Petition of Charles HALEY, 1841
Compiled by Paul W. Lemasters

Note: This petition can be found on the microfilm, "Legislative Petitions," Roll 16, Petition No. 94-1841-2. This petition was deemed to be "unreasonable" by the "committee on claims."

To the Honorable the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee now in Session -
The petition of Charles HALEY of Roane County respectfully represents to your honourable
Body, that since the decease of John C. HALEY that he some twelve months since having
taken out letters of administration on said Estate and among the papers of said there is a
Claim against the state of Tennessee in favor of John C. HALEY & his son John HALEY for
Two thousand dollars for work done at the Boiling Pot & Suck in the Tennessee River in the
years 1831 and 1832 agreeably to act of the honorable Legislature of Tennessee passed on
the 16th of January 1838. They said John C. HALEY in his life time having by purchase of
his son John HALEY became sole owner of said claim against the State of Tennessee and it
appears from the nature of said act of the Legislature of Tennessee appropriating the said
HALEYS the sum of Two thousand at the Boiling Pot & Suck as aforesaid that it can at in
time because as for your petitioner to wind up the affairs of Said Estate as early as seems to
be practicable -

Therefore from these consideration your petition prays that your Honorable body will pass a
special act granting the Bonds to the amount of said claims of Two thousand Dollars to be
issued forthwith bearing interest from the date so that your petitioner can dispose of them in
any manner he may think most advantageous to the Estate Your petitioner believe that the
Ground upon which is petition is founded is just & honourable and the claim of the deceased
for his work done at the Boiling Pot Such in the Tennessee River has been acknowledged
time after time since 1831 & 2 by the Honourable Legislature of Tennessee. And it does
seem to your petitioner if those who having claims against the state for labour long since
done are willing to take Bond and dispose of them at their own responsibility in payment of
said claims it would be as well as to sell the bond in a forreign Market to obtain Means to
Liquidate Said claims, or should the honorable Legislature divise any other scheme more
suitable than the one set forth so that the claims can become at immediately by your
petitioner it will be thankfully received. And for the payment of said claim in some manner
or form your petitioner in duty bound will ever pray.
15th of October 1841
Charles HALEY, Admr.