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Letter from Caroline GREEN to James A. MOORE, 12 Feb 1860
From the family files of Willis Hutcherson.

Feb. 12, 1860
James A. MOORE

Dear Cousin,
    I received your letter in due time, but didn't get that quilt patterns cut out untill the other day, and I dident want to write to you, with out sending it and therefore I am in hopes that you will excuse me for not writing sooner. I am going to get married shortly, and if you will write soon and let me known for sertain that you will come up this fall, I will put it of[f] untill you come, so you can eat some of the cake.
    I will give you directions how to peiceup the quilt which name is star of Bethleham. It takes nine yards of white, and five of red, and six of green, and a yard of yellow. There are nine flowers in the quilt. Each flowe[r] is put on three quarters of a yard squire of white cloth, and a strip of white between each squire about six inches broad.
    James, you must send me some pretty quilt pattern in return. I must bring my letter to a close as it is getting late. This leaves all well at the present time. You must give my best respects to all you father's folks and reserve the greater portion for your self. Write as soon as this comes to hand, and I will not delay any time in answering yours. So nothing more at the present time.

Only I remain yours truly,
Caroline GREENE