Mortality Schedules Index

1850 Roane County, TN Mortality Schedule
Compiled by Paul W. Lemasters

Death dates begin in July 1849 and continue through June 1850.

ADAMS, Hezekiah G. (m); b. TN; age 3 mos; d. Oct; Cause: unknown.
ALLISON, Polly (f); b. VA; age 57 yrs; d. Aug; Cause: Fever.
ANDERSON, Sarah (f); b. TN; age 1 yr; d. Aug; Cause: Flux.
BAGWELL, Jonathan (m); b. NC; age 55 yrs; d. June; Cause: Despepsia; Occupation: Farmer.
BAKER, George W. (m); b. TN; age 1 mo.; d. Dec; Cause: Croup.
BAKER, John S.C. (m); b. TN; age 5 mos; d. March; Cause: Croup.
BASKETT, Wilson (m); b. TN; age 27 yrs; d. January; Cause: Consumption; Occupation:
BENGE, Mary (f); b. KY; age 40 yrs; d. June; Cause: Purpal Fever
BERRY, Peter (m); b. SC; age 64 yrs; d. Feb.; Cause: Fever
BOGART, Mary (f); b. TN; age 41 yrs; d. June; Cause: Unknown.
BREAZEALE, Hosanah (f); b. TN; age 44 yrs; d. May; Cause: Consumption.
BURK, Isaac (m); b. TN; age 27 yrs.; d. Aug; Cuase: Diarrhea.
BUTLER, Mary J. (f); b. TN; age 2 mos; d. Oct; Cause: Croup.
CAMPBELL, John (m); b. VA; age 77 yrs; d. Aug; Cause: Gravel; Occupation: Farmer.
CAMPBELL, Margarette (f); b. VA; age 66 yrs; d. July; Cause: Consumption.
CARROLL, Margaret M. (f); b. TN; age 1 mo.; d. Dec; Cause: Unknown.
CASSADAY, Abijah E. (m); b. TN; age 1 yr; d. July; Cause: Flux.
CASSADAY, Joseph (m); b. NC; age 22 yrs; d. June; Cause: Flux.
CHAPMAN, Harriet (f); b. TN; age 7 yrs; d. July; Cause: Accident.
CHRISTIAN, William (m); b. TN; age 3 yrs; d. (blank); Cuase: Dropsy.
CLARK, Benjamin (m); b. NC; age 87 yrs; d. April; Cause: Old Age; Occupation: Farmer.
COOK, George (m); b. TN; age 37 yrs; d. March; Cause: Fever; Occupation: Farmer.
COOK, Michael (m); b. (blank); age 75 yrs; d. May; Cause: Old Age.
COX, Eliza J. (f); b. TN; age 4 yrs; d. June; Cause: Fever
CRUMLESS, Hugh L. (m); b. TN; age 9 mos.; d. March; Cause: Hives.
DAVIS, John M. (m); b. TN, age 2 yrs; d. March; Cause: Bowels Inflamed.
DELOZIR, Piriera? (f); b. VA; age 66 yrs; d. October; Cause: Cancer.
EDWARDS, May J. (f); b. TN; age 42 yrs.; d. April; Cause: Fever.
ELKINS, Rebecca J. (f); b. TN; age 24 yrs; d. August; Cause; Cold.
EZELL, Sarah (f); b. TN; age 2 yrs.; d. March; Cause: Inflamed Bowels.
FIDDER?, Ann E. (f); b. TN; age 5 mos.; d. October; Cause: Hives.
FINDLY, Lucindy (f); b. (blank); age 35 yrs; d. April; Cause: Consumption
FRY, John (m); b. TN; age 2 yrs.; d. Dec.; Cause: Worms.
GALVAN [GALYON?], Martha J. (f); b. TN; age 12 yrs; d. January; Cause: Fever.
GALYON, Albert (m); b. TN; age 4 yrs; d. Nov.; Cause: Quency.
GREENE, Delilah (f); b. TN; age 31 yrs.; d. June; Cause: Purpal Fever.
HADMAN, Infant (f); b. TN; age 1 mo.; d. April; Cause: Unknown.
HARRISON, Hannah (f); b. MD; age 85 yrs.; d. October; Cause: Unknown.
HENSLEY, Nancy (f); b. VA; age 33 yrs.; d. July; Cause: Colic.
HILL, Barnette (m); b. TN; age 37 yrs; d. January; Cause: Bowels Inflamed; Occupation: Farmer.
HUDSON, George R. (m); b. TN; age 1 yr.; d. July; Cause: Fits.
HUFFMAN, Infant (f); b. TN; age 5 mos.; d. May; Cause: Unknown.
