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Letter To Mrs. Nancy Wheat Graham From W.L. Doughty On May 8 1881
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Grays hill Tenn Roane Co.
May 8 1881
Mrs. Nancy Wheat

Dear Sister & family

Yours of the 26 of March was received a few day ago glad to hear from you all again this leaves us all well Except bad colds hoping these few lines may find you all well & doing the same We have written 2 or 3 letters to you & directed them to where you use[?] to life & got no letter Well you said write you a long letter so hear goes for it Well we live 8 miles South East of Kingston 3 miles from Paint rock ferry one mile from Rebecca. Doughty's her husband Sampson Doughty died last July was a year ago at the age of 84 years She is hear at my house to day for dinner her son Wm L. Doughty is doing this writing she lives with her son We had one of the hardest & worst winters last winter that was ever experenced in this country Wheat looks only talerably We have had some very nice weather now for a bout a month past their will be plenty of fruit hear in this country this year flower is worth about $3.50 pr hundred corn 60 cts per bushel Cotten[?] 18 20 When you write to us again We want to know wher Brother Lewis lives & what his P.O. is I have bought me a little farm some 80 acres getting it vary well fixed up sowing a good deel in grass & clover got the wall of a house up & got it covered its 20 by 24 feet I am fixing up now to spend my days right hear my family ar small just me & the old lady & one Boy nearly grown our Daugter was married last winter to a Mr. Sawyer Hall & lives about 2 miles from us Miss Doughty & my selfe wants you to send us you picture when you write again & let us know how many children you have rased & how many you hav now living my Mother has rased 3 Children my selfe 2 girls Elisabeth & Miray they ar Boath married & Mew[?] lives with me ane we own a little farm hear near Mr. James Henderson Wheat is dead & his widow lives on her farm he left her, they never had any children Jackson Wheat has moved to Texas but we dont know where his P.O. is now Mr. James wants to know all about the particulars of his fathers [James James] Was he helpless or not how long was he sick & was he in his Right mind or not & did he know all a bout his children or was he so old that he had for got all a bout us all or not my health has not been vary good for the last 3 or 4 weeks I am now going on 71 years old I am not able to work to do any good now I have a hand hired all the time & make a 2 horse crop I rent some ground & tent it in corn so as to keep my own ground in small grane clover & grass how fare do you liv from your P.O. & from the R.R. do you own any land or not Isac Barnawell died last aug was a year ago he died at Kingston do you known any thing about any other E. Tennesseeans out thar in your Country When you write direct to Grays hill Roane County E. Tenn. Well I will close for the present write soon & give us all the news you can give us I remain as ever your Brother untill Death

Henry James & Susan James

By W.L. Doughty