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1799 Petition to form Roane County
Transcribed by Mabel Harvey Thornton
"Petition to the General Assembly of Tennessee for the Division of Knox County"
To the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee
   We the subscribers living in Knox County below the mouth of Turkey Creek or north of Clinch petition that Knox County may be divided so as to leave the same a constitutional County and that a new County be formed so as to contain therein a part of the tract of country lying between the Rivers Holston and Clinch next above South West Point and a part of that tract of country lying North of Clinch and we as in duty bound will ever pray.
July 15, 1799
House of Representatives Octr. 4th 1799
read & referd to the Committee of Propositions & Grievances.  Edw. Scott Secy
In Senate 4th October 1799
read & refered as above.  John Kennedy Secy
(First Petition)
Daniel Rather
J(?). Preston
William Lee
Thomas Hallmark
John Gililland
Jesy Eldredg
Daniel Mason
James Goodpasture
George Lee
John Eldridge
Saml. E. Moore
Abner Bowen
James Rodgers
Thomas Rodger
John Fulton
David Fulton
Isaac Lee
William Brown
John Brown
Thos. Brown
Robert Brown
Robert Taylor
Jacob Gardenhire
Nathan Edredg
Zachariah Eldredg
Jon. Goodpaster
Joseph Bee(?)
James Copeland
Nathiel Mason
John Brazelton
Spencer Hany
Stephen Hany
Alexander Mahan
Wm. Long
Nicholas Starnes
Peter Barger
Jacob Barger
David Low
Thos. Gillespie
Jacob Gillespie
Archabel McAleb
Nicholis Long
John Stephens
Semion Eldreg
Wm. Davis
John Jones
Joseph Prigmore
Henry Clift
John Sutton
Francis Lea
Alexander Brown
James Thomas
Josep Hankins
William Roberts
James Stockton
Frederick Clemons
August McKiney
Jacob Bradbury
Jas. Bradby
Wright Roberts
John Coalter
Joseph Horton
(Second Petition)
Ananias McCoy
Julius K. Lark
Saml. McClellan
Daniel W. Francis
Jn. Sharkey
Rolan McCanny
Augustus McCanny
Hugh Francis
Joseph Francis
Anthony Street
Reuben Smith
Alexr. Carmichael
Wm. Davidson
Bent. Boggess
Philip Munson
Edward Wilkinson
Jas. Richardson
John House
Alexr. Hopkins
John Tranner(?)
William Carmichael
Davis Stockton
Thomas Horton(?)
Wm. Brent Senr.
John Wylie
Wm. McClellan
Edward Sneed
Thomas Dotson
Robert King
W.L. Lowry(?)
Willis Rogers
Thomas N. Clarke
John Morrison
Wm. King
Geo. B. Davis
J. Easton
Benjn. Prescott
Arther Bunns
Miles Hotchkiss
Benj. Hickey
John King
Daniel _____
James Winton
James Stockton
John Hershey
W. McClellan
Wm. Brent, Junr.
L. Page Sims
Nat. B. Markland
Mat. Atkinson
Jno. Smith T.
Jo. Seawell(?)
A. White(?)
(Third Petition)
Jos. Looney Jun.
William Ramsey
Andrew Ramsey
John Ramsey
George Preston
Richard Oliver
John Freeman
Joseph Luney Senr.
Jas. Gallaway
Lewis Brim
Ephraim Walker
Jacob Stilwell
John Rice
Andrew McCloud
Gilbert Tomkin(?)
Jos. Preston
John Hankins
Nicolass Mansur
Alexander Brown Junr.
David Mitchel
Bassel Davis
Briten Davis
Comberland Rector
Zachariah Eldredg
Abner Bowen
Samuel Rodgers
Sampson Eldridg
Tho. Taylor
Oliver Wallace
Daniel Haze
____ Haralson
Saml. Eblen
John Oneal
John Moor
Edward Davis
Alin Snead
David Fulton
Wm. Karver(?)
David H_____
William Hambleton
James Horton
Thomas Fulton
John Thomas
Robert Mitchel
George Read(?)
David Barclay
George Starns
Thomas Coulter(?)
James Taylor
John Kannon
Joseph Taylor
(Fourth Petition)
James Gallaher
John Stirling
Nicholas Naile
John Naile
James Compton
William White
Robert Reed
William White
Housten Hackworth
Jacob Pyburn
Ned Pyburn
Samuel White
John White
Hugh White
Samuel Miller
"Supplement to a petition to the General Assembly to lay off a new county off the lower end of Knox"
Should your Honourable body conceive it proper to lay off a new County off the lower end of Knox we apprehend that a line from Holston River at or near the mouth of Turkey creeke crossing the River Clinch at or near the old cumberland ford, running to the Indian boundary, would be a suitable devition-- But should your Honourable body Judge that we will have a handsom and correct County it is our wish not to have a divition at this time but that we may remain in Knox County-- and have the indulgance of a district to hole Batalion Musters and Elections
*John Preston
Wm. Long
John Brazleton
James Campbell
Thomas Coulter
Thos. Taylor
David Miller
Comberland Rector
James Taylor
John Kannon
Robt. Miller
William Megill
Robert Burk
Walter Alley
Hugh Miller
Alexander Brown
John Eldridge
James Preston
Sampson Eldridge
Bartlett Kannon
Henry Clift
Thos. Brown
Ro. Miller
Steven Heneny
Spencer Heney
John Preston
Richard Oliver
Andrew Ramsey
John Ramsey
Wm. Ramsey
Andrew McCloud
James Gallaway
Lewis Brim
John Rice
Ephraim Walker
Jacob Stilwell
Oliver Wallace
John Freeman
Joseph Looney
George Preston    
House of Representatives Octr. 4th 1799.
read & referd to the Committee of Propositions & Grievances.  Edw. Scott Secy
In Senate 4th Oct. 1799
read & referd as above.  John Kennedy Secy
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