IRVINE, Sarah E. (f); b. TN; age 1 mo.; d. October; Cause: Fever.
ISHAM, Elijah (m); b. TN; age 54 yrs.; d. Feb.; Cause: Quincy; Occupation: Farmer.
JACKSON, Delia (f); b. VA; age 62 yrs.; d. January; Cause: Pneumonia.
JOHNSON, Susannah (f); b. TN; age 1 mo.; d. Feb; Cause: Fever.
KING, Infant of S. (m); b. TN; age 2 mos.; d. Oct.; Cause: Unknown.
KINCADES, J. Infant (f); b. TN; age 1 mo.; d. Feb.; Cause: Unknown.
LONG, Robert (m); b. VA; age 73 yrs.; d. Oct.; Cause: Unknown; Occupation: Wagon Maker
MAGILL, Alvina E. (f); b. TN; age 4 yrs; d. March; Cause: Fever.
MAGILL, Elizabeth J. (f); b. TN; age 1 yr; d. Sept.; Cause: Accident.
MARLY, Patsy (f); b. NC; age 56 yrs; d. Dec; Cause: Fever.
McPHERSON, Susan (f); b. VA; age 95 yrs; d. June; Cause: Palsy.
McREYNOLDS, Robert (m); b. VA; age 48 yrs; d. May; Cause: Cold; Occupation: Blacksmith.
MEAD, Nancy E. (f); b. TN; age 7 yrs; d. Oct.; Cause: Unknown.
MILLER, Artes (m); b. TN; age 13 yrs; d. May; Cause: Liver Complaint
MILLER, Mayarette J. (f); b. TN; age 18 yrs; d. Oct; Cause: Diarrhea.
MILLICAN, Moses S. (m); b. SC; age 51 yrs; d. April; Cause:Consumption.
MISSMORE, Mariah (f); b. TN; age 3 yrs; d. (blank); Cause: Fits.
MOORE, Sarah (f); b. SC; age 74 yrs; d. Jan; Cause: Fever.
MORGAN, Robert (m); b. TN; age 12 yrs.; d. July; Cause: Consumption.
NICHOLSON, Mariah (f); b. TN; age 29 yrs; d. April; Cause: Consumption.
NIPPER, Sarah C. (f); b. TN; age 12 yrs.; d. Jan; Cause: Fever.
OSBORN, Melinda A. (f); b. TN; age 23 yrs; d. July; Cause: Consumption.
PURKEY, Jacob (m); b. TN; age 1 mo.; d. Oct; Cause: Croup.
RENTFROO, John (f?); b. TN; age 1 mo.; d. July; Cause: Unknown.
ROBERTS, Nancy (f); b. SC; age 78 yrs.; d. Sept.; Cause: Dropsy.
ROBINSON, Francis R. (f); b. TN; age 36 yrs; d. Feb; Cause: Fever.
ROBINSON, James N. (m); b. TN; age 1 mo; d. Feb; Cause: Fever.
ROSE, Edward (m); b. TN; age 1 mo; d. April; Cause: Fever.
ROSE, William (m); b. TN; age 7yrs; d. April; Cause: Fever.
SEVIER, John E. (m); b. TN; age 10 yrs; d. July; Cause: Flux.
SHAHAN, Julia (f); b. TN; age 1 yr.; d. Nov.; Cause: Chills, Fever.
SILVAGE, Mary (f); b. NC; age 63; d. April; Cause: Old Age.
SMALLY, John H. (m); b. TN; age 33 yrs; d. April; Cause: Fever; Occupation: Farmer.
SMITH, G.F. (m); b. VA; age 22 yrs; d. May; Cause: Pleurisy.
SOWARD, James (m); b. TN; age 32 yrs.; d. Jan; Cause: Consumption.
SPRADLEY, Jane (f); b. TN; age 44 yrs; d. April; Cause: Purpal Fever.
TURPIN, Lucindy E. (f); b. TN; age 1 mo.; d. Oct.; Cause: Fever.
TUTEN, George C. (m); b. TN; age 6 yrs; d. May; Cause: Neuroglia.
WALKER, Buckner (m); b. NC; age 67 yrs; d. Dec.; Cause: Congestive Fever; Occupation:
WALKER, Mahalda E. (f); b. TN; age 3 yrs; d. Feb.; Cause: Burned.
WILSON, Elisha P. (m); b. TN; age 1 yr; d. July; Cause: Worms.
WILSON, James A. (m); b. TN; age 6 mos.; d. March; Cause: Fever.
WILSON, Philip (m); b. VA; age 51 yrs.; d. Feb.; Cause: Unknown.
WRIGHT, Martha (f); b. TN; age 35 yrs; d. March; Cause: Liver Complaint.