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Compiled by Robert L. Bailey

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Note: For more information on this regiment, see "Tennesseans In The Civil War", Part I, pages 385-387.  This list of soldiers is compiled from Microfilm Copy No. 395, Rolls No. 154-155.

The 5th Tennessee Infantry was organized at Barboursville, Kentucky, March 28, 1862. Mustered out at Nashville, March 29 through June 30, 1865. Companies A, B, D, and F are made up mostly of Roane County soldiers.

Officers were:
Colonel - James T. SHELLEY
Lieutenant Colonels - Freemorton YOUNG, Charles C. McCALEB, Nathaniel WITT
Majors - Charles C. McCALEB, Joseph D. TURNER, David G. BOWERS.
Captains - Company "A" - David G. BOWERS, Samuel P. EVANS. Enrolled at Kingston, Roane County, February 25; mustered in March 28, 1863; mustered out April 4, 1865
Captains - Company "B" - Freemorton YOUNG, Daniel T. PETERMAN, R. Clay CRAWFORD, James R. THOMPSON. Enrolled at Barboursville, February 25; mustered in March 6, 1862; mustered out March 30, 1865
Captains - Company "D" - Joseph D. TURNER, David C. SPARKS. Enrolled at Barboursville, February 26; mustered in March 28, 1862; mustered out March 30, 1865.
Captains - Company "F" - Jacob S. HAGLER, John N. HAGGARD, Edwin F. WILEY. Enrolled at Barboursville, February 25; mustered in March 28, 1862; mustered out March 29, 1865


DELANEY, Robert H. (age 18)
DELANEY, Thomas M. (age 18)
DENNIS, Gideon M. (age 23)
DENNIS, Henry M. (age 22)
DENNIS, Joseph (age 27)
EDWARDS, John (age 25)
EVANS, Nehemiah O. - Died 28 Apr 1862 at Barboursville, Ky of the Fever
EVANS, Patrick W. (age 18)
EVANS, Samuel P. (age 23)
FISHER, Francis M. (age 22)
GALYON, John (age 29) - Born in Roane Co., TN.
GOODMAN, James H. (age 20)
GOODMAN, Matthew (age 22)
GRAMER, George W. (age 45)
GRAYSON, William H. (age 21)
GREEN, James
GREEN, John (age 19) - Born in Monroe Co., TN
GREEN, William
GREEN, William F. (age 20) - Died 18 Oct 1862.
HENDERSON, Thomas S. (age 18)
HENSLEY, Samuel H. (age 18) - Died 11 Jul 1862 at Cumberland Gap.
HENSON (HENSAND), William H. (age 27) - Died 16 Apr 1865 at Cumberland Gap Genl. Hospital, Nashville, TN. Son of Mrs. Phillip HENSON, Loudon, TN.
HOPPER, Hans H. (age 56) - Resided New Madridbind (sic), Obion.
INMAN, John W. (age 18)
JILES, William H. (age 21 or 24). Born in Roane Co., TN. Died 12 Apr 1865 at Cumberland General Hosp., Nashville, TN. Resided Carthage, TN. Wife - Mrs. Lucy JILES, Carthage.
JOHNSON, Berry (age 20) - Born in Roane Co., TN.
JOHNSON, Thomas (age 38) - Died 11 Apr 1863 at Nashville, TN. - Wife was Nancy JOHNSON, Stone P.O., Polk Co.,TN.
JONES, William N.B. (age 25)
KELLEY, Robert M. (age 23 or 26) - Nearest Relative - D.D. KELLEY, Philadelphia, TN. Single, lived Monroe Co., TN.
KELLEY, William R. (age 29) - Born in Roane Co., TN.
KITTEREL, Francis M. (age 18)
LEWIS, John A. (age 30)
LEWIS, Thomas L. (age 18)


