGGINS who died "About six years ago"
leaving his wife Polly and six minor childre; Albert HIGGINS who
died "about three years ago" leaving five minor children; Susan
HIGGINS wife of John HALBERT; Ruth HIGGINS all the last living in
Alabama; Patsy HIGGINS wife of Barney ADCOCK non residents of
Tennessee; Daniel HIGGINS in Indiana; Ambrose HIGGINS in
Indiana; Polly HIGGINS wife of Daniel Maradyke(?) in Ohio; William
HIGGINS no deceased leaving one daughter in Missouri. 4 Sep 1837
pp 297-301

Col. Uriah ALLISON died in the early part of 1829, leaving his widow,
Nancy C. and three daughters: Maria ALLISON who later married
George NICHOLSON, Catherine ALLISON and Mary ALLISON. They
lived at Kingston. Nancy C. the widow married Gen. John BROWN.
Isham COX, dec'd and his wife Catherine were the parents of Nancy
C. ALLISON BROWN. Isham COX had moved to Alabama in the
Spring of 1830. Bartley COX was a son of Isham and his wife. Gen.
John BROWN called Thomas and William BROWN his brothers. This
was dated 27 Jun 1839. pp 310-322.

John BROWN rented some land to Williamson MONGER at or near
Kingston for the years 1834, 1835, 1836. During this time Williamson
MONGER lost the use of one arm and did not make very good
crops. p. 318

Joseph McPETERS of Morgan Co., TN was a Revolutionary
pensioner, age 81 in 1839. He had a wife and six children. pp.

Volume 4, No. 4, April 1973

John COX called Allen and Thomas COX his sons. Thomas COX
died in Nov 1834 leaving his widow, Nancy and eight children as
follows: Malinda Maria COX, William Monroe COX, Thomas
Jefferson COX, Abner COX, Return COX, Isham COX, Rufus COX,
Louisa COX who were all minors. pp. 330-335.

In a suit about some land Nicholas NAIL's will was recorded in
Chancery. The will was dated 21 Oct 1813 and was produced in
county court 31 Feb 1814 but not recorded on the estate books until
1828. He named his wife not by name (she was Mary Ann), and the
following children: John, Matthew, Quilla (for Aquilla), Nancy, Sally,
Elizabeth, Andrew, Alexander R., William, Joseph, and Thomas
NAIL. William GARDENHIRE and John GARDNER were also
legatees. This suit was started in Dec 1839. pp. 336-344.

Walter KING of Roane County made his will 13 Oct 1830 and
appears to have died the same day. It was probated in Oct 1830. Part
of his children were yet minors at his death. In 1839 the heirs are
listed as follows: Rufus B. KING now a citizen of Gibson Co., TN,
Maria KING now the wife Elijah EMBREE who reside in Washington
Co., TN, Sarah KING, now wife of Robert KIRKPATRICK who reside
in Anderson Co., TN, Thomas King a citizen of Missouri, John S.
KING of Green Co., TN, Amanda KING who intermarried with Hugh
Lawson BREAZEALE said BREAZEALE departed this life some four
or five years ago and said Amanda now resides in McMinn Co., TN,
Louisa who afterwards intermarried with Thomas J. EARNEST
citizens of Greene Co., TN [made answer to suit in Jefferson Co.],
Nancy who afterwards intermarried with Rufus M. STEPHENS
citizens of Sullivan Co., TN. [made answer in Jefferson Co.] and
Austin A. KING a citizen of Missouri [answered as Austin A. KING of
Boan (Boone?) Co., MO] pp. 349-380.

Joseph ANDERSON of Washington Co., VA. His sons were William
ANDERSON, the oldest Alexander ANDERSON lived in Knox Co.,
TN, Thomas A. ANDERSON (referred to as Dr. ANDERSON) lived in
Roane Co., G.W. ANDERSON deceased by 1838, Pierce B.
ANDERSON, Addison A. ANDERSON lived in Knox Co., TN and
James Madison ANDERSON the child of his father's old age, lived in
Washington Co., VA but in Roane by 1838. pp. 380-402.

Jacob M. SCOGGIN of Roane County died in March 1836 leaving his
widow, Margaret and the following minor children: Joseph,
Alexander, Sarah, Jane, Mary Anna, John Henegar and Jacob
Layfayette SCOGGIN. Suit started 22 Feb 1841. pp. 402-405.

