From The Chattanooga Daily Times, Thursday, 7 Apr 1890.

Commercial Club Officers--First Baby Boy--Building Boom.

Cardiff, Tenn., Aug. 5.--The Cardiff Commercial club has elected officers as follows: H.M. LORD, president; M.M. DUNCAN, first vice-president; S.F. ROBINSON, second vice-president; E.C. WHITE, secretary and treasurer. The club will occupy quarters in its own two-story brick block, corner of Union and Tennessee avenues.

A four inch iron pipe is being laid from Hembree spring to the top of the lofty eminence east of Lincoln street, where the 42,000 gallon water tank is being erected.

The first mail child born in Cardiff was Thomas Cardiff, son of Luther KEARLY.

Rutan & Fraser are building ten comfortable homes on Lincoln avenue, near the McElwee house.

Ground was broken Wednesday for H.M. LORD's residence.

A half dozen new houses are to go up at once through the instrumentality of the Cardiff Building and Loan association.

Thomas CARTER has erected a store on the corner of Rugby street and Georgia avenue.

The Cardiff Building & Lumber company is erecting 25 houses near the furnace site for the Cardiff Coal & Iron company, to be occupied by the furnace crew.

Work has begun on the concrete for the foundations for the big furnaces. The company has a big crew at work, and the work of excavation is virtually completed.

B. WEBER, who has been connected with the paymaster department, has been selected to do the clerical work for the engineering corps.

There is talk of having a full dress ball in Cardiff about September 1st.

General Manager M.M. DUNCAN expects to occupy his new residence in a few days.



From: The Chattanooga Daily Times, Sunday, 13 Jul 1890.

Census Enumeration--Improvements--Six Notable Operations

Cardiff, July 12.--[Special.]--The census enumeration places Cardiff's population at 1,235. This number does not include the floating population, i.e. mechanics, laborers, etc., who are here temporarily to the number of 500 or more. When the families of these arrive this fall, with other additions constantly being made, Cardiff certainly will have a population of 3,000 before the year ends.

J.L. LYNCH, the contractor, has commenced work on the Payne block on the corner of Geneva street and Mississippi avenue. It will be 25x70 feet, two story, with six offices.

The Marston-Swartz block, corner Tennessee avenue and Inverness street, block 33, is now being pushed, an active crew hurrying forward the foundations. This block will contain three stories, two on Tennessee avenue and one on Inverness street.

All through the summer solstice the grading operations have been pushed with the greatest vigor. There has been no let up for any cause, and the beginning of the end is in sight.

The plans for the building of the State Bank and Trust Company have been approved and work on the structure will be begun at once. The building will be of pressed brick, two stories high. The first or ground floor will be occupied by the banking rooms.

The foundation work for the Cardiff Coal and Iron Company's building is being rushed ahead as fast as possible by the contractors, Rutan & Fraser. This building when completed will cost nearly $30,000, and it will be an ornament and pride to the town.

The six greatest operatives of the Cardiff Coal and Iron Company are numbered in the building of the hotel, and Company block, furnace No. 1, making the coal and iron miner, the construction of a railroad and the grading of the streets. In addition to these the company runs the electric light [line illegible] several boarding houses, is putting in a sewer system, is erecting many tenement houses, building bridges, opening up new roads and drives, employs a large engineering corps and is interested in fiscal institutions and manufacturing industries.