Civil War Index

Tennessee Confederate Pension Applications
(Roane, Loudon, Morgan & Cumberland Counties)
Compiled by  Robert Bailey

This Index to Tennessee Confederate Pension applications is compiled from Index to Tennessee Confederate Pension Applications published by Tennessee State Library and Archives, 1964. Copies of these applications may be obtained from The Tennessee State Library and Archives. Tennessee passed a law in 1891 that set up a Board of Pension Examiners. This board decided if the applicant was incapable of "making a support" and if his service was honorable. Confederate pensions were granted to former soldiers that resided in Tennessee rather than the state from which they served. Therefore, there are many soldiers who served from other states. In 1905, widow's pensions were issued.

Soldier's Applications (Widow's Applications list follows, below)

ABBOTT, Sterling S., 8343, Roane, Thomas Legion, N.C.

ADAMS, William L., 693, Loudon, 3rd Inf.

AIKEN, John G., 5067, Loudon, Undetermined

ALDERSON, T.J., 6807, Morgan, 2nd VA Cav.

ALEXANDER, W.M., 7567, Roane, 60th NC Inf

ALLISON, William D., 1361, Roane, 16th Inf.

BACON, John H., 463, Roane, 2nd Cav.

BALLEW, George, 2804, Loudon, 1st S.C. Inf.

BATES, Noah, 14459, Morgan, 39th N.C. Inf.

BEARD, Hugh L., 6709, Roane, 7th Inf.

BILLINGSLEY, B.F., 639, Loudon, 62nd Inf.

BILLINGSBY, James A., 3434, Roane, 34rd Inf.

BOGART, H.W., 856, Loudon, 62nd Inf.

BRADBERRY, E., 734, Loudon, 31st VA Inf

BREEDEN, Rufus S., 5391, Loudon, 62nd Inf.

BROWN, Joseph M., 2505, Roane, 5th Cav.

BROWN, L.B., 5625, Cumberland, 28th Inf.

BROWN, W.L., 7680, Roane, 18th GA Inf.

BULLEN, Ben, 12451, Roane, 63rd Inf.

BUTLER, M.D.F., 4796, Roane, Thomas' Legion, N.C.

CABLE, W.D., 10305, Loudon, 14th Inf.

CADE, G.W., 15971, Roane, 10th Cav.

CAMPBELL, Thomas I., 5963, Roane, 59th Inf.

CARROLL, Marcus C., 3451, Roane, 4th (McLemore's) Cav.

CATES, John, 945, Roane, 26th Inf.

COLEY, W.F., 11714, Roane, 5th (McKenzie's) Cav.

COOLEY, John M, 12229, Loudon, 16th Bn. Cav.

COPENHAVER, Henry, 9762, Roane, 63rd VA Inf.

COX, Hardie, 9910, Cumberland, 16th Bn. (Neal's) Cav.

CRABTREE, Ewell, 12408, Roane, 5th Cav.

CRESS, A.J., 7062, Loudon, 3rd Engineer Troops

DENTON, John H., 14967, Roane, 16th Inf.

DICKERSON, Isaiah, 2126, Roane, 26th Inf.

DOUGHERTY, M.B., 7757, Roane, 63rd Inf.

DURHAM, J.S., 357, Roane, 26th Inf.

ELLIS, William F., 15049, Roane, 16th (Neal's) Bn. Cav.

ELMORE, Alfred, 13310, Cumberland, 28th Inf.

ERVIN, Andy J., 1273, Roane, 1st Inf.

FAIRCHILD, J.B., 11738, Morgan, 2nd (Ashby's) Cav.

FARMER, John F., 14157, Roane, McClung's Battery Art.

FINE, Elijah, 14051, Loudon, 1st (Carter's) Cav.

FLETCHER, Jacob, M., 2085, Morgan, 64th VA Inf.

FRANCIS, Thomas W., 11646, Loudon, 63rd Inf.

FROST, White, 2305, Cumberland, 28th Inf.

FULLER, H.R., 15455, Roane, 16th Bn. Cav.

FULLER, O.B., 9031, Roane, 43rd Inf.

GALLAHER, A.H., 13434, Loudon, 2nd (Ashby's) Cav.

GILBERT, J.R., 1127, Loudon, 26th Inf.

GILES, J.M., 2418, Roane, 54th NC Inf.

