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This is part of the Map of the Hiwassee District, taken from a Survey, 1851. Due to the size of the map, we are only able to include the Roane County part and parts of Meigs, McMinn and Monroe Counties.

The land was surveyed into townships of 6 square miles, comprised of 36 sections of one square mile or 640 acres. Each section was divided into 4 quarter sections, NW, NE, SW, SE. Each quarter section contained 160 acres. If a township did not have all 36 sections, then it is referred to as a fractional township. Under "Kingston" is the Principal Meridian. From this point, you can see the ranges, R1W, R1E, R2E, etc. to the right and left of the Principal Meridian at 6 mile intervals. The township numbering on this map is incorrect. The original map, without any township numbering,  is on display at the old courthouse. Each township was numbered beginning at the north in each range. In the first range west, the townships were numbered: Fractional Township 1 (FT1), Township 1 (TS1), Township 2 (TS2), Township 3 (TS3), etc.


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