Petition of Roger GIDEON for land, 1823
Compiled by Paul W. Lemasters

Note: This petition can be found on the microfilm, "Legislative Petitions," Roll 8, Petition
No. 79-1823-1,2. On the outside of this petition is written: "In Senate 4th Oct 1823 Read &
Refered to the Com. on Claims. \s\ Williams." The petition had been sent to the Hon.
T.L. WILLIAMS, Murfreesborough, W. Tenn.

To the Honorable The General Assembly of the State of Tennessee.
The petition of Roger Gideon respectfully represents to your Honourable body that he is an
old and inform man of the age of seventy two years and that he is poor and unable to support
himself and family by his labour and also that he was one of the old revolutionary soldiers
and that he was in the army the greatest part of his time from the commencement of the old
war untill the conclusion and that he was in the battles of Long Cane under Genl. CLARKE
and a great many skirmishes with Tories and that he was never made any application to the
United State for a pension and that he has never received any assistance from the United
States for his services as soldier under any of the acts of congress for that purpose. That
some years since he claimed a small piece of land in the county of Roane and state aforesaid
and suit was brought against him and he lost his land and paying the cost in the said suit has
so lessoned his property that he cannot support himself on it and being so decripped he is
undable to support himself by labour and by this he is likely to suffer being compelled to rent
land. He therefore prays your Honourable body to take his situation into consideration and if
you in Your wisdom should believe that your petitioner is entitled to any support from the
state for the many valuable services he has heretofore rendered to his country he prays that
you would authorise him to enter a piece of land in the Highwassee District that is not settled
by any person at this time without paying to the state any consideration; or give to him such
other relief as you in your wisdom may seem fit and just and your petitioner as in duty
bound will ever pray &c.

Roger (his X mark) GIDEON