The office of district attorney general, including assistant district attorneys and criminal investigators, is covered by Title 8, Chapter 7 of "Tennessee Code Annotated". Section 16-2-506 of T.C.A. establishes the judicial districts of the trial courts and establishes the number of assistant district attorney general and criminal investigators in each judicial district. According to T.C.A. 16-2-506, Roane County is in the 9th Judicial District. Secretarial assistance to the district attorneys is authorized, but subject to the approval of the executive secretary to the district attorney general's conference, the comptroller of the treasury, and the commissioner of finance and administration. T.C.A. 8-26-101(2)(G) through (K).

The following acts once affecting Roane County are no longer in effect but are listed here for historical purposes.

1. Acts of 1817, Chapter 65, Page 73, established the Sixth Judicial Circuit and set up ten solicitorial Districts across the State. The Fourth Solicitorial District contained the counties of Knox, Anderson, Morgan, Roane, and Rhea.

2. Acts of 1835-36, Chapter 28, Page 127, made each Solicitorial District in the future to coincide with the boundaries of each Judicial Circuit which had criminal jurisdiction.



The following acts constitute part of the administrative and political heritage of the educational structure of Roane County but are no longer operative since they have either been superseded, repealed, or failed to receive local approval. Also reference below are acts which repeal prior law without providing new substantive provisions.

1. Acts of 1806, Chapter 8, Page 74, established Thomas I. VANDYKE, Samuel ESKRIDGE, Jacob JONES, Zacheus AYER, and Jesse BIRD as a body corporate and politic which would hereafter be known as the Trustees of Rittenhouse Academy in Roane County. See Carrick Academy v. Clark, 112 Tenn. 489, 80 SW 65 (1904).

2. Acts of 1809, Chapter 120, Page 146, named John PURRIS, Merewither SMITH, Thomas N. CLARK, Thomas BROWN, John BROWN, Matthew NELSON, and Samuel MARTIN, all of Roane County, as additional Trustees for the Board of Rittenhouse Academy in Roane County.

3. Acts of 1811, Chapter 94, Page 110, appointed Noah ASHLEY, John McEWEN, Hugh DUNLAP, Joseph McPHERSON, Solomon GERAN, and William GARDENHIRE, as Trustees of Rittenhouse Academy who would serve as such in addition to all the others named as Trustees. John McEWEN, Samuel MARTIN, and Samuel STOUT, were named in the act as Commissioners for the town of Kingston.

4. Acts of 1821, Chapter 187, Page 178, Section 3, was the legislation which enabled the Trustees of Rittenhouse Academy in Roane County to lease out the school lands in the said county for a period of five years and to appropriate the proceeds thereof to the use, benefit, and improvement of the said academy as they deemed best. This act was repealed by the one following.

5. Acts of 1823, Chapter 6, Page 8, repealed Acts of 1821, Chapter 187, Item 4, above, and gave the authority to lease the school lands in Roane, Rhea, and McMinn Counties to the School Commissioners proved for in this act. Similar laws as this one which were in force in McMinn and Rhea Counties were likewise repealed.

6. Acts of 1829, Chapter 55, Page 50, provided that any five of the Trustees of Rittenhouse Academy in Roane County would hereafter constitute a Board for the transaction of business which by law a majority of Trustees can now do.

7. Acts of 1837-38, Chapter 84, Page 114, nominated Richard RICHARDS, Phillip S. BEDDO, George YOUST, and Joseph BYRD as additional Trustees for Rittenhouse Academy in Roane County. The new Trustees were vested with all the powers of the old Trustees and were charged with all the same responsibilities imposed upon the existing Board.

8. Acts of 1837-38, Chapter 92, Page 125, incorporated Thomas BROWN, Lewis W. GORDON [JORDON], Richard RICHARDSON, H.H. WILEY, John E. McEWEN, George L. GILLESPIE, and Henry LIGGETT, as the Board of Trustees for the Kingston Female Academy in Roane County, conferring upon them all the power and authority necessary and incidental to the operation and management of educational institutions.

9. Acts of 1837-38, Chapter 279, Page 407, granted permission to the commissioners of school lands in Roane County and Monroe County to appoint one of their number to perform so much of the duties of the commissioners as they considered they might properly assign to one person. They could require such person to execute a bond, and they were directed to compensate that individual in a reasonable manner.

10. Acts of 1849-50, Chapter 128, Page 326, Section 6, incorporated William F. BROWN, William J. OWINGS, John TEDDER, B.F. DAVIS, Joshua MOORE, and William McELWEE, as the Trustees of Post Oak Spring Academy in Roane County together with all the power, authority, and responsibilities which were a part of and incident to the incorporation of educational entities.

11. Acts of 1881, Chapter 168, Page 230, provided that the Rittenhouse Academy in Kingston was to be sold to the highest bidder at public auction to be held at the court house door in Kingston. The County Court Clerk was appointed as a Commissioner to sell the school after first advertising the same for four successive weeks in a newspaper.