Petition from John BROWN & Robert BURK about Cumberland Turnpike Road, 1825 Compiled by Paul W. Lemasters

Note: This petition can be found on the microfilm, "Legislative Petitions,"
Roll 10, Petition No. 10-1826-2.

Kingston Tennessee 8 October 1825

To the Honorable the General Assembly of the State.

The undersigned sends to your Honorabel Body ther thanks for extending ther charter to the
Cumberland Turnpike Road for 35 years at your last Session & notify your Honerabel Body
that they will accept it on the condition tendered since put it in that State of Repair Required
by said Charter in the time allowed - then the undersigned has bestowed much Labor on the
Roads. Show no hesetation in say it is at this time in a Better State of Repair than it Eavir
has ben since it was first Travled & that Grate improvements can & shall be made on the
Roads in the time allowed them to make them under the extension of the Charter since? the
last Session We have the honer to be Respectfully yours &c.

Robert BURK