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Letter From T.H. STURGES To J.M. STURGES - 25 Jul 1864 Near Atlanta Ga

July 25th 1864

Very Dr. Bro.

I again write you a letter informing I am well C.L. is also well hope you are enjoing the same blessing. Well we are now in about one mile of the city there has been some verry hard fighting since we advance to this place day before yesterday the left wing consisting of the 15th 16 & 17 A.C. was charges by the Rebs. before takeing position the Battle as I learn was at the beginning rather in favor of the Enemy they massed their forces & throwed them against the center of the 17th A.C. & it gave way in the mean time General BLAIR ordered each flank to charge the Rebs they did with much gallantry & the Rebs left their dead & wounded in our hands at the same time our corps marched up in front at the Town(?) in spite of the accuracy of the Reb Artillery our Brig cad(?) the advance That night was spent in making Breast marks nothing but Skirmishing in front since taken positions yesterday Armed Art. Co. G 1st Tenn. was killed while a skirmish line Berry POLSTON of Co. C was slightly wounded in the Arm the above is the casualities of our Regt. Genl. McPherson was killed in the fight on the left(?) William BRIGGS was kille the sam day also Samuel BRIGGS was slightly wounded in the arm the last letter I received from you was Dated July 12th 64 I should like very much to hear from you all the time Our Regt. they sey will Start back when Atlanta is taken Mangers WATSON Boys is well C.L. appears to enjoy left finely occasionaly a rebel sharp shooter sends a ball over heads tell father Mother Bro. & Sister all howdy tell Betsey BELEW that her son John is well give my Respects to all enquiring friends & Relatives so fare well Bro. until we meet in time or Eternity.


We have just got a supply of stationary on hand & I will continue to write every chance may the kind heaven protect you all from harm & Bring you to his Kingdom above.