GLASS, Alexander, 748, Cumberland, 22nd NC Inf.

GOODEN, A.J., 5499, Loudon, 63rd Inf.

GRAHAM, C.C. 12040, Cumberland, 40th Ala. Inf.

GRAHAM, William, 4510, Cumberland, 40th Ala. Inf.

GRANT, Thomas, 14616, Morgan, 25th NC Inf.

GREEN, Henry P., 15647, Roane, 26th Inf.

GUFFEE, H.S., 8206, Loudon, 5th Cav.

HALL, Jesse J.A., 2482, Roane, 22nd GA Inf.

HAMBRIGHT, Aaron W., 9929l, Loudon, 1st GA Inf.

HAMILTON, T.J., 9084, Roane, 63rd Inf.

HANNAH, A.L., 14744, Roane, 25th N.C. Inf.

HARDIN, Cornelius, 4355, Roane, 3rd N.C. Inf.

HARTSELL, Joseph, 14109, Roane, 64th N.C. Inf.

HATFIELD, George Gibson, 1257, Loudon, 5th Cav.

HICKEY, James P., 520, Roane, 26th Inf.

HILL, O.P., 160, Loudon, 2nd Inf.

HOLLOWAY, William T., 1491, Roane, 16th Inf.

HOLMES, J.R., 15708, Roane, 5th (McKenzie's) Cav.

HOOD, Thomas, L., 16665, Roane, 5th (McKenzie's) Cav.


HUNT, David N., 6809, Roane, 59th Inf.

HUTCHINSON, Auston P., 4483, Roane, 54th VA Inf.

HUTCHKISS, J.J., 854, Loudon, 62nd Inf.

ISBELL, M.S., 11303, Loudon, 3rd (Lillard's) Mtd. Inf.

JOHNSON, B.C., 4925, Loudon, 25th N.C. Inf.

JONES, John J., 14756, Roane, 61st Inf.

JORDAN, P.C., 7167, Morgan, 49th Inf.

KELLY, J.H., 6463, Roane, 43rd Inf.

KENDRICK, Rufas Franklin, 9032, Roane, 16th Bn. (Neal's) Cav.

KERR, W.H., 12190, Loudon, 2nd (Ashby's) Cav.

KIMBROUGH, R.M., 10862, Roane, 16th Inf.

KING, William, 8864, Loudon, 24th VA Inf.

KINSER, T.J., 10628, Loudon, 2nd Cav.

LAKIN, John, 7946, Roane, 37th Inf.

LAWSON, N.F., 11986, Morgan, 1st (Carter's) Cav.

LEGG, Isaac W., 1980, Roane, 63rd Inf.

LESLIE, Hamilton W., 7478, Roane, 45th VA Inf.

LESTER, James H., 15699, Morgan, 16th VA Inf.

LONG, John, 895, Loudon, 2nd (Walker's) Inf.

LYLES, John, 12244, Loudon, 62nd Inf.

McBEE, J.M., 7389, Morgan, 1st Cav.

McCARRELL, William, 883, Loudon, 43rd Inf.

McDANIEL, James N., 12603, Roane, 16th Bn. (Neal's) Cav.

McDANIEL, William T., 2826, Roane, 3rd Inf.

McELWEE, W.E., 15530, Roane, 26th Inf.

McNABB, Richard, 905, Loudon, 3rd Inf.

MAHONEY, William, 3257, Roane, 3rd Engineer Troops

MAJORS, John, 4287, Roane, 43rd Inf.

MANIS, E.A., 4087, Roane, 2nd Cav.

MARTIN, Benjamin H., 15962, Roane, 39th GA Inf.

MASON, Harrison, 8026, Roane, 58th N.C. Inf.

MILES, John, 16172, Loudon, 37th Inf.

MITCHELL, J.C., 10776, Loudon, Ramsey's Battery, Lt. Art.

MONTGOMERY, J.J., 13192, Loudon, 63rd Inf.

MOORE, William J., 5571, Roane, 7th N.C. Inf.

MORRISON, M.L., 12387, Roane, 5th (McKenzie's) Cav.

MORRISON, Thomas B., 8104, Roane, 5th Cav.

MOUNGER, James, 13193, Loudon, 16th Bn. (Neal's) Cav.

ORVINGS, William M., 1999, Roane, 1st Cav.

OWENS, William, 864, Loudon, 43rd Inf.

