Petition of James HANKINS for land, 1823
Compiled by Paul W. Lemasters

Note: This petition can be found on the microfilm, "Legislative Petitions," Roll 8, Petition
No. 83-1823-1, 2. On the outside of the petition is written: "Reported unresonable by the
committee of land claims. Laid on table and Mr. WILLIAMS leave to withdraw it."

To the Honorable the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee. The petition of James
HANKINS respectfully sheweth to your Honorable body - That during the War of 1776 he
was a soldier in the army of the United States and was also present at the time when
CORNWALLIS surrendered which sealed our liberties. That since that time he has honestly
laboured for his subsistance & has never had any provision made for his relief farther than
his own exertions could procure. He has ever been avered from applying to the Goverment
for relief; but the increasing infirmities of age have wrested from him at length the proud
feelings of Indexpendence and forced him to throw himself upon the beneficence of the
Representation of his Country. His youngest Son, during the late War died in the service of
the United States and then he was deprived of the stay of his decling age. To the Legislature
of Tennessee he then applies for aid to enable him to spend the few remaining days of his life
without becoming a County charge and to shelter his head whitened by the frost of seventy
Winters under a roof of his own. To effect this object he prays your Honorable body to pass
a law bestowing upon him a tract of land containing 100 acres lying in Roane County on the
Tennessee River in the second Range East & fifteenth Section on such terms as in your
wisdom and charity you may deem proper.
And your petitioner will ever pray &c.
11 Oct 1823