Samuel PRATOR of Roane County died in 1840. He owned land in
Roane, Knox and Blount Counties. He left his widow, Mary and the
following minor children: James, Benjamin, Hugh, Elizabeth Jane,
Nancy Ann, Issabella and Alexander L. PRATOR. Benjamin PRATOR
was appointed guardian of the children. Suit started in March 1841.
pp. 405-410.

William HAIL was brother-in-law of Charles S. FRANCIS. He left
Roane County on board a boat went to New Orleans and was
thrown from the boat and drowned before Aug. 1839. He left his
widow, Elizabeth and the following minor children, towit: Francis,
Franky, Fountain, Nancy, Matilda, Joseph, Woodson, Elizabeth and
William HAIL. The family had moved to Hamilton Co., TN by Aug
1839 when this suit was started and by September 1840 the widow,
Elizabeth had intermarried with Sanford RICHEY and they were
living in Hamilton County. pp. 410-417.

This ends the information in Book 1833-1841.

Chancery Book 18411845

Volume 4, No. 5, May

Nicholas NAIL. See previous page this issue. Mary Ann, widow was
alive in Nov 1841. pp 1-6

John LOYD, deceased, Daniel WESTER his executor. John W.
WESTER, William WESTER, John TURNER and his wife Edy
formerly Edy WESTER, Washington WESTER, John YANDLE and
his wife Manerva formerly Manerva WESTER, Lewis M. WESTER,
Christopher C. WESTER, Elizabeth J. WESTER, children of the said
Daniel and Betsey also John L. WESTER and Daniel M. WESTER
heirs of Daniel S. WESTER, deceased who was a son of the said
Daniel and Betsey citizens of Roane County. John LOYD made his
will 27 Feb 1827 and died in August of 1827, leaving wife Rachel
LOYD and daughter Betsey WESTER. Daniel and Betsey also had a
dau. Rachel. John LOYD had a brother, Thomas LOYD and half
brother "Peaycord". Sept. Term 1841. pp. 21-31.

Alpha BLACKWELL, widow of George BLACKWELL who died 2
May 1840. He left besides his widow, three children George W.,
Betsey J. and Amy M. BLACKWELL, minors at his death. Hugh
BLACKWELL was administer of the estate and David BLACKWELL
was appointed guardian of George W. and Betsey J. BLACKWELL,
James and Elisha MARTIN were appointed guardians of Amy M.
BLACKWELL. September term 1841. pp. 59-61.

William HASLER formerly of Roane County now of Murry Co., GA.
September term 1841. pp. 62.

Benjamin EVANS died prior to October 1834, leaving besides his
widow, Elizabeth, the following children:L Glovena who
intermarried with Hugh BOYD and has since departed this life
leaving one child Benjamin; Elizabeth EVANS; Polly EVANS; Fanny
who has intermarried with James DUGGER who reside in Georgia;
Nancy EVANS; Eliza EVANS; John M. and Margaret EVANS who are
minors. September term 1841. pp 61-70.

James TRIMBLE died before 1841 leaving his widow, Letitia B.
TRIMBLE the following children: John TRIMBLE; Susan TRIMBLE
who intermarried with (blank) WASHINGTON who has died; Thomas
TRIMBLE; Mary Ann, Eliza and Louisa TRIMBLE who are minors
and reside in Davidson Co., TN. Susan has intermarried with A.V.S.
LINDSAY. Sept. term 1841.

Hugh DUNLAP formerly of Roane County now a citizen of Henry
Co., TN. Sept term 1841. pp. 61-70.

About the year George COOK being in the service of his country, at
"Mobile" died. Thomas McMULLIN was appointed administrator.
1818 James HOPE and Isaac CASNER were appointed guardians of
the minor children. Heirs of George COOK were Caty & Mary of age
1815, John, George, Reuben and Elizabeth COOK who were minors.
Mary intermarried with Isaac CASNER. Bill was filed 27 Jan 1837. pp.

David BLACKWELL died in 1842 leaving several heirs, not named.
He left a will which is not recorded in the Chancery records.

Elizabeth McCAIN sued and won a divorce from her husband,
William McCAIN. They married in Roane County where they both
lived 4 Mar 1824. She was Elizabeth BREAZEALE according to the
marriage records of Roane County. pp. 80-81.

5 Dec 1839 John NAIL lived in Roane County, Oct 1840 he had left
the county for parts unknown. He left a son in Roane and more
family, not named. He sued Robert H. BREAZEALE by power of
attorney to William NAIL in February 1841. pp. 82-83.

