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Compiled by Robert L. Bailey

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Note: For more information on this regiment, see "Tennesseans In The Civil War", Part I, pages 385-387.  This list of soldiers is compiled from Microfilm Copy No. 395, Rolls No. 154-155.

The 5th Tennessee Infantry was organized at Barboursville, Kentucky, March 28, 1862. Mustered out at Nashville, March 29 through June 30, 1865. Companies A, B, D, and F are made up mostly of Roane County soldiers.

Officers were:
Colonel - James T. SHELLEY
Lieutenant Colonels - Freemorton YOUNG, Charles C. McCALEB, Nathaniel WITT
Majors - Charles C. McCALEB, Joseph D. TURNER, David G. BOWERS.
Captains - Company "A" - David G. BOWERS, Samuel P. EVANS. Enrolled at Kingston, Roane County, February 25; mustered in March 28, 1863; mustered out April 4, 1865
Captains - Company "B" - Freemorton YOUNG, Daniel T. PETERMAN, R. Clay CRAWFORD, James R. THOMPSON. Enrolled at Barboursville, February 25; mustered in March 6, 1862; mustered out March 30, 1865
Captains - Company "D" - Joseph D. TURNER, David C. SPARKS. Enrolled at Barboursville, February 26; mustered in March 28, 1862; mustered out March 30, 1865.
Captains - Company "F" - Jacob S. HAGLER, John N. HAGGARD, Edwin F. WILEY. Enrolled at Barboursville, February 25; mustered in March 28, 1862; mustered out March 29, 1865.


BALDWIN, Jesse W.H. (age 29 years) - Born Knox Co., TN.
BILLINGS, Jasper (age 23)
BOWERS, David G. (age 35)
BOWERS, Samuel V. (age __)
BRACKET, John R. (d. 19 Jun 1862 at Camp Pine Knot, Tenn.)
BRACKET, Josiah (age 22) - Born Bradley Co., TN
BRACKETT, Thomas (age 27) - Born Roane Co., TN
BRADSHAW, Abraham (age 23) - Born VA; Nearest relative - J.C BRADSHAW
BREEDEN, John R. (age 18) - Killed in Battle Near Resaca, Ga, 12 or 14 May 1864
BREWER, Joseph (age 21) - Born in Moroe Co., TN.
BREWER, Joses (age 22) - Father was James BREWER, Loudon, TN - may be Joseph above?
BREWER, William T. (age 23)
BROWN, John G. (age 28)
BURNETT, Samuel H. (age 22)
BYRAM (BYRUM), Joel (age 27)
CALVAHOUSE, John N. (age 26) - Born Grainger Co., TN.
CAMPBELL, Moses T. (age 23) - Died 7 Feb 1863 at Nashville, Tennessee.
CAMPBELL, William H.G. (age 25)
CANNON, James (age 18)
CARTER, Randolph (age 40) - Born Rowan (sic) Co., TN.
CARTER, Wm. E. (age 18)
COLE, George W. (age 23)
COLLINS, Lewis M. (age 26)
COOLEY, James M. (age 52)
CRAWFORD, William J. (age 27)
CRISP, Hamilton (Hambleton) (age 18) - Born in Blount Co., TN.
CROCKETT, David R. (age 22)
CULVAHOUSE, William S. (age 19)
CULVEYHOUSE, Anderson (age 18)
CULVEYHOUSE, William (age 31)
CULVEYHOUSE, Elias W. (age 34)


BARNARD, George W. (age 35)
BARNAWELL (BARNWELL), Isaac J. (age 30)
BARAWELL, (BARNWELL), Weatherson G. (also as Wm. G.) (age 26) - Born Anson Co., N.C.
BELL, Doctor S. (age 33)
BLAIR, Samuel T. (age 29)
BRANAM, William T. (age 18)
BRASHEARS, Lorenzo D. (age 47)
BRASHEARS, Josiah (age 55)
BRASHEARS, Joseph (age 56) - Born in Roane Co., TN. Same as Josiah?
BURNS, Henry W. (age 22)
BURNETT, Thomas (supposed to have died about 20 Dec 1864 at Camp Blacksheart near Thomasville, Ga.)
BUTLER, William J. (age 25) - Born in Anderson Co., TN.
CAGLEY, Isaac (age 33?) - Born in Anderson Co., TN.
COOK, John A. (age 19) - Born in Roane Co., TN
COX, Rufus (age 29)
CRAWFORD, R. Clay (age __)
CROWDER, James M. (age 18) - Born Roane Co., TN.