DELOZIER, George H. (age 29)
DOREMUS, Peter J. (age 38)
DUPEE, James (age 25)
DURRITT, Benjamin F. (age 24) - Born in Roane Co., TN.
EDWARDS, Carrick (age 25) - Died 4 May 1864 at Andersonville, GA.
EDWARDS, Ivy (age 41) - Died 2 Apr 1864 at Andersonville, GA
FRITTS, John C. (age 25)
FRITTS, Wiley H. (age 21) - Born in Roane Co., TN.
FRITTS, William N. (age 20) - Died 9 Jul 1864 at Chattanooga, TN. Born in Roane Co., TN.
FRY, Alfred M. (age 23)
GILLUM (GILLAM), John W. - Died 22 Aug 1862 at Cumberland Gap.
GOOD, Edward (age 44)
HACKER, Joel (age 45) - Died 22 Apr 1865 in Nashville Hospital.
HACKER, Joseph (age 19) - Born in Blount Co., TN.
HARVEY, George W. (age 20) - Died 4 Feb 1863 at Nashville, TN.
HENDRICKSON, Levi R. (age 19) - Born in Roane Co., TN.
HENDRICKSON, Samuel J. (age 25)
HENDRICKSON, Willis H. (age 18) - Died 20 Jan 1865 at Louisville, Ky.
HENDRIXSON, Benj. L. (age 27)
HESTER, Basil (age 27 or 29) - Died 14 Apr 1865 at U.S. Gen. Hospital, Nashville, TN. Married.
HINES, Samuel (age 37)
HUDSON, Alexander (age 35) - Born in Anderson Co., TN. Died 5 Apr 1865 at Cumberland Hospital, Nashville, TN. Wife was Charlotte HUDSON, Clinton, Anderson Co., TN.
ISHAM, George W. (age 36)
ISHAM, Jordon or Jourdan (age 18) - Died 26 Jan 1863 at Bowling Green, KY.
ISHAM, Lewis J. (age 18 or 20) - Died 5 Apr 1865 at Cumberland Genl. Hosp., Nashville, TN. Nearest Relative: Mrs. Elizabeth ISHAM, Kingston, TN.
ISHAM, William D. (age 32) - Died 30 Aug 1862 at Cumberland Gap.
ISHAM, William F. (age 19) - Born in Roane Co., TN.
JAMES, Francis (age 19)
JAMES, James W. (age 18) - Died 4 or 6 March 1865 at Wilmingston, N.C. Born in Roane Co., TN.
LANE, John J. - Also served in Company F.

Letter with documents of John J. LANE:
Near Mufreesboro Ten. Feb. 8, 1865
Major General ROSECRANS My Dear Sir I Desire to state to you that under a late order from you Headquarters to report the absence of officers absince without Leave that I am reported absent with Leave in July 1862 & also was (illegible) to which reports or charges I enter no plea of guilty of no authority from as? one else But the commander of Regt. will a sufficient authority for I did not the special authority of my Regs. commander to be absent at the time But Sir Permit me to state to you the circumstances under which I was absent. I was borned & raised in Jefferson county East Tennessee & five years ago I left that county & (illegible) to the State of arcansas when Secession & rebelion came up in that state I on account of my (illegible) Proclivity & devotion to the Federal Government and had to (illegible) this State. I left that state in Jul 1861 & came to Kingston in Roane county Tennessee & there settled my family I remained(?) till Feb. 27, 1862 At about which time the Rebel Judge (illegible) of the Circuit District refused to let me practice at the Bar as a Lawyer without taking the oath the infamous oath to support the Bogus Government which thing I very promptly refused to do in consequences of which Refusal I was abruptly insulted by a Leading Rebel & I (several words illegible) & I had to leave there & came to Kentucky I came across the mountains with from 600 to 700 hundred men & we all went to the service of the government from that time up to July (illegible) I (illegible) my hole duty as quarter master & now do? here I wish to state that at the time I left my family in Roane county ten. I had no chance to make sicable? preparation for there subsistence in an strang neighborhood without any relatives to assist them & an about the first of July 1862 I met up with a man just from my town in which my family lived he told me that my family had fell short of provisions & was in a very bad condition that they (illegible) all the money that they had on hand for provisions & that the infamous rebels had taken it all from them and that they were in a bad fix & hapened to be about 4 or 5 miles from camp at the time I met up with this man I studdied but little about consequences but sent word back By some of the boys of the (illegible) to Col. SHELLY that I had heard of grate distress of my family & that I went to their if posible & that I would be back in a short time then sir being moved by the highest (illegible) or motion known to man (illegible) country the Love and respect of his wife & children I went to their relief without special authority these was my motives for going & none others went & I sliped under the cover(?) of (illegible) Between Pickets Post of the Reble army & went into the town of Kingston & made Preparation for having my family taken care of with some of my (illegible) Friends I returned to my Regt. after an absence of 12 days I told my Col. where I had been? & what for I did not understand from him that I was faulted for doing so & was never reported upon the book or (illegible) Reports as absent with Leave then in Augst? about the time the Rebels had us surrounded at Cumberland Gap Ten. I was told by my Capt. F.W.? ADAMS Brigade (illegible) that I would have to go out as far in the country as I could & get up what I could to Enlist my Regt. that rations had run short I went out by this authority & again while I was out from the (illegible) to get up a lot of (illegible) cattle? (illegible) find? the time that (illegible) steaks? I did not ask authority of Col. SHELLY to go for the reasin that I never thought that it was necessary But fell my self called on under the circumstances that all in my Power to prevent my men from starving or suffering our? transported & trains ware all cut off what I (illegible) I these things Sir I done with Pure motive I ask you under the circumstances to be as merciful towards me in these as you can as was (illegible) circumstances your Respectfully J.J. LANE.

LEWIS, Harvey H. (age 35) - Born in Wilkes Co., N.C. Also served in Company K.
LILES, John (age 18)
LOCKET, James M. - Died 5 Oct 1863 at Chattanooga, TN
LOVE, Joseph N. (age 33)
LOWERY, William T. (age 23)


DAKE, James W. (age 18)
DAY, James L. (age 18) - Born in Roane Co., TN
DAY, Thomas A. (age 25)
DEROSSETT, Andrew L. (age 27)
DEROSSETT, John H. (age 21)
DUFF, John J. (age 20) - Born in Roane Co., TN.
ELLIS, Francis W. (age 23)
FARMER, Stephen S. (age 30) - Born in Roane Co., TN.
FERGUSON, Stephen R. (age 18)
FORD, William N. (age 20) - Died 12 Mar 1865 at Nashville, Ten. Born in Meigs Co., TN.
FRITTS, Jeremiah (age 26) - Born in Roane Co., TN.
FRITTS, Ransom (age 23)
GALYON, Calvin (age 43)
GALYON, Samuel B. (age 18) - Died 24 Apr 1864 at Nashville, TN of typhoid fever. Son of Calvin GALYON.
GREEN, George W. (age 25) - Died 22 Jun 1862 at Barboursville, KY.
GREEN, Martin (age 29) - Died 30 May 1864. Born in McMinn Co., TN.
GRUBB, James M. (age 18)
GRUBB, John S. (age 19) - Died 13 Nov or 30 Oct 1862 at Gallipolis, Ohio
HACKLER, Thomas (age 21)
HAMILTON, Hervey N. (age 43) - Died 11 Apr 1863 at Murfreesboro, TN. Born in Knox Co., TN.
HAMILTON, Samuel (age 24)
HAMILTON, William J. (age 30) - Died 23 Apr 1865 at Nashville. Married - wife, Eveline.
HAMMOND, Isaac J. (age 18) - Born in Rhea Co., TN.
HARRIS, Albert G. (age 28) - Died 23 Apr 1864 at Andersonville, GA. Captured at Post Oak Springs, 9 Nov 1863. HENDERSON, Napoleon B. (age 35)
HORNSBY, Franklin (age 23)
HORNSBY, Jasper (age 19)
HORNSBY, John (age 22)
HUFFMAN, Douthand (age 33) - Born in Roane Co., TN.
JOHNSTON, Joseph (age 30) - Born in Illinois. Died 25 Jun 1862 at Carthage, TN.
KELSAY, David C. (age 29)
KILE, Amous (Amos) H. (age 26)
LAWHORN, Joel (age 18)
LETSINGER, Daniel B. (age 33)
LILES, Peterson M. (age 21) - Born in Roane Co., TN. Son of James LILES. Single.
LITTLETON, William S. (age (blank) - Born in Roane Co., TN.
LOVEDAY, Charles C. (age 43)
LYLE, John R. (age 23 or 25) - Born in Jefferson Co., TN. Nearest Relative - Addison LYLE, Loudon, TN.


DAVIS, James C. (age 17) - Died 5 Mar 1863 at University Hospital, Nashville, TN. Born Morgan Co., TN.
DAVIS, John M. (age 19) - Died 18 Apr 1863 at Murfreesboro, TN. Born Morgan Co., TN.
DAWSON, Thomas A. (age 17) - This record is very confusing. In one place it is indicated that he was killed in action, 14 May 1864 probably at Resaca, Ga. He may not have been killed.
DUNCAN, Francis M. (age 20) - Born in Rhea Co., TN
EVANS, Evan (age 17)
GODDARD, Francis M. (age 22) b. Morgan Co., TN.
GOINS, Dodson (age __) - Died 18 Apr 1862 at Hospital, Louisville, Ky.
GRAY, Abraham W. (age 23) - Died 5 Mar 1863 at Murfreesboro, TN
GREEN, James B. (age 27) - Nearest Relative: William A. GREEN
GREER , Isah E. (age 31) - Born in Hamilton Co., TN.
GRIGORY, George W. (age 43)
GRUBB, Isaac J. (age 26)
GRUBB, Joseph (age 54) - Born in Roane Co., TN.
GRUBB, Joseph P. (age 18) - Died 14 Apr 1862 at Barbourville, KY.
GRUBB, King W. (age 15)
HAGGARD, John N. (age 23)
HAGLER, Jacob S. (age 40)
HICKMAN, Elias (age 26)
JORDAN, Ozias (age 37)
KEETH, Edmund E. (age 20)
KEETH, John P. (age 18)
KERNEL, Jessey (age 25) - Born in Anderson Co., TN.
KERNEL, William (age 27)
KOLLOCK, Joseph (age (blank))
LACY, Reuben (age 24)
LEA, Albert T. (age 24)
LETSINGER, Andrew J. (age 37)
LILES, Abner C. (age 17) - Born in Roane Co., TN.
LILES, Newton (age 32)
LIVELEY, Jordan C. (or A.) (age 43) - also served in Company K.
LIVELEY, Larkin (age 20) - Died 9 Feb 1863 at Murfreesboro, TN
LIVELY, Benjamin (age 57?) - also served in Co. K.
LIVELY, John (age 26) - Born in Anderson Co., TN. Also served in Co. K.
LIVELY, Robert (age 23) - Born in Anderson Co., TN. Also served in Co. K.
LIVELY, Wiley (age 28) - also served in Company K.

Company K (only Roane County People)

HAGGARD, George P. - Died 19 Feb 1865 at Smithville, N.C. Born in Roane Co., TN.
LILES, Benjamin C. (age 21) - Born in Roane Co., TN. Died 31 Jan 1863 at Nashville, TN.

Company G (only Roane County People)

LINE, Samuel (age 25)
LINE, William (age 35) - Born in Roane Co., TN. Died 2 Jun 1864 at Hospital in Kingston, GA.