Licenses index

Compiled by Robert L. Bailey

Sample Application:

State of Tennessee, Roane County. On this 29 day of Oct. 1864 Personally came before me James M. STURGES Clerk of the County Court for said County Ephraim LANGLEY and applied for license to vend & sell by retail all kinds of spiritous & vinous liquors for and during the term of one year from this date and the Said Ephraim LANGLEY after being first duly sworn by me according to law made oath in due form that the amount of his stock of spiritous & vinous liquors, which he has on hand and offers for sale by retail estimating them at the Invoice cost where purchased does not exceed the sum of Two hundred and forty dollars to the best of his knowledge and belief and he further makes oath that he will not import and sell or sell any playing cards without first taking out a license and paying the Taxes therefore according to the rules prescribed by law.

Sworn to and subscribed before the date above

James M. STURGES, Clk


State of Tennessee, Roane County. I James W. BRANSON do solemnly swear that I will not under the License obtained by E. LANGLEY from the Clerk of the County Court of said County bearing date October 29th 1864 retail any spiritous vinous or fermented liquors to any slave nor knowingly permit the same to be done without permission from the owner nor to any free person of color nor knowingly permit or allow any gameing for whisky wines Rum Brandy money or anything to eat or drink of other valuable things in the house in which I may retail spirits or any premises or any other place procured by me or any other person should game or bet to my knowledge I will give information thereof to the grand jury of my County at the next term of the Court so help me God. Sworn and subscribed to before me this the 8th day of November 1864 James M. STURGESS Clk.



Applicant for License Date Stated that wouldn't sell liquor under this license to slaves, etc. Bondsman
BERRY, David 01 Nov 1865 Thos. J. BURRIS
CLARK, I.N. 17 Feb 1865
CLARK, I.N. 02 Nov 1865
CLARK, I.N. 13 Mar 1866 J.H. WILLIAMS
COX, Abraham 07 Dec 1864 W.B. DALTON & F.M. WYLIE
COX, Abraham 19 Sep 1865 W.B. DALTON
COX, Abraham and W.B. DALTON 07 Dec 1865 Ludson WASHAM, Jr. and Orvall EVERETT Calvin COLT
CRENSHAW, Saml. T. 01 Nov 1865 J.W. LANE J.J. LANE
CROSS, A.H. and John HOOD 07 Dec 1864
FELTS, James 01 May 1865 E. WEST & James BLOUNT
FELTS, James 23 Sep 1865 J.B. PICKEN, Calaway FELTS
FRITTS, Isham 07 Dec 1865 W.H. FRITTS John HOOD
FRITTS, Thomas W. 29 Nov 1865
HALL, Felix H. 23 Sep 1865 W.J. WEBB
HOOD, John 12 Oct 1865 Wm. DOZIER(?)
HOOD, John 02 Nov 1866 John J. LITTLETON
HOOD, John & David BERRY 02 Nov 1867 F.M. WYLIE John COLEMAN
HOWELL, James 24 Mar 1866 J.H. WILLIAMS
JULIAN, Robt. 23 Jan 1865
LANE, J.J. 21 Mar 1866 J.W. LANE, W.R. LANE Jos. SMITH & D.G. TAYLOR
LANGLEY, Ephraim 29 Oct 1864 James W. BRANSON
LANGLEY, Ephraim 10 Oct 1865 David BERRY
LILES, William & James H. TAYLOR 02 Sep 1865
LITTLETON, George P. 28 Oct 1865
LITTLETON, Wm. 25 Jul 1865
MAYS, John L. & Wm. M. ALEXANDER 25 Sep 1866 D.T. PETERMAN
WALKER, C.C. 27 Jan 1865
WALKER, C.C. 06 Oct 1865
WALKER, C.C. 27 Jan 1866
WEBB, William J. & Wm. LITTLETON 25 Jul 1865
WEST, Ebenezer 28 Sep 1865
WEST, Ebenezer & Wm. R. HENSLEY 14 Sep 1865 Alvin J. IRONS
WEST, Ebenezer & Wm. R. HENSLEY 14 Sep 1865 Elbert SILVESTER, Thomas SMITH A.J. IRONS
WILLIAMS, J.H. 26 Sep 1865
WYLIE, F.M. 03 Jan 1865 Ludson WASHAM
WYLIE, F.M. 18 Sep 1865 J.J. LANE, J.W. LANE, Thomas J. LITTLETON, Jesse M. LITTLETON