From: "Two Years of Harriman, Tennessee, Established by the East Tennessee Land Company February 26, 1890" Designed Illustrated and Printed by The South Publishing Co., 22 College Pl. N.Y.

Pioneers's Day, February 26, 1892,--The Second Anniversary of Harriman! A fit occasion, indexed, for putting to press this pamphlet which tells, with all the exactness of photography, what things have been done, in the short space of two years, where before there were only the cornfields and timber of an old plantation.

Twenty-four months of active effort,--less than that, to be precise, so far as permanent building at Harriman has gone. When the Great Sale occurred, which publicly inaugurated the town, building conditions were temporary, on the flat land near that old farm-house of Col. R.K. BYRD which formed the nucleus. Scores of "shacks" went up there like magic, in the rain and mud, just before the sale opened, and scores more followed through the spring and summer succeeding until "Shacktown" numbered over a thousand souls. Then in September it was abandoned for the higher ground near by, where snug homes and more costly business blocks had been taking shape, though these did not actively progress, to any considerable extent, until two or three months after the sale.

The three days of that sale will be forever memorable among Harriman pioneers, and on the records of lot selling wherever kept. Less than 600 lots for over $600,000--who would believe it? Three thousand men, from fifteen States, wild to get lots at any price, hundreds of them having waited their chance for days, in mud and rain and misery, --who would credit such eagerness? What caused it? By what persuasive art had they been allured from the established cities and towns of Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and a dozen other States, and imbued with a sublime faith in their fellows, in the new town site where lots were offered, in the city that here should rise?