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Letter From Sally TALIAFERRO To Charles TALIAFERRO - 15 Aug 1836 
This letter comes from the loose papers.

Surry County No. Carolina
August th 15th 1836.

Dear brother

I now again by the request of my Father take my pen in hand to write to you wee have received a letter from lately and it gave us great pleasure to hear that you were all well and doing well Father read the letter and said that he was happy to hear sutch good knews from his children but we have since Received one from Martha which has blasted all our joy Martha wrote that she was going to leave John for he had another woman living in sight that was having children by him and the woman said that he should maintain her and her children she wrote that she never had treated John amiss for it and had cried over him but notwithstanding all her tears he would go on he allways meets her with a frown and she cant stand it for she has never throwed her up to him it is one of the most hypocritical letters I ever read it is just like her she says oh Father I am in as mutch trouble as I can be to be out of torment I dont dout it for I think it is as disagreeable a life as a woman can live to be tied to a man that she does not love and she has got tired of John she wantsto be with mother and Brother William she has denied the name of Taliaferro she asained(?) her name Martha if it had been Tate or porter she would of assoined it in full but perhaps I am too hard with Martha I am imbitered against the Family so that I dont blieve a word thaty say how true the proverby experience teach knowledge they have ruined John and tried to ruined me but it was not in there power and now they are trying to bring my Fathers grey hairs with sorrow to the grave when Father read the letter he seemed to be troubled about it but I toled him I didnot believed it for you rote for us to be aware how we believed reports that came from the contrary Father toled me to write to you and know the strait of it and I want you to write and let us know whether it is the case or not dont flutler(?) us write the hole truth keep nothing back Martha said she toled you about it when you was there I will say no more on this subject Father requested me to let you know how the election went the republicans gained the day Dobson beat Franklin around 42 votesand all three comoners that was rejoicing since peace was made the guns was so??ng all over the settlements and even to the negros rejoycing. When I wrote to you befoe I let you know a little about the Mishionary and primitive Babtis in theis country wee had our little deaf preacher Terrel with us yesterday he has turned to be Mishionary and his church has truned him out for it he said the preachers was doing no good that all there preaching was fighting and he declared his Indexpendence and they turned him out but he says he intends to preach when he is invited he preached three sermons while he was here he is verry anxious to see you he said if he had of had you with him you could have out done them all he made Father promise if you come here this fall to fetch you dowin in his settlement he has wrote his deciplin(?) and is going to have it published(?) in the religious herold(?) perhaps you will(?) see it I think when your and Dick is on your preaching towers(?) you had as well come here as any where I think the Round peak church will be in favour to the Mishionarys if they aint now we are all well Father has somthing come on his nose that alarms him sone he is afraid it is a cansor The Dr. says he is aprehensive it is one you wrote when ever I wanted to come to that country to let you know expects I should have come this fall with Dickerson which he talke somthing like coming but I swoped my mare to Father for his young horse I was oferd 85 dolars for him and the sight of the money over came me and I took it and I am now a foot when you write let us know when any of you is a coming my sheet is full amd I must come to a close.

Your Sister Sally Taliaferro

Charles Taliaferro P.S. I heard from Wyley yesterday he was gone up into Wilkes to buy land.

On the outside: Haystock

August 16

Mr. Charles Talliafero, East Tennessee Roan Cty, Philadelpha