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Letter From John SPURLIN To George WRIGHT - 25 May 1862

Camp Martin Zolicoffer
Sullivan County Tennessee
Company H., 43d Redgment Tenn. Vol.
May the 25th day 1862

Dear friend

I this day take my pen in hand to write a few lines to you to let you know that I am well and doing very well and I hope that these lines may find you all well and doing well Mr. WRIGHT I have nothing very strange to write at this time I expect you have heard that I was in the southern army I have bin in the service now a going on seven months in the 43d Redgment and I have not heard from my Mother in law Nancy M. HICKS since I joined the army that is I have got no letter from her and I dont know where to write to her that is I dont know what post office to Send a letter to for her to git it the last I knew of her she was living on your land down in the Elisha ROSE house down by the long Island and as I dont know now where she lives I will take it as a kIndex favor if you will please write to me and let me know where to Direct a letter to her or otherwise see her and tell her what I want her to write to me and to back the letter


Martin Zolicoffer

Sullivan Co. Tenn. Cear of Captin LAPOERTY and to write soon for we dont know how long we will stay here if you will grant this request you will oblige your friend so I must now come to a close.