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Letter From Henry P. GREENE To James A. MOORE, 9 Jan 1860
From the family files of Willis Hutcherson

Jan. 9, 1860
James A. MOORE

Dear Cousin,

    I have been looking for a letter from you for a long time as I had written to you last, but I have come to the conclusion that you did not get my letter, and as I haven't very mutch to do to day, I have concluded to write to you, I was at Uncle Bluford's yesterday, and Caroline told me that she had that quilt pattern cut out for you, and she wanted to send it to you, but she haden't no ink nor pen and on that account she put of[f] sending it for a while, I am going up there Sunday after next, and write a letter for her, and send the pattern in it. I am now sending in town clerking in a store for Joseph B. MARTIN and I expect to remain here for a year or more as I like the business very well. Papa is now in Nashville representing our country he come home and took Christmas with us all but has went back again. James, you write to me and requested me to give your respects to Miss Sarah CENTER. I have been with her company several times scince but have neglected to do so; I danced with her the other night at the ball here in town, if I had thought of it, I could haven given them to her then, I hope though, that you will excuse me this time, and I will try to do better the next time, but I understood that you had sent your self, but I don't know it to be sow, James, we aught to have stayed for the wedding we had a fine time. Sally was there; she enjoyed her self fine; I must bring my letter to a close as it is cold and my fingers are getting numb. This leaves all well at the present. James, you must answer this with out delay and I will not delay any in answering yours. I have been looking for you up as I under[stand] that you was coming. I would be glad to see you now. So nothing more at the present only

                                                                 I still remain your truly Friend,
                                                                          Henry P. GREENE