BABB, Abraham (age 42) - Born in Green Co., TN.
BABB, Isaac (age 40)
BABB, Joshua (age 28)
BAILEY, Henry (age 18)
BRANSON, David (age 18)
BRANSON, Henry W. (age 38)
BRAZEAL, John G. (age 31)
BROWN, Jeremiah (age 21)
BUNN, James H. (age 28)
CAMPBELL, William (age 33)
CARDWELL, Anthony W. (age 25)
CARTER, Samuel C. (age 25)
CLARK, Robert (age 21) - Born Caldwell Co., N.C.
COKER, Thomas (age 35)
COOK, James H. (died 12 March, 1865 at General Hospital, Washington, D.C.)
Letter of James H. COOK:
Camp near Murfreesboro, Rutherford County, March the 6th(?) 1863.
Dear Wife it with grate pleasure that I seat myself to write you a few lines to let you know that I am well at this time and hope when thse few lines comes to your hand they may find youd all enjoying the same gods blessing you must not look or expect any thing verry strang or good at the time for I have nothing of grate interest to declare to you at the present moment only that times to me are prosperous and promising Even at this time you have know eydia how I would like to see you and to be with you all once more during(?) of life [line illegible] I have w[r]itten several times and it is hard for me to know whether you have received one of them or not there is one thing shure I received one from you which was grate(?) pleasure to me to know that there was one on the Earth who thought so dear of me I were lifted to a grate interest in the receipt such thing and there is moore yet I got direct news from you since that I have heard from you several times the neighbor Boys coming out here that was much satisfaction to me to even tet that sort of news yet I would rather have one letter from you as to have a hundred different tails I delight in seening the workemanship of the hand or person who is so dear to me it is a greate dal(?) moore satisfaction than any other way that could be imagined that to do [line illegible] You wrote oh I mistake you sent me word something about that I owed Esqire William DEATHERAG I have got that fixed I think of it be fixed up and bargained with a man you will know it as soon as it is done and I want you to write to me soon as it is done shure to surtain to write all about the man who was to let you have the money was to let you have Southern money and I am to pay him Green back money of it and fix up that way I will send you money to pay it off your self I will send you some money the first opportunity that I think is a good one it is true I aint making money like as if I were working at home all for my self but I have got all that I have ever drawed from Government you may rest asured of that we get a plenty of ever thing we need [line illegible].  A few lines to Mother and the girl children and all for I dont want none to consider themself slited let all consider them selfs mention boath individualy and collectively to you all I want you to know that I have not forgoten you I wish I could be with you to enjoy your presents as I used to do it would be much pleasure to me I know I wish you a greate success as if I were with and moore to a many a time do I think of the pleasure of past time though it all gone it has all fled know but I do hope and pray ourselfs as we used to do so I ????? writing time write soon as you get these few lines and give me all the news of that country write direct your letter to James H. COOK and the 5th Regiment of E. Tennessee Volunteers J.T. SHELLY Collonel Commanding, so no more at present only remain you devoted husband untill Death
From James H. COOK to Mrs. Susan Evaline COOK.
COOPER, Thomas W. (age 30)
CRAWFORD, James W. (age 30)


BURNETT, Marcus D.L.
BYRD, James (age 18)
CARD, Abraham (age 26)
CARD, Zimry (age 58?) - Born Bledsoe Co., TN
CHILDRESS, Samuel L. (age 55) - Born Roane Co., TN.
COPLAND, John H. (age 21)
COPLAND, Louis (age 17) - Died 15 Feb 1865.
COPLAND, William (age 24) -
Private, Company F,  5th Regiment. Enlisted 25 February 1862, Mustered 28 March 1862; Killed in action at Resaca, Ga., 14 May 1864. 
COWARD, Dodson (age 21)