Andrew DOLTON died about March 1841. p. 94. George
BLACKWELL died 2 May 1840. p. 98.

William GIBBONS died in Hawkins County, TN about the year 1819.
His wife was the daughter of Major John SMITH of Roane Co. He left
besides his widow, Agnes, all minor children: Elizabeth, Polly,
Malinda, Catharine and Christiana. John SMITH went to Hawkins
County in July 1819 and brought his daughter and family to Roane
Co. and furnished them a house and a living from his farm until the
girls married. Elizabeth married William A. THOMPSON, Polly
married John SMITH, Jr., Malinda married Absolom S. THOMPSON,
Catharine married Larkin BOWLING and Christiana married Samuel
PARHAM. John SMITH, Sr. died in August 1840, intestate and John
NETHERY was his administrator. pp. 101-109.

Vol. 4 No. 6 June 1973

Samuel PRATER died 7 Aug 1840 intestate. Iredelll D. WRIGHT and
William PRATER were appointed administrators of his estate. pp

Joseph H. SCHOOLER of Morgan County had a son Rice A.J.
SCHOOLER who was adult in 1837. pp 122.

James DEATHERAGE of Roane County md about the year 1833 to
Elizabeth AHART. He sues for divorce in Mar 1842 saying she left
him two years ago. Divorce granted. pp 126-128.

Elizabeth WOOLSEY died in 1840 leaving heirs: Polly YANDLE wife
of James W. YANDLE, George W. YANDLE and wife Pricilla, Samuel
WOOLSEY, John RUSHING and wife Rachel P., Zepuriah(?)
WOOLSEY and Ann WOOLSEY, the three latter are minors. The
estate owed a certain Levi CASEY of Missouri. [He was formerly of
Roane County.] pp 128-132.

Henry RENTFRO sues for divorce from husband John D.
RENTFRO. They married in Roane County 18 Aug 1839 and had one
child. She dismissed her suit Sep term 1843. pp 156-157.

Lewis PARKINS died before Mar 1842; administration was granted
in Mary PERKINS and Asa NEWPORT. pp 162-164.

William H. BRYSON formerly of Roane Co. but now a citizen of
Lumkin Co., GA Andrew HOWELL formerly of Greene Co., TN now a
citizen of Lumkin Co., GA. Howell had a stallion in the hands of
Caleb ELLIS in Roane Co. so charged by BRYSON. 1 Sep 1842. pp

William OWINGS died in Jan 1843 leaving a widow Abigail B. and
minor children: Edward F., William M., George A., Maria S., Sarah
and John G. OWINGS. pp. 169-174.

About the year 1794 Robert GILLILAND died leaving Jane
GILLILAND who married about 31 years ago to Gray HAGGARD;
Robert S. GILLILAND and his widow his sole heirs. He left to them
land in Roane County. Jane had a son Robert G. HAGGARD and
son-in-law Thomas JONES. March term 1844. pp. 191-202.

Collins ROBERTS is a citizen of Anderson Co., TN. George
GALLAHER is a citizen of Missouri. Reuben WILLIAMS of Morgan
Co., TN dec'd by Oct 1835 leaving a widow and minor children.
March term 1844. pp. 202-208.

Jesse ADKINS a citizen of Morgan Co., TN resided in Roane County
about 17 years ago where he was elected constable, William WHITE
being his security for bond. ADKINS removed to White Co., TN in
the winter of 1825. Some time in the year 1829 or 1830, William
WHITE removed to the state of Indiana where he departed this life
soon thereafter. Wyatt ADKINS and William A. ADKINS signed Jesse
ADKINS' bill of injunction for counteraction against a suit filed
against him due to his actions while constable. Mar term 1844. pp.

On 3 Oct 1840, H.H. WILEY was absent from his home in Kingston,
perhaps in Texas. By 2 Mar 1841 he was back home with his family.
He had a grown daughter. pp. 215-222.

George MOORE died in June 1842 in Roane County without wife or
children. He had four brothers and one sister. Two of the brothers
and the sister predeceased him leaving a number of heirs. One
brother was Noble MOORE who is dead leaving a son George and
three or four other children. pp. 222-227.

