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Letter From John E. MONGER To James STURGESS(?) - 07 Dec 1864

Coledge Hill
Knoxville Tennessee
Dec 7th 1864

Dear friend

I would inn life Seat misef to draf you a few lines to let you now no that i am well and so is all of the boyes except one irtoo(?) I cante intear rest you in in thing in foar i has nothing of importantes to wright thar is some talk of the Rebes hear But i thing hit is all fudg We ar dooing veary well at this plase Bute i think we will hear hears befoar long and whear We will go i cant say i hop hit will bee to come to king Harsone(?) i wod lik to no how yor ar gitting along one Emry Boy(?) what i hear your ar dooing reary well Harsone you no that i told your to spey(?) foar mee if you did i want you to say somthing about hit Well har sons as foar the nuse i no nthing only what i hear tha say theat old hood has wrone our garnear away frame nashvill i doant no whettr to bleav hit ir not Harse i wod like to See you and Bee with you a whill i want you to tell Same and Jane HANDEY(?) and tell Lame I wod lik to read a leatar frome hime and tell tell Jane if any of mi poath(?) or calls foar the propttty that i left tell hear to let them hav theme. tell cosane James that he hope ourness up ten dollars when that got his latar James we was all pleas ate the latar you wroat all of the Boyes senddes thear respeckes to you James i cannot interrest you with nothing in you must wrigh ourness anoth latur Well Will HOWEL seas he hear od Bird say the we wad inn too weakes come to Kingstone Harson i want to see your all is agit along at home and writ to me and give us all of the nuese aroand the Harsone i doant you to mak no remarkes aboat mi hand writing foar har done mi best i shal wright no moar mine tell i hear from you.


P.S. James I writton you a letter the 6th I ricon it is at hand before know well all the News that is a float is Hood is investing Nashville and there is ford moove up the country well Col. BYRD is here he said the General said we could go back in Two Weeks if everthing turned out Rite which I hope will the 2d is gon to Clington we are by our selvs write soon my Respects to Thomas H. also my KIndexs Regards to you. Good by I hope to see you soon. I am yours Respectfully