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Letters To Thomas & Margaret (Marney) Forrester From Their Daughters

These two letters come from the War of 1812 Pension file (WC-30822) of Thomas FORRESTER (FORREST). Thomas FORRESTER (b. ca 1796 in Greenville Co., S.C.-d. 20 Jun 1865 in Greene Co., MO) married 24 Dec 1816 in Roane Co., TN, Margaret MARNEY (b. ca 1798 in VA-d. 1890 in Greene Co., MO), the daughter of Amos and Sarah (VANCE) MARNEY. Thomas and Margaret had 11 children: 1. Elizabeth V. FORRESTER (b. ca 1818- ) md George CRESON (CRESOWEN); 2. Julia Ann FORRESTER (b. 20 Sep 1821-d. 1 Sep 1898) md James Lee JOHNSTON; 3. Mary Caroline FORRESTER (b. ca 1820-1825- ) md John W. HASTIN; 4. Robert FORRESTER (b. ca 1824- ) md Louisa DANIELS; 5. Deborah E. FORRESTER (b. ca 1828- ) md George SEYBERT; 6. Letitia FORRESTER (b. 1830- ) md Joseph LETCHO; 7. Sarah FORRESTER (b. 1831- ) md Joshua CRESON; 8. Martha Jane FORRESTER (b. 1835- ) md William LAMB; 9. Almedia FORRESTER (b. 1837- ) md Henry POTTER; 10. Solomon FORRESTER (b. 1840 ) ) md Sarah H. ______; 11. Margaret FORRESTER (died young)

Jan. the 2 1848
Sangamon Bottom Cass Co. Ill.

Dear Father and Mother

I imbrace this opertunity of wrighting a few lines to you we are in reasonably helth at presant we left tennissee the first day of november last landed at Beardstown December the 10th wee live 5 miles East of Beardstown in a peraria from 4 to 6 miles wide and 40 miles long tell mother uncle amos [MARNEY] is dead he died Dec 19th 1846 Wm. BLAKE and family come with us all in the same wagon wee are all dissatisfied with the country tell brother robert I want him to come and see us and tell us a bout that country George calculates to leave this in search of a beter country if robert cant come I want father to come without fail I would lik to see you all very much.

Nancy MARNEY is maried to Joseph FIFER and is gone to Arkensas Lucinda is married to James JONES they live in nine miles of her mother Elizabeth TOTEN is married to Will BROWN.

grandmother is well at presant She has come to her eye site so that She can see to Read in fine print with out her specticells James JOHNSON and his was well when we left all your relations was well when wee left George waunts you to write soon as you git this write with out fail let me know what watters you live on near what citties towns and villages you live near and how close to market and what your best market is direct your letter to Beardstown Cass Co. Ill. write with out fail no more at present but remains yours with respect.

George & Elizabeth CRESOWN to their friends.


November 17th 1854
Greenville Bond County Illinois

Dear Father & Mother

I take my pen in hand to trace a few lines of bad news to you little Nancy Elizabeth Died with the croop the fifteenth of this month and was burreyed today She was taked sick the 11 but was not verry bad until the 14th we sent for a Doctor in about three hours after she was taken bad, he came but he could do no good for her. She had not forgot her Grand Father and Mother when she died. It is verry hard for us to part with her the only child. If we was with you we could not be so lonesome you know our feelings as you have had the experience, we send you a piece of her burrying clothes.

We are both well our selves and hope when these few lines comes to hand they may find you enjoying the same good blessing. Answer this as soon as it comes to hand. So no more at present but we still remain your affectionate children.

To Thomas & Margaret FOYSTER

From George W. SEYBERT & Deborah E. SEYBERT