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Letter To Mrs. Nancy Wheat Graham From Henry James On July 18, 1882
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To Nancy Wheat from Henry James
July the 18 1882
Dear Sister,
   i seat my self to drop you a few lines to let you know that i
am well and hope these few lines may find you all well nancy i wish you
would let me know whether you Got fathers liteness [as written] back ar not
we are dun laying by corn corn and wheat and oats is better this year than
it has bin in a long time we have had a rite smart of smalpox a round
we have had a heap of rain corn is $1 dollar an ten cent per bushel new
wheat is one dollar a bushel flour is four dollars a hundred baken is a
shilen a pound sister i will bring my letter to a close rite soon
Henry James
Grays Hill Rone Co Tennn