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Letter To Mrs. Nancy Wheat Graham From Henry James On January 18, 1884
Donated By Jim Wheat jwheat@airmail.net

Envelope has no postmark; addressed to A.J. Wheat Graham Young Co. Texas; written on face of envelope Grays Hill Tenn. Jan 19 On reverse stamp GRAHAM TEX. JAN 23 1884

To Nancy Wheat from Henry James
January the 18 1884
address to Henry James
Grays Hill, Roane Co. tenn  
Dear Sister,
i take the opertunity of dropping you a few lines to let you
know that i am well and hope these few lines will find you the same nancy
we have had a bad winter here wee have had a snow 8 inches deep laying on
the ground for to weeks and now it is reining and ice froze[?] so that we
cant hardly get out of the house with out falling money is scace here corn
is worth 50 cts pork is worth 6 1/2 cts pear lb they was a good crop
raised here of most ever thing when you write tell me all a bout texa I
dont know if i could sell my farm but what i would come out there if
everthing sutes me wright a bout the water and a bout the sickness whether
is is a helthy country or not Dear nancy i would like to have your
lightness am setting twist tobacco as usal rebeca Dougty has bin sick but
she is getting well very fast and the rest of the Doughtys are well as far
as i know Nancy you must excuse me for not wrighting sooner it has bin a long time
since i have wrote to you. Wright soon i will not write any more for this time
Henry James