Charles WILLIAMS of Morgan County, TN died in Aug. 1825 leaving
his widow, Elizabeth who died 25 Jun 1843; Reuben WILLIAMS a
son died "5 or 6 years ago" leaving four children, Joseph Miller, Asa
Cobb, Robert and Debby, all minors except Joseph, who all reside
in Alabama, Asa COBB their guardian is their uncle. Also heirs of
Charles WILLIAMS are Polly who married William COBB and both
are dead leaving three children towit, Henry, William, and Francis
who reside in Mississippi last heard of them; also Charles G.
WILLIAMS also dead who left a wife and one child in Illinois or
Kentucky, her name is Betsy but the name of the child is not known;
Amanda, daughter of Charles WILLIAMS intermarried with Joseph S.
DAVIS a citizen of Morgan County is dead now leaving five children,
towit, Charles, Reuben, Malinda and Susannah DAVIS, all minors;
Susannah, daughter of Charles is wife of Shadrick STEPHENS
living in Morgan County; William WILLIAMS lives in Illinois; and
Malinda WILLIAMS wife of David M. RECTOR lives in Warren Co.,
KY. March term 1844. pp. 227-232.

Vol 4 No. 7 October 1973

John SMITH died in August 1840 leaving his widow Christiana. John
NETHERY married their youngest daughter, Christiana in 1830.
Anthony SMITH was a son, John SMITH was a son. Josiah SMITH
was mentioned. March term 1844. pp. 232-240.

David HOUNSHELL died in Meigs County 1 September 1842 leaving
widow Nancy Ann. Later she married Jonathan WOOD. pp. 244-258.

Moses WHITE died prior to March 1843, intestate. His widow died
soon afterwards. There were but two children living who were
minors. September term 1843. pp. 259-261.

John BROWN on 25 Aug 1830 had determined to remove to
Missouri, his wife having some time before departed this life. He
altered his plans and married his present wife, Nancy ALLISON, the
widow of Col. Uriah S. ALLISON, by whom he had since had three
children. His children by his first wife were Robert A., Thomas A.,
John W., Mary Jane, William L., Susan H. and Sarah S. BROWN.
Sarah S. had married before 1830 to (blank) JARRETT. Sept. term
1844. pp. 267-277.

Wilson N. SOWARD died in Roane County in 1841 leaving as his
only heirs at law. Robert SOWARD and William SOWARD who are
infants under the age of 21 who reside in Roane County. He left no
widow. Amos and John SOWARD were his administrators. Robert
D. DUNCAN was appointed guardian pendente lite for the minors.
The bill was filed 11 Jan 1834. By 24 Sep 1844 Amos SOWARD was
also dead. pp. 293-297.

Philip RUSHING died in Perry County, Tennessee just before March
1842. James DOHERTY, a citizen of Henderson County, Tennessee,
administered on his estate. Philip RUSHING had made a bill of sale
to Able RUSHING, who was a son, for a negro woman. Able
RUSHING brought the woman to Roane County and sold her to
Barton McPHERSON. There were other children of Philip RUSHING,
not named. September 1844. pp. 298-309.

By September 1844, Henry S. PURRIS had died. Esther A. PURRIS
was his widow and only legal heir. pp. 302-316.

After January 1836. Richard WHITE died in Roane County. Moses
WHITE his administrator died around 1843. pp. 316-327.

Samuel BARNARD, formerly of Roane County, removed to Missouri
and was a citizen of Greene County, MO. July 1845. p. 358.

Daniel MASON died in August 1839 in Roane County leaving his
widow, Martha and eleven children, viz: Rebecca COX formerly
MASON, wife of Neeland J. COX, Betsey Ann Jane Clementine
Susan Malinda Maria Robert T. Jason M. Nathaniel Philip J. and
Daniel M. MASON all of whom are minors except Neeland COX (sic).
Lewis W. JORDAN was appointed guardian for Jane Clementine
Susan Malinda Myra Robert T. Jason M. Nathaniel E. Philip J. and
Daniel M. MASON children and minor heirs of Daniel MASON dec'd.
(no commas). pp. 271-277.

Gabriel RICHARDS of McMinn County, Tenn. died in 1826 leaving a
will. His sons, Richard and Asa were his executors. His widow,
Nancy, survived him and was alive in June 1838. Richard
RICHARDS had a daughter, Mary Adeline. Garbriel RICHARDS' will
is recorded on page 381 naming wife Nancy and children Richard
Nancy Everett Millard Pain George Richards Polly Brock Gabriel
Richards Asa Richards Rhoda Harvey Charles F. Wall and the
children of my daughters Elizabeth WATERS and Sally HARVEY
deceased (no commas). Dated 3 Apr 1826. Gabriel died a few days
later. pp. 378-386.