Compiled by Robert L. Bailey

After the Civil War, there are several court cases in which former Rebel sympathizers were sued for damages to property and person. These are examples of such cases. As time permits, more of these cases will be transcribed and posted.

Deposition of Lewis C. KNIGHT, age about 25 years, at Murfreesboro, Rutherford County, TN, 15 Jan 1867.

Ques. 1st by Defendants counsel: Were you or not in company with William A. HENLY at the time Col. J.C. VAUGHN of the late Confederate army, was with his command, on their march from Montgomery in Morgan county Tenn. to Kingston in Roane County, Tenn.?

Answer: I was.

Ques. 2nd by same: Did Col. VAUGHN make more than one march between the places above mentioned?

Answer: He did not that I knew of.

Ques. 3rd: Do you know of his having, with his command, encamped on that march, on the land of the plaintiff William ELLIS?

Answer: They did. The had struck camp as HENLY & myself passed by on our return home to Roane county.

Ques. 4th: Did William A. HENLY have any conversation with Col. VAUGHN or any of his command, as to when they would encamp the time you passed them as above stated?

Answer: The did not that I knew of.

Ques. 5th: If William A. HENLY had held conversation on that subject, with Col. VAUGHN or any of his command, would you have been likely to have heard it?

Answer: I think that I would as I was with HENLY during the whole trip home.

Ques. 7th (sic): State when you and Wm. A. HENLY staid the night Col. VAUGHN camped on ELLIS' land?

Answer: At the widow SUDDATH HENLEYS mother in law, four or five miles from where they encamped.


Deposition of Susan H. BRIENT, of Melrose, Clark Co., Illinois, age 30 years, 12 Oct 1868

1st Question by Plaintiff: Mrs. BRIENT. Please state where you and with whom you lived during the late Rebellion?

Answer: At William ELLISES in Roan county Tennessee

Question second by same: Please state whether or not you are acquainted with the plaintiff and defendant in this suit?

Answer: I am well acquainted with the said parties.

3rd Question by same: State whether or not you know of any case made by the so called confederate soldiers during the late war from Kingston Roane County Tennessee to the Mountain counties of Morgan & Scott in said state? commanded by General LEADBETTER or VAUGHN?

Answer: I know of a rade made by Col. LEDBETER & Col. VON.

4th Question by same: State whether any part of such command encamped on its advance or return upon the farm of the plaintiff If so, how many and when was it.

Answer: All of them camped on the saide plaintif farm there was two Redgments.

5th Question by same: State what these soldiers did? Whether or not they took any food or forage or property of any kind from the plaintiff if so, the kind quantity & value.

Answer: Tha Burnt the fences kild all gess & chickens cared oats out of the barne to make bedes to lie on cared a large wagon & oxen grate meny Famleys from Morgan county and between twenty and thirty wagons & Teames fed that night & fed next morning there was four hundred Cavalry Fed all so the amount fed I think was worth from eight hundred to a thousand dollars.

6th Question by same: State whether the defendant was along with these soldier, or not.

Answer: The defendant was with them.

7th Question: State what part the defendant took in this raid and encampment and what you saw him do and heard him say at the plaintiffs house?

Answer: he the said defendant tole them fead plenty there was know one lived there but a D. old Linkite.

8th Question by same: State if you know whether he was a citizen or a soldier?

Answer he the said defendant was a Sitison


Affidavit of Martha ELLIS, witness for plaintiff, age about eighty years, 25 Jun 1867

Question by 1st by plaintiff: Are you acquainted with Wm. ELLIS the plaintiff in this case and Wm. A. HENLEY the defendant.

Answer: Yes. Wm. ELLIS is my son I was acquainted with Wm. A. HENLEY for several years before the war.

Question 2nd by Plaintiff: State what you know in relation to Wm. A. HENLEY coming to the house of Wm. ELLIS in company with a regiment of Rebel Soldiers and at what time whether he was in Company with the soldiers in such position as to talk with them.

Answer: Wm. A. HENLEY was at the house of Wm. ELLIS about the 6th of April 1861 when a regiment of rebel soldiers were there under the command of J. VAUGHN Wm. A. HENLEY was in the porch when I first saw him setting in a cheare thare ware several soldars around him when he was in it.

Question 3rd by Plaintiff: Were there not a quantity of cavalry at the house of Wm. ELLIS that evening who fed of the fodder oats, corn and how many you think there were and how man Infantry there were with Col. VOUGN and whether the[y] took anything if so what was it.

Answer: Thare ware a number of cavalry they said five hundred who fed ther horses on corn fodder and oats in they corner of the fence along the lain I suppose thare ware three or four hundred infantry with Col. VAUGHN he camped thare that night in they lots and about they house they next moving when they left they tuck off one waggen and yoake of oxen of his thare was a number of sitizen from the mountain men women and children with them he had waggons and teams who fed there that night and next morning the woman and children staid in the house that night thare was several men staid in the house and amoung them was a man the cald Col. VAUGHN.

Question 4th by plaintiff: What want your the Forage and property taken worth.

Answer: thare was a good deal of forage in corn fodder and oats taken fed and destroid I can say how much nor how much it was worth further this deponent saith not.