Roane County Marriages index

Marriages From the Loose Papers
Submitted by Robert L. Bailey.

These "new" marriages are all of the marriages that have been found
in the loose papers and were not previously recorded.

Enoch WILLETT to Milly HOUSTON, Bond dated 22 Oct
1804. Bondsman: James WILLETT. License Missing.

Noah STAFFORD to Sally BLACKWELL, married "Shortly
after the date of the license" by Jesse BYRD, JP. License
dated 5 Nov 1806.

Randal SIMS to Nancy PICKETT, Bond dated 25 Jun 1811.
Bondsman: John KENELY. License missing.

John McCAMPBELL to Nancy CLARK, Bond dated 12 Dec
1811. Bondsman: James TRIMBLE. License missing.

Michael ARNOLD to Fanny FUNK, Bond dated 3rd June
1813. Bondsman: Andrew LOWER. License missing.

Patterson ROGERS to Betsey LONG, Bond dated 21 Sep
1815. Bondsman: John WAREN. License missing.

Francis BENTON to Nancy COOLY, married 28 Mar 1820 by
James McMULLIN, J.P.

John MOORE to Charity McDANIEL, married "shortly after
the date of the within license" (License dated 21 Nov 1820)
by Jesse BYRD, J.P.

Williamson PITMAN to Sally MELTON, Bond dated 24 Sep
1821. Bondsman: Moses WHITE. License missing.

Robert MORRIS to Peggy FINLY, married 8 Aug 1822 by
James McMULLIN, J.P.

Robert STOW to Polly JOHNSON, Bond dated 11 Sep 1822.
Bondsmen: Peter JOHNSON & Isaac WALKER. License

Isaiah SELLERS to Nancy TODD, Bond dated 22 Oct 1822.
Bondsman: Holston TODD.

John ENGLAND to Polly CLATON, Bond dated 6 Mar 1823.
Bondsman: John HILL. License missing.

John MURREY to Anny HARVESTER(?), Bond dated 15 Dec
1823. Bondsman: Sollaman COPELAND. License missing.

David WALKER to Polly STULTS, Bond dated 23 Aug 1824.
Bondsman: William GAY. License missing.

David WHITE to Catharine DAVIS, 20 Mar 1825 (lic. 17 Mar
1825) by (blank).

Amos SHARP to Martha DONNALL(?), Bond dated 13 Nov
1825. Bondsmen: Lenoard BROCK & L.B. ROBERTS.
License missing.

HACKLER, John to Rebecca MOORE, married (date
illegible, licence issued 28 Aug 1826) by James BLAKE,

James MAGUFFEE to Othena HURT, Bond dated 4 Jan
1827. Bondsman: Albert HURT. License missing.

Reuben LEWIS to Leacey ACORD, Bond dated 4 Oct 1827.
Bondsmen: Covington ALLEN & Patrick EVANS. License

James AKIN to Elendor WHITE, Bond dated 30 Jan 1828.
Bondsman: George WHITE. License missing.

Robert BURK to Phebe HARTLEY, married (date illegible,
license dated 24 Jan 1829) by (illegible).

Thomas NESMITH to Elizabeth ROBERTS, married 29 Jan
1829 by William MAGILL, J.P.

Enoch GREEN to Isabella EDWARDS, married 20 Oct 1830
by Solomon GEREN, JP.

Benjamin DUNNAGIN to Betsey WOODS, Bond dated 17
Jan 1831. Bondsman: Stephen FORTSON. License missing.

James HAM(?) to Martha HARRIS, Bond dated 6 Oct 1831.
Bondsman: A.C. PRICE. License missing.

Peter ANDERSON to Unitha RICE, Bond dated 2 Jul 1833.
Bondsman: Wm. RICH. License missing.

James HURST to Sarah JONES, Bond dated 2 Aug 1833.
Bondsman: Wm. BREEDEN. License missing.

Wm. SCOTT to Mehala SCOTT, Bond dated 8 Apr 1834.
Bondsman: Erasmus L. HARRISON. License missing.

Wm. H. MOORE to Martha S. WILKINS, Bond dated 4 Sep
1834. Bondsman: John H. TALLEY. License missing.

William HAWKES to Sally BOWERS, Bond dated 12 Oct
1834. Bondsman: Robert CARTER. License missing.

The following Roane County marriage comes from the
Tennessee State Library and Archives, Manuscript
division, Manuscript Section Ac. No. 230.

Abraham McCLELLAN to Jane P. WALKER, Bond dated 15
Aug 1815. Bondsman: Ambrose TOOMY. License missing.