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Letter from Joseph WIATT to Colonel SHELLY - 20 Nov 1864

Nashville Tenn. Nov. 20" 1864

Colonel Shelly,

I heard by a letter from my wife that my son had
enlisted in your regiment He is not fit for a soldier at
all. he is young under age and beside this my family at
home Stands in need of his or some one elses help.
You know Colonel how I have aided the government
and how my family have Suffered by me being in the
army and now for my son to leave them before he is
old enough and go into the army is of no use in the
world for he wont Stand it. If he has to go I want him to
wait untill I come home and the if he is obliged to go, I
will let him go. Your will confer a great favor upon me
by Sending him home. I suppose you can do it and if
So I will now have to go to higher authority to get him
home. please let me know soon about it. I am yours.


Joseph Wiatt

Hospital No. (2)

Section (2) Tent (3)

Nashville Tenn.