OWINGS, J.G., 8236, Roane, 1st Cav.

OWINGS, William M., 1999, Roane, 1st (Carter's) Cav.

PATTERSON, William, 3327, Roane, 59th Inf.

PATTON, Henry T., 10556, Roane, 61st Inf.

PENLAND, Thomas, 16540, Loudon, Jones' GA Inf.

PERRIN, A.J., 11424, Loudon, 12th Bn. Cav.

PORTER, James, 3974, Loudon, 29th Inf.

PRESTON, Jesse, 14859, Roane, 62nd Inf.

PROFFITT, George E., 8106, Roane, 5th Cav.

QUARLES, Benjamin, 4113, Roane, 16th Bn., Cav.

RAULSTON, Michael, 12220, Roane, 62nd Inf.

RAY, Hugh, 7035, Roane, 16th Bn. (Neal's) Cav.

RAY, William, 12792, Roane, 62nd Inf.

RENFRO, Henry A., 14974, Morgan,32nd GA Inf.

RUSSELL, John W., 14136, Roane, 64th VA Cav.

RUSSELL, W.R., 9933, Loudon, 19th Inf.

SELVAGE, John, 3231, Roane, 16th Cav.

SHIPLEY, James, 2540, Loudon, 59th Inf.

SHERRELL, Adam, 2102, Cumberland, 2nd Cav.

SHERRELL, Andrew, 2103, Cumberland, 2nd Cav.

SHOOK, Jonathan W., 6106, Roane, 65th GA Inf.

SIMPSON, George F., 11213, Loudon, 59th Inf.

SLAGLE, J.H., 5236, Roane, 43rd Inf.

SLIGER, Asa, 10522, Loudon, 43rd Inf.

SMALLEN, James K., 5930, Loudon, 3rd (Lillard's) Mtd. Inf.

SMALLEN, S.M., 3544, Loudon, 62nd Inf.

SMITH, J.K., 4773, Roane, 2nd (Ashby's) Cav.

SMITH, John H., 8189, Roane, 28th Inf.

SMITH, Thomas A., 11166, Roane, Thomas'Legion, N.C.

SMITH, W.G., 2661, Roane, 28th Inf.

SOWARD, Henry W., 10820, Roane, 63rd Inf.

SPARKS, Nicholas, 3853, Cumberland, 25th Inf.

SPARKS, S.J., 5387, Loudon, 2nd Cav.

STEVENSON, Henry C., 8111, Roane, 5th S.C. Inf.

TALLEY, John W., 199, Loudon, 43rd Inf.

THOMAS, G.S., 7543, Roane, 64th VA Cav.

THOMSON, W.P., 5230, Loudon, 65th GA Inf.

THURSTON, Edward, 13914, Loudon, 26th Inf.

TILLEY, Jeremiah C., 12165, Roane, Welker's Bn., Cav.

TOWNSEND, A.W., 16642, Morgan, 10th (Johnson's) Ky. Cav.

TUCKER, S.H., 4474, Morgan, 44th Inf.

TURNER, D.C., 7166, Cumberland, 28th Inf.

VENABLE, James W., 11905, Roane, 8th VA Cav.

WALKER, John H., 1919, Roane, 26th Inf.

WALLER, J.L., 12442, Roane, 19th Inf.

WALLER, John P., 3331, Roane, 63rd Inf.

WELCH, Preston J., 7744, Roane, 2nd Cav.

WHALEN, G.J., 6886, Roane, 1st (Carter's) Cav.

WILKERSON, William H., 14364, Loudon, 63rd Inf.

WILSON, John, 8879, Loudon, 1st Cav.

WILSON, Matthew G., 15404, Loudon, 1st Regt. Hvy. Art.

WILSON, Samuel M., 5222, Loudon, 43rd Inf.

WIRYCK, Jams A., 2038, Roane, 62nd Inf.

WOODY, Alexander, 2312, Cumberland, 16th Bn., Cav.

WOODY, Harrison, 16285, Cumberland, 28th Inf.

WOODY, James, 12800, Roane, 62nd Inf.

WRIGHT, A., 3474, Roane, Thomas' Legion, N.C.

WRIGHT, T.C., 4732, Roane, Thomas' Legion, N.C.

WRIGHT, William J., 13293, Roane, Kain's Battery, Lt. Art.

WYCUFF, James K.P., Loudon, 62nd Inf.

