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Amrose Foster Revolutionary War Pension Applications 1819
Transcribed by Robert L. Bailey

26 Oct 1819, "Ambrose FOSTER of this county came into open court & being sworn upon the holy evangelist the truth to speak deposeth that he this deponent in the autumn next before the siege called the ??? called "ninety six" (the precise day not recollected) entered and was enrolled as a private in the company of Captain John BARBOUR of the State of North Carolina in that corps or ???? of troops called minute men, militia, volunteers or liberty men raised in said State of N. Carolina during the revolutionary war to oppose the Tories & assist the continental troops again the common enemy; that the company of said Capt. BARBOUR was part of the command of Colonel William GRAHAM of state of N. Carolina; that this deponent entered in the Service of the U. States by serving in said corps from the above period of his enrolment until the Siege of York & the conclusion of the war; that his service in said corps in going in detachments against the Tories, in action as a spy & in carrying expresses almost during the whole time the war prevailed in the Southern States were arduous & as this depondent believes as useful in the services of any other private in securing the liberty of the country; this depondent states that at the end of the war he did not obtain a certificate or discharge showing the time and natured of his service in as much as it was not then expected the corps to which he belonged would or could be paid; the he has not received any compensation other for said services or by way of pension; that he is now seventy nine years of age, so infirm as to be incapable of traveling to the State of N. Carolina in order to obtain any evidence that may be yet being(?) in corroboration of this statement, & that he is too indigent to employ others to do it; that he has never heretofore applied for or obtained a pension from the United States, & hereby relinquishes all right to any except the provision made in his favor by the late acts of congress; he further states that there is no evidence of his enrollment in said volunteer corps & of his services therein now known to him & in his power to produce save only his own declaration on oath . . .

SOURCE: Roane County Court Minute Book (1819- 1821) pages 113-114.