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Letter From T.H. STURGES To James M. STURGES - 29 Jun 1864

June 29th 1864

Dear Bro.

I Take this occasion to drop you a line in regards to passing events &c. I am in tolerable health except head ache Bro. C.L. is well I received a letter this morning from uncle John EBLEN but have never received but the one letter from you well we are now close to Kinesaw Mountains we ar south of the mountains but still the Rebs hold a position on the mountain we are now in about three miles of the Rail Road leading from Marietta to Atlanta I will now give you a picture of the mountain as I viewed it yesterday evening

(A drawing)

I hope we are in we are nearby around them that line that I show you is the right wing of our Army at to the left I connot tell you anything about it Reports say they are in 7 miles of Atlanta day before yesterday they was fighting all along our lines as far as I could hear our Brigade moved some two miles forward but found no oppositions except Skrimishing Co. I was out all day skirmishing but no body hurt The Rebs appear to be determined to hold the mountains and I believe they will unless we can get around them & compell them to Surrender over(?) can(?) run up to Big Shanty(?) some 15 miles for here we are said to be in about 14 miles of Atlanta but you know nearly as much about affairs here as I do for one division dont know what the other is doing I dont think we will get off from here until the first of Aug. the Boys is standing up to hard times pretty well there has been no fighting done by our Brig. except skirmishing I have been issueing(?) from to two to three Boxes of Ammunition to our Regt. every day for the last few days one build Breast works as we advance Watsons Boys Mongers Boys is all well I have been staying with the Wagon Train all the while C.L. generally stays with Brig. H.J. J.S. and C.L. this morning he was gashing(?) around as usual he says he wants George moved up to Tenn. So it wont be so so hot we have the warmest weather here I have every witnessed well I have told your all I know give my love to Father Mother Bor. and sisters I want you all to write give my Respects to Sallie BURNS also to Temple & wife I have hears so ??? fighting since we came down here that is seems as Common as to hear as Corn Bell tell Betsy BELEW that John DAVIS is well Q.M. BYRD has been sick for several days but is getting better now. We have just got a new supply of clothing on hand that will be to Issue out Tell Isaac & John to be good Boys give my love to Rachel I hope it will not be long until I can get to come home & enjoy the pleasure of home for a while I want you all to ?? to ??? I would give anything to get a letter from home every body appears to get letters except me (illegible) Breads & fresh Beef sometimes some Bacon so I will close for present I shall continue to write if I am permitted to ??? may the Kind Blessing of Heaven rest upon you all is the crayer(?) & Irish of your B??d so I will close so good Bye James M. for the present.

                                                                              T.H. STURGES
                                                                           James M. STURGES