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South of Chattahoochee River
July 11th 1864


Dr. Bro. I seat myself by candell light to Answer your letter I have Just Received one dated the 3rd & the other the 6th of this month I was truly proud to hear from you & to know that you as well as the rest of our folks was well. I am in good health C.L. is also well hope you are all well we are now camped some two miles South of the Chattahoochee River but are some 13 miles yet from Atlanta we came here the 8th of this moanth & had a Small Skirmich with the Rebs our Regt. leading the advance until we came to the River then they Run the Rebels off leaving one piece of Artillery in our possession in the mean time the 12th Ky. Inf. crossed over & took position the Pontons was laid after the Brigade had crossed over in the Pontons Our Brigade then throwed up Breest Works on the hill this side & remained there during the night next morning moved forward to this position & have been Resting since some of the ??? they say two miles in front of here it is generally believe we will go back between now & the 20th of this month I hear Artillery firing Some 4 miles from here in direction of Atlanta this evening Our Army I think are nearly all across the River the Boys seem to be in fine spirits this evening all nearby got letters by mail & some by hand Giles In Co. I. & Albert Lane came up this evening also Miller Smith & ??? Allison Miller Reports everything about Kingston Rather in excitement Rebs he says at Post Oak Springs Watsons Mangers Boys is all in good health Alf Watson has been complaining some day or two with his hip but is getting better fast C.L. is passing the time off as commonly does I read your letter to nearly all Co. "J" all seems anxious to hear from your C.L. has just returned from the River has been in a washing John Davis BELEW is well the health of the Regt. is tolerable good had orders this evening to police(?) off the camps but I believe that is a good sign of a march Cal ELLIS is Just singing his little songs as usual & desires whiskey awful the 5th Tenn. Infty. went to Marietta Georgia to do post duty I learn well I shall have to close as my last little peace of candle is about gone I Received 5 dollars from the Hospt. Steward of the 112 Illinois & one dollar from that other fellow I wrote a letter this morning but I will write ever chance give my love to all our conexion & all enquiring premess tell Isaac & John I shall come back shortly if I live to see thier crops of corn tell Mother Father Bro. & Sisters Howdy for me give my respects to Miller & Sallie BURNS also to Temple & wife I have wrote more letters I believe than any body in the Regt. I write for Bill & Alph & Mose. Mose wants you to find out the reasons for him not getting letters he has not received but one tell Goldstons & Nan I should be glad to her from them M.D. WHEELER says to tell you he wrote you a letter but it come back this evening miss Carriage Wiley CHRISTIANs also wrote to you all the boys that lived in an neighborhood is well I believe I will have to close take good care of you self & Remember to be thankful to him from whom all comforts & Blessing flows I hear no preaching nothing much but swearing but still I have a good time sometimes by myself upon the Kind Savior smiles in my path way so fare well James until we meet again.

T.H. STURGES Ord.  & Q.Ms. Sgt. 1st E.T.  Infty

James M. STURGESS, Kingston, Tenn.