Brief History of Some of The Oldest Houses in Kingston.

The brick house where L.B.A. Johnson now lives on Third or Kentucky street, in Kingston, Tenn. was built in 1839 by Henry LIGGETT and was run by him as a hotel until he died in 1862. After his death his widow ran it as a hotel until she died some six or eight years later. At the death of Mrs. LIGGETT the property was sold and bought by Isham Fritts, whose heirs still own it. The house where Andrew JOHNSON now lives was owned by Henry LIGGETT and used for a merchantile house during his life and is probably more than one hundred years old. The Exchange Hotel, now owned by T.F. INGRAM, was built in 1848 by John W. WESTER and used by him as a hotel until about 1865. The house where the Martin Girls now live was built by old Dr. Jordan, was owned by the Gilpins, afterward bought by Joseph Martin and later by the late Hugh Martin.

From: The Harriman Record, Thursday, 2 Nov 1916, Vol. 51, No. 16.