WYNATT, Ganum, 5220, Roane, 1st Cav.

YATES, Columbus, 11065, Loudon, 6th GA Cav.

YATES, J.K.P., 4309, Roane, 16th Cav.

YATES, Robert H., 657, Loudon, 21st VA Inf.

YOUNGBLOOD, J.A., 6908, Roane, 23 GA Inf.

Widow's Applications

ADAMS, Nancy, 11024, Cumberland, ADAMS, R. Thomas.

AGEE, Francis, 8062, Cumberland, AGEE, L.N.

ALDERSON, Emma Susan, 6258, Morgan, ALDERSON, Thomas John.

ALEXANDER, Mary Elizabeth, 4321, Loudon, ALEXANDER, Robert Hinton.

BACON, Jane, 441, Roane, BACON, John Harrison.

BAKER, Mary E., 1102, Cumberland, BAKER, Samuel.

BANDY, Margaret, 2465, Cumberland, BANDY, T.E.

BOGART, Frances Eveline, 6572, Loudon, BOGART, Henry Madison

BOGLE, Elizabeth Cox, 10321, Loudon, BOGLE, John C.M.

BOND, Rachel, 11027, Loudon, BOND, James Houston.

BROOKS, Elizabeth, 3545, Roane, BROOKS, Thomas R.

BROWDER, Sallie Elizabeth, 6774, Roane, BROWDER, John Franklin.

BROWN, Abbie, 4175, Cumberland, BROWN, Jackson Van Buren.

BROWN, Ann, 8442, Loudon, BROWN, George Washington.

BROWN, Irene Harris, 8765, Roane, BROWN, William L.

BROWN, Matilda M., 297, Roane, BROWN, Thomas.

BURDETT, Eliza Hume, 10633, Loudon, BURDETT, George Madre.

COPELAND, Sarah A., 3658, Cumberland, COPELAND, S.A.

COX, Mary Ann, 8627, Cumberland, COX, David.

CRABTREE, Nancy, 8472, Roane, CRABTREE, Ewell.

CRABTREE, Sarah, 2498, Roane, CRABTREE, William.

CRESS, Mary E., 6510, Loudon, CRESS, Andrew J.

DODSON, Martha, 7833, Morgan, DODSON, Henry.

DURHAM, Columbia A., 5413, Roane, DURHAM, James A.

ELDRIDGE, Francis, 4622, Cumberland, ELDRIDGE, John.

FINE, Mollie L., 7794, Loudon, FINE, Elijah.

FULLER, Martha, 7507, Roane, FULLER, O.B.

GALLAHER, Francis Louisa, 7145, Loudon, GALLAHER, Albert Hugh.

GALLAHER, Martha E., 5721, Roane, GALLAHER, David Houston.

GEAGLEY, Hannah M., 6980, Loudon, GEAGLEY, Henry.

GILES, Delia, 6018, Roane, GILES, Lydney (Sydney?) Lafayette.

GILES, Olive, 6318, Roane, GILES, James M.

GIST, Nancy, 1944, Cumberland, GIST, John.

GRANT, Susan Ann, 10399, Morgan, GRANT, Thomas V.

GUNTER, Dorthula, 5060, Morgan, GUNTER, Pleasant Calvin.

HAMBY, Kate, 8753, Cumberland, HAMBY, Albert N.

HAMBY, Nancy Frances, 7221, Cumberland, William Anderson.

HENNESSEE, Symantha Elizabeth, 9950, Cumberland, HENNESSEE, Scott Patrick.

HILL, Mary, 3845, Loudon, HILL, Oliver Perry.

HOLLADAY, Mary Ellen, 5407, HOLLADAY, Robert Alexander.

HUDDLESTON, Mary Elizabeth, 7140, Roane, HUDDLESTON, William Washington.

HYDER, Martha, 4151, Cumberland, HYDER, Jasper.

ISBILL, Louisa Jane, 5678, Loudon, ISBILL, Marcus Lafayette.

JONES, Mary Adleine, 4926, Cumberland, JONES, B.F.M.

JONES, Mary J., 7977, Roane, JONES, John J.

JONES, Sarah Amelia, 6877, Loudon, JONES, Eli Cleveland.

KERR, Mildred Mollisse, 10088, Loudon, KERR, William H.

KNOX, Susan M., 804, Roane, KNOX, Samuel.

