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Letter From John TALIAFERRO To Martha TALIAFERRO - 4 Aug 1839
This letter comes from the loose papers.

August the 4th 1839

Martha James CANE has run the Tub over with lies and I can easily prove it and I wish you to let him know what I wrigt as soon as you can and get him to tell you the names of the hands that was at work and I will go and see them and et a sirtificate from under their hands that he has told a deperate ly from the way he came him selfe caused him to guiss but guissed a lie I can make him blush on this lie if Peg Bell has another child or is pregnatn I have never heard of it for I have not herd of her only by you in Twelve months but Marth your have rote to me concerning your Joining the church you know I told you to read the Bible and get all the information you could be fore you Joined so you would sure you was satisfied I felt friendly in the cause of yur satisfaction but the way you [paper torn] shewed to me that you cared nothing for the welfare of my sole or body you have never thought how my feelings was when I heard the news to think that a wife should treat a husband in such away when I was friendly to your undertaking their is this that hapened about the same time that hurt my fealings which you have nt forgot the report that Peg LONGWITH put our about you and your mothers preparing a dose of poison for me I have as good right to believe fying(?) news as you have [page torn] Morgan told hear in this neighbourhood that you had got nearly weaned from your children and did not allow to come to see them which your told him their came other news that you and Benny Bets Rose and others was coming while I was at Court and tak my children and property If you take the notion to come come (sic) with your mother Brother or father and you shall be friendly treated and your child shal not be taken from your neighbours from Morgans tale and the ofers that I made you think you care but little about you family as for your being in the world(?) you put your self in the world(?) and can sty [page torn] without you come in the way you went you can take your seat as you formerly have had to seperate my family or property I will not do so it prospers to geather and shal stay to geather weare all well and is trying to make a living and is likely to do it and your want to be with us but your contrary disposition will not give up to it you know you are in no danger to come to see your children your contrary Disposition prevents I am going to give no invitation further than I have for it ought to satisfy a reasonable person. John Taliaferro

On the outside of the letter

Limestone, TN

4th Aug.

Mrs. Martha Talliaferro, Wrightsville, Roane Co., Ten.