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Letter From S.T. TURNER to S.M. CENTER - 26 Feb 1862

Morristown Ten. 26th Feby. 1862

Dr. sir,

This leaves me in good health. I have not enjoyed good health part of the time I have in the service but I now feel like I could stand a 7 years campaign. I expect to remain in the army if I am spared untill the Ball(?) is wound up. I hope to see every Tennessean rally to the Standard with our Gov. at the head and drive the Northern Vandals from our soil. The health of my company is very good unusually so. I was ordered to this place on the 16th Inst. to take charge of and protect a pork establishment here of 21 or 22 thousand hogs how long we will remain here I cant tell our Regt. is scattered along the R. Road from Carter County to Chattanooga guarding pork houses & Bridges. Why we have been thus disposed of I cant tell unless its our unarmed condition three companies of the Regt. has the old common Rifles & muskets that was taken up from the people the Ballance has muskets but of an inferor article Col. GILLESPIE had made arrangments at Nashville for our arms but the times in that direction has been too ticklesh to let army leave that locality for some time and no chance now. no news from the Gap for some time there has some 4 Regts. left here for that place in the last 3 or 4 days but the waters has been so high they no doubt have made slow speed. Some body will be hurt out there its thought before long. If you see John BARNETT soon tell him to come in as soon as his health will permit John MARGRAVES is well Crow has not yet come to Camps I learn he is pretty near well & will be in camps in a few days Robt. MEE went home on Furlough a few days ago. Give my respects to your Father & all his family particular your mother my respects allso to all good Souther friends who wish to enquire after as of others I have nothing to say behind their back.



Well Stephen I sent you some notes by Esq. DUNCAN some time ago for collection please do the best you can for me with them and write me as soon as can have anything in relation to these debts take such money as will pay my debts if you collect any soon pay it to A.O. FISHER on a Judgement that he has against me of a balance due the papers I suppose with Bill GEERS Esqr. any money he will take you from any one who owes me. Give my respects to Esqr. Goodman tell him he had better come and Join my company or he will have to go out with the Lincoln Militia. I have 88 men in my company and from the news the boys gets from home the last few days to join us. My respects to Wash & E.A. YOST I learn they are good southern men to Esqr. DUNCAN & Family to Jos.(?) FLEMINGS if he is there.

Yours in Haste
S.T. Turner

write to me at Morristown Ten.