LIndexR, Mary Lovetta, 5956, Cumberland, LIndexR, George Washington.

McBEE, Mary Christine, 7064, Roane, McBEE, John Montgomery.

McCARTY, Eliza, 10916, Morgan, McCARTY, James Carmichael.

McDANIEL, Addie, 6384, Roane, McDANIEL, James Nathaniel.

McDANIEL, Margaret A., 1207, Roane, McDANIEL, William Toliver.

McDUFFIE, Sallie, 3184, Loudon, McDUFFIE, Robert Newton.

MARTIN, Mattie Jane, 11098, Roane, MARTIN, Benjamin Harley.

MEEK, Eliza J., 3355, Roane, MEEK, James H.

MESSER, Elizabeth Jane, 9477, Roane, MESSER, John.

MILES, Nancy Ann, 9181, Loudon, MILES, John.

MONGER, Sarah R., 4144, Loudon, MONGER, Wiley H.

MONTGOMERY, Elizabeth Caroline, 4432, Roane, MONTGOMERY, E.C.

MORRISON, Catherine Brown, 8973, Roane, MORRISON, Marquis Lafayette.

MYATT, Elizabeth, 1346, Cumberland, MYATT, John C.

PATTERSON, Martha, 102, Morgan, PATTERSON, Robert E.

PATTON, Sallie B., 9435, Roane, PATTON, Henry Thomas.

PAUL, Tennessee C., 5099, Loudon, PAUL, Meredith M.

PENLAND, Florence Osborne, 9777, Loudon, PENLAND, Thomas.

PERRIN, Eliza Catherine Hull, 8209, Loudon, PERRIN, Andrew J.

PRESSLEY, Deborah, 1168, Roane, PRESSLEY, G.W.

PYOTT, Alice, 7978, Roane, PYOTT, Henry Clay.

RAINS, Mary Ann, 8112, Cumberland, RAINS, James M.

RAY, Susan, 4992, Loudon, RAY, William.

ROBINSON, Martha L., 8696, Roane, ROBINSON, Elbert E.

RUSSELL, Maggie Beck, 7213, Roane, RUSSELL, J.W.

SCARBROUGH, Mary Jane, 8509, Roane, SCARBROUGH, Johnathan Mose.

SHANKLE, Rachel N., 4787, Roane, SHANKLE, P.H.

SHERRELL, Nancy, 3272, Cumberland, SHERRELL, Andrew.

SMITH, Barbara Jane, 10915, Roane, SMITH, William.

SMITH, Elizabeth, 5074, Roane, SMITH, Thomas A.

SMITH, Julia J., 1343, Roane, SMITH, William G.

THURSTON, Sarah, 8207, Loudon, THURSTON, Edward.

TILLY, Mary L., 9, Roane, TILLY, William M.

TREADWAY, Mary Jane, 2995, Roane, TREADWAY, Levi Jackson.

TURNER, Armilda, 3032, Cumberland, TURNER, D.C.

VENABLE, Sarah Elizabeth, 7843, Morgan, VENABLE, James W.

WALKER, Nancy, 256, Roane, WALKER, Charles.

WALKER, Sarah E., 4371, Roane, WALKER, John H.

WALLACE, Jane, 1519, Roane, WALLACE, William.

WALLER, Eliza, 3622, Loudon, WALLER, Hardin.

WALLER, Lucinda Matilda, 9306, Roane, WALLER, George Pickell.

WHEELOCK, Mary Caroline, 2105, Loudon, WHEELOCK, Noah Wilburn.

WIERICK, Sarah, 2115, Roane, WIERICK, George W.

WILLIS, Texana, 7229, Roane, WILLIS, John M.

WILSON, Lucendia Coldonia, Loudon, WILSON, John H.

WOODY, Polly Ann, 2134, Cumberland, WOODY, Preston Alexander.

WRIGHT, Anna, 10778, Roane, WRIGHT, W.J.

WRIGHT, Clementine, 7310, Roane, WRIGHT, A.

YATES, Elizabeth, 4579, Loudon, YATES, Columbus.

YOUNGBLOOD, Mary A., 7749, Roane, YOUNGBLOOD, J.A.

Colored Soldier's Applications

LIGGETT, R.M., 160, Roane, 2nd Cav.

SCHOOLFIELD, H.M., 112, Roane, Undetermined.