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Letter To Mrs. Nancy Wheat Graham From Henry James Jr. On JUN 29 1888
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To Nany Wheat Graham From Henry James Jr.
Kingston Tenn June 24, 1888 
Dear Aunt Nancy
I havent heard from you in so long I thought I would write a few words to let you know that we are well and to tell you some sad news father died 8th of April He was sick about a year before death relieved him he said he was going to a better world than which we hope he did there was none of his children with him when he died but me there is not but two of us in family me and ma we are thinking about moving back to town and renting the place the weather is very hot and dry here now crops are looking bad so I must come to a close by saying write soon and often and I will try and write more next time so good bye to all.
Henry James, Jr.