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Mexican War Soldiers of Roane County
Compiled by Robert L. Bailey

Note: The following list of soldiers are those who enlisted at Kingston, TN, 30 Sep 1847 in Company C, 4th Infantry. Some of the soldiers may not be from Roane County but are from surrounding counties. Also, some Roane County soldiers may have enlisted in another location such as Athens. Even though there may not be a pension application, these soldiers or their widows could have applied for bounty land in the 1850's. These records come from Mexican War - Volunteer Tennessee Fourth Infantry, Microfilm Copy 638, Rolls 10 and 11.

ABSTENT [ABSTON, ABSENT], Joseph (age 22)

ACRE, Thomas J. (L.) (age 18)

ADAMS, James C. (age 21)

ADAMS, Robert (age 21)

AMOS, John (age 25), died 4 Apr 1848 at Molino del Rey, Mexico. 2 May 1853, "The declaration of Claborn M. HOTCHKISS the regular appointed Guardian of Juliann AMOS in order to obtain the benefits of the provision made by the act of congress passed the 3rd Feby 1853 granting pension to minor children in case of the marriage of the widow or mother of minors, alledges that his said ward is the only child of Rebecka AMOS who was the widow of John AMOS who died in the Services of the United States as a private in the Mexican War, that the said Rebecka was placed upon the pension list at the war department bearing the date 30th day of June 1849 that the said ward was married to Joseph BREAZEALE on the __ day of ___ 185_. That his said ward was born 25th of May 1842 which was supported by the affidavit of Hamilton GRAY and Archibald FELTS who were disinterested witnesses were sworn in open court and approved and ordered to be certified." SOURCE: County Court Minute Book (1849-1856), page 340. See also Circuit Minutes, 25 Feb 1850, page 302 & 303. There is a Mexican War Pension, A41. He married 19 Aug 1841 in Roane Co., TN, Rebecca RICH.

ARNOLD, Edward (age 21). 2 Jul 1849, "Charles F. WELCKER and Samuel L. CHILDRESS appeared in open court and after being first sworn depose and say that they were acquainted with Edward ARNOLD late a private in Captain James FREEMANS Company of the 4 Regiment of Tennessee volunteers in the war with Mexico and who is reported to have died on the 11th June 1849 in Scott County State of Illinois possessed of a military land warrant for 160 acres and they believe he died unmarried and without issue but left surviving him his father Jonas R. ARNOLD of Roane County, Tennessee. SOURCE: County Court Minute Book (1849-1856), page 5.

ARNOLD, George W. (age 22). George W. ARNOLD has a pension, WC9829. Wife was Elizabeth _____ of Missouri.

BAILEY, Cornelius M. (age 20). He is buried in the Ambrose-Williams Cemetery, Roane Co., TN.

BAILEY, Mashack (age 23)

BAILEY, Stephen (age 19), died 12 Jan 1848 at Jalapa, Mexico

BLACKWELL, David (age 24). He may have married 12 Nov 1848 in Roane Co., TN, Laney OVERTON.

BLACKWELL, Hugh (age 19)

BLEDSOE, Welcome (age 18)

BOWLING, Robert M. (age 18)

BOWLING, William (age 21)

BOWMAN, David (age 26), died 24 Feb 1848 in Hospital at Perote, Mexico

BOWMAN, James (age 22)

BRANHAM, William (age 18)

BRIGGS, John R. (age 24), died 21 Jun 1848 at New Orleans

BURKE (BURK), Isaac N. (age 26)

BYRD, Robert King (b. 2 Nov 1823 in Roane Co., TN-d. 2 May 1885 in Roane Co., TN) married Mary LEA. He is buried in the Bethel-Kingston Cemetery, Roane Co., TN.

CARDEN, Albert G. (age 23)

CARPENTER, Timothy (age 23), died 21 Jul 1848 at Memphis, Tenn.

CHILDRESS, William L. (age 27). He may have married , 17 Nov 1839 in Roane Co., TN, Minerva J. BOWLING.

CLARK, Reubin (age 22), died 5 or 18 Mar 1848 at Molino Del Rey, Mexico.

COWAN (COWIN), William (age 19), "died in V. Cruz Hosp."

CROCKETT, Claiborne (Clayborne, Clayton) C., (age 35)

DAVIS, Alexander Y. (age 21)

DEARMOND, Calhoun J. (age 21), died 5 Mar 1848 at Jalapa Hospital, Mexico.

DILWORTH, George (age 22), died 14 Jun 1848 at Encero, Mexico.

DYKE, William (age 22)

EVANS, Samuel A. (age 21)

EWING (EWENS), James G. (age 23), married 27 Dec 1849 in Roane Co., TN, Elizabeth MURPHEY. Has a pension, C6267.

FORSYTH, Abram (Abraham) C. (age 25), died 25 Feb 1848 at Perote, Mexico

FREEMAN, James (age blank)

FREEMAN, Thomas B. (age 21). He has a pension, C15068. Was of Missouri.

FULLER, George C. (age 19). Has a pension, C15452

GIDION, John W. or M. (age 33)

GILBERT, William (age 18)

GRIFFITH, James (age 19), died 5 Feb 1848 at Jalapa, Mexico.

HAGGARD, Thomas L. (age 18)

HAGLER, Andrew J. (age 22), died 24 Feb 1848 at Molino Del Rey, Mexico.

HAGLER, Jacob C. (1821-1903) married 24 Oct 1854 in Roane Co., TN, Mary D. ROBERTS. Buried Poplar Springs Cemetery, Roane Co., TN. Has a pension, C13267.

HAGLER, Jacob S. (age 26) married 15 Nov 1848 in Roane Co., TN, Harriett EVANS. Has a pension, SC7014.

HOLDWAY, Hugh B. (age 23), married in Morgan Co.,TN, Rebecca NEWPORT. Divorced in Scott Co.,TN. Is on 1850 Scott Co., TN census.

HUDSON, Henry (age 21). He has a pension, WC4469. Wife was Sarah A. ____. Was of Missouri.

HUDSON, John (age 21), died 21 Feb 1848 at Jalapa, Mexico

HUDSON, Rowling (age 19)

JENNINGS, George W. (age 21). Has a pension, WC-15574. Wife's name was Sue.

JOHNSON, Joseph (age 25), died 3 Jul 1848 at Gulf of Mexico

JONES, Isham (age 19)

JONES, James T. (age 21)

JONES, Thomas B. (age 21)

LADD, John Francis. (3 Mar 1827-13 Jan 1913). Buried Lawnville Cemetery, Roane Co., TN. He married 26 Dec 1850 in Roane Co., TN, Sarah Jane DRISKILL. Has a pension, C15932.

LEATH, Clark B. (age 19), died 15 Jun 1848 at Encero, Mexico.

LEWIS, John W. (age 19). Has a pension, C15284.

MATHIS, Jackson (age 21)

MATHIS, William (age 22)

MATTOCK, Martin (age 23)

MATNEY, Samuel (age 26) married 10 Feb 1847 in Roane Co., TN, Mary CLARK. Has a pension, WC362.

MAYFIELD, Isiah (age 22)

McCONNELL, Thomas (age 18)

McDONALD (McDONNELL), James (age 35), "Drummed out for theft."

McNABB, Philip A. (age 20), died 20 Apr 1848 at Pueblo, Mexico.

MURRY, John (age 18)

MURRY, William (age blank)

NARRAMORE, Wade H. (age 34), married 5 Jul 1835 in Roane Co., TN, Mary (Polly) TUMMINS. He has a pension, WC2073.

NEWBERRY, James (age 21), died 8 Mar 1848 at Molino Del Rey, Mexico. He never married. His brothers and sisters applied for a bounty land warrant.

PEW, James O. (age 23), d. 17 Oct 1847 at Paducah, Ill. Died "on our way from Kingston Tenn. to Memphis Tenn and buried at Memphis."

REESE, Daniel (age 26)

REESE, Isaac N. (age 22). He has a pension, SC13829. Wife's name was Lena.

REESE, John H. (age 22)

REESE, William (age 19)

RUTHERFORD, William P. (age 21)

SCARBROUGH, John R. (age 19)

SIMPSON, Harrison J. (age 37)

SMITH, Calvin G. (age 19)

SNOW, Solomon (age 18), died 1 Jun 1848 at Jalapa, Mexico.

STEPHENS, John C. (age 21). He may be the John C. STEPHENS (10 May 1826-27 Dec 1848), who is buried in the Stephens Cemetery, Morgan Co., TN.

STEPHENS, Mashack (age 19). He has a pension, SC18887. He appears to be the Meshack STEPHENS who is buried in the Stephens Cemetery, Morgan Co., TN.

STONECIPHER, Ezra (age 24), died at Perote, Mexico "date not known"

TAYLOR, Elijah (age 23), died 9 Feb 1848 at Molino Del Rey.

THOMPSON, James (age 21)

VEST [VESS], William W. (age 20). He has a pension, WA15853.

VOILS, John (age 21)

WESTER, Lewis M. (age (blank), d. in Roane Co., TN and is buried in the Bethel-Kingston Cemetery, Roane Co., TN. He has a pension, WC16292. Wife's name was Mattie.

WHTE, Wiley B. (age 22). He has a pension, SC9822.

WHITE, William (age 18)

WILLIAMS, Henry (age 21), died 5 Apr 1848 at Molino Del Rey.

WILLIAMS, William R. (age 23). He has a pension, WC4499. Wife's name was Eliza R.

WILSON, Hiram (age 23)

WORMSLEY, William (age 30). He has a pension, SC1873.

YOUNGBLOOD, Thomas (age 30)

The following are soldiers who served in the Mexican War from other areas besides Roane County.

MARTIN, Joseph B., Pvt. 1 TN Mtd. Infantry. Buried Bethel-Kingston Cemetery, Roane Co., TN. Married Mary. Has a pension, WC8435.

ROBBS, Edward W. (1827-1894), Mexican War. Buried Hinds Valley Cemetery, Roane Co., TN. Has a pension, SC19196. He appears to have served from North Carolina in the Mexican War.