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1801 Petition for the creation of Roane County
Transcribed by Mabel Harvey Thornton
A Petition to the Honourable the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee for the Division of Knox County.
To the Honourable the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee
    The petition of sundry Inhabitants of Knox County sheweth unto your honourable body, that they are put to great & almost unsurmountable inconveniences, from being compelled to attend Courts at so great a distance for their respective homes.
    They therefore pray your honourable body to pass a law for the division of said county  Beginning at the saltpeter cave on Holston between the mouth of Turkey & Muddy creek running from thence a direct line to the Double spring on the East fork of poplar creek and to the top of cumberland mountain, thence west to meet Smith County, thence to the Tennessee river, thence up said river to the mouth of Holston river, thence up said river to the Beginning and your petitioners further pray that the said County may be known and called by the name of Gallatin and your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray &c.

Jno. Smith T.
Hugh Neilson
Jo. Stone
Benjamin Evans
D. David
George Smith
Samuel Keeys
Peter King
Benjamin G. Stone
Alexander Johnston
Zaccheus Ayer
Asariah David
Jenkin David
Jesse Blackwell
John _____ins
James Miller
Thomas McMullin
Hugh Kelso
Richard Cavet
Wm. Davidson
Wm. Campbell
Samuel Fisher
Absalum Templeton
Clemmons Phillips
Jeremiah Pait
Solmon Geren
Jos. Robinson
Thomas Jones
Henry Herman
James Carns
J.S. Dearmond
Gray Syms
Abraham McClellan
James W. McClellan
Jo. Clenny
Jos. Colwell
Wm. Whitson
Jas. Whitson
Thos. Cairns
Jos. McPherson
Thos. Hallmark
David McGee
James Dearmond
Edward Owens
Geo. McPherson
Alexr. Carmichael
Joseph Hankins
John Hankins
Robt. Sharkey
James Jones
August McKenny
David Moor
Stephen Rice
Hezekiah Roberts
Basil Brashear
David Barclay
Robt. Miller Jr.
Alex. Brown
Thomas Brown
Robt. Brown
Wm. Brown Sr.
Wm. Brown Jr.
Daniel Shier(?)
Saml. Adams
Jno. Tacket
Jas. Jourdan
Peter Couch
Solmon Mazy
John Dearm[ond]
Jas. Jourdan
Jno. Jurdan
Adam Sherrel
Jesse Sherrel
Adam Sims
John Butler
John herce(?)
Elisha Randolph
Wm. Whitson
Benjamin Evins
Benjamin Whitson
John Shark
Alx. Usshrey
Wm. Sharp
Georg Donvin
Wm. Dearmond
Allen Sneed
Isaac Shinnall
Robert Kirkpatrick(?)
Edward Davis(?)
James Robinson
Isaac Brasher
John Brashear
L.P. Sims
Joseph Bradley
James Hendriks
Joab Sims
Wm. Ashmore
Joshua Ashmore
Samul Ashmore
Thos. Hiden
Hugh Johnson
Wilm Johnson
Hugh Johnson Snr.
Thos. Cubens
Jno. McClowney
John Finley
Wesley Walker
Wm. White Junr.
John White
Hugh White
John Chrisenbury
Wm. Chrisenbury
Joshua Chrstenbury
James Gallaher
Joseph Gallaher
Jas. Chitwood
Lazrus Chitwood
Hugh Miller
Alexr. Miller
Robt. Miller Snr.
Thomas Shie
Thos. Brown
Will Brown
Elijah Hicks
Davis Stockton
Jas. Stockton
William Toomy
Michael Toomy
William Willson
James Gardner
Green Berry Willson
Ambroas Toomy
Joshua Renfroe
Samuel Oxer
Robt. Saml. Brasher
Robert Edwards
Stephen Woner
David Gallaher
Jorge Engrem
John Phillips Juner
John Phillips
Samuel Gobes(?)
Nathan Robtson
John Nail
David Scot
William Scot
Philip Brasher
James Scot
Josiah Gent
John Davis
Daniel Mason
David McNair
Jas. Gibson
Nathaniel Mason
Moses Cavett
James Shoemaker
William Smith
Wm. Lewis(?)
J___. Sharkey
Jesse Terry
Jos. Hogan J.
Alexander Scott
Roland McKenney
James Makeny
R. Moore
Wm. Brown
John King
John Dudley
John Ramsey
James Butler
Samuel Kees
Wm. Rorax
Jno. _ood
John Frans(?)
John Gilleland
John Dirgan
John Wess
Saml. McCall
Valentine Butler
Mark Renfroe
A. Dixson
John Chisholm
Jesse Blackwell
Joshua Washburn
D. Caman(?)
M. Smith
Geo. Smith
James Luster
William Luster
Wm. Miller
J. Brown
W.L. Lowry
Wm. B. _______
Robt. King
William Byrne
James Toomy
Julius K. Lark
Jacob Luster Senior
Jacob Luster Junor
John Luster
Mat A. Atkinson
R. Wood
John Crafton
Robert Looney
John _____
Willm. Barnett
Francis Guthrie
William Gardenhire
Thomas Reed
James Walker
Alex. Miller (marked out)
Francis Lee
Robert McCorkle
James Stockton (marked out)
Alexander Brown
John Givens
William Brown
Jno. Stirling (marked out)
George Wear Senr.
Joseph Bradley
John Davis
Danl. Cuningham
John Were
Geo. Were Junr.
James Were
Jno. Stevens
James Miller
Alec. Johnston
Benj. Hardin
James Scott
Ephram Harris
Jm.(?) Scott
James Gardeneer
Nicholas Naille (marked out)
Greenbery Wilson
William Wilson
Samuel Oxsheer
John Toomey
James Gorne(?)
Joseph Looney Junr.
Richard Oliver
Cumberland Rector
John Matlock
George Preston
Wallis Alley(?)
Thomas Brady
William Matlock Junr.
Thomas Walker
John Walker Sener.
David Lee
Thomas Shy
John Craftin
George Light
James Gallaway
Jessey Gallawy
James Matlock
Charles Gallaway
Ephraim Walker
Samuel Prkins
William Hamelton
Jas. Fulton
John Fulton
Thomas Fulton
David Fulton
Cyrus Fulton
Josep Horton
James Horton
John Mackiney
David Nelson
Patrick Burns
Thos. Brown
William Campbell
John Word
William Kitchen
William Brent
Jesse Byrd
John Wylie
William McDowell
John Richmond
Philip Cockran
Edward Walker
Henry Landers
John Coulter
John Thomas
Jenkin David
John Birdwell
Robt. Miller
P. Heralson
Samuel Eblen
John Rice
Nicholas Mansfield
Wright Roberts
William Walker
John Walker Juner
Joseph Hankins
Avery McCloud
Steven Rice
James Shewmaker
John Ston Juner
John Martin
David Rick(?)
David Stognel
James Stognel
Thomas Francis
Andrew Ramsey
James Gunter
William Matlock
John Eldreg
Samuel Keyes
Thomas Matlock
William Ramsey
John Ramsey
James Rodgers
Jesse Eldredge
David Matlock
John Rodgers
Rolin McCinney
Jas. McCinney
James Shewmaker
John Blaar
William Washburn
John Keys
David Burns
John Hoose
Levey hir Rod
William hir Rod
Thomas hir Rod
William Brown Sener
William Oliver
Bitton Davice
William Davice
James Moor
Thomas Hackker
William Marney
John Hackker
Bas. Beshears
John Dudley
William Brown


House of Representatives: 30th Sept. 1801.  Read & refered to the committee of propositions & grievances.
                                                  Ed Scott Clk.
In Senate: Sept. 29  1801.  Read and refered as above
                                                  G. Roulstone Clk.
Reported on.