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Letter From S.T. BLAIR To John BLAIR - 16 Jan 1865

Gen. Hospital  No. 15 Nashville Tenn.
January 16th 65
Mr. John BLAIR

Dear father

i again Drop a line as i know you will all Be glad to know how i am getting along i am doing very well the doctor says i can go out after dinner with the Light duty men i am nearly able to go to my regt. i have not heard from it since i left i can not till where it is for i can not hear from the corps all is quiet hear now their isent any thing new hear every thing to live upon is very high hear wheat is 150 cts corn mean 175 Bacon 23 to 25 Butter 80 cts Eggs 50 unnions 4.00 irish potatos 4.00 sweet 5.00 wood 15.00 cord Beef(?) 20 cts But that dont amount to any thing with the soldiers living for we live very well hear yet i want to be at now so that i could make some prepperations for a crop next sumer i hope to Be at home by the 1st of March at fartherst to stay you will please see that Nancy & litleones dont suffer untill i get home i have no more news to write as i ritten you all last week & we havent one word of news this week as yet. Give my best love & Respects to all the rest hopeing that this may come to hand soon & find your all well & doing well & hopeing to see you all soon is the wish of year affectionate